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    Does Anyone Make a BPM/Tempo Generator...

    That would allow me to set the tempo in units smaller than 1 BPM? Like if I wanted to set something at 88.8 BPM instead of 89 BPM. It might sound odd, but it's something that I do quite often with the M5 and the Timeline for feel reasons... Just wondered if there was one out there that could...
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    FS: JHS Klon Replica

    I've got a silver JHS Klon Replica up for grabs. Clearing out for a large purchase, and am reluctantly letting this go. Great cosmetic shape and in perfect working order. JHS logo on front has faded a bit, but everything else is great. Box was lost in a move, unfortunately. SOLD. Paypal...
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    Way Huge Camel Toe - Order of Effects

    Thanks, udi9. That settles that.
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    Way Huge Camel Toe - Order of Effects

    I've got a question for the Way Huge knowledgeable folk out there... I'm planning on adding a Green Rhino/Red Llama combo to my pedalboard, you know... the poor man's Camel Toe (minus the series/parallel option), and cannot seem to find out if the Llama side or the Rhino side came first in...
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    Recording issue

    The acoustic guitar trick is baby powder on your hands/strings. It might work for electric, too.
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    We demand a red llama

    This is wrong. Jeorge Tripps is designing every one of the reissues himself.
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    Suggestions for my Signal Path.

    Rhythmrocker - your last post looks good to me. I'd start there and tweak once you play with that layout for a while. The only signal chain suggestion I would make is trying your trem before your delay. I have my tremolo between my two delay pedals... trem into delay is pretty different from...
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    I just cant win...pedalboard size content...

    Honestly, I won my "battle" with a compromise. I got a decent sized board, some loop strips and made some decisions. The dirt and delay on the board covers all my different needs. The few modulations are the ones I generally always reach for (trem and rotary speaker), but I rearrange them...
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    What is best OS compressor?

    The Pedaldoctor FX one I have sounds great. Come to think of it, I need to put it back on my board... been compressorless for far too long.
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    So the Deluxe Memory Man still does it for me every time...

    This cracked me up. DMM is definitely my co-pilot. I occasionally turn mine off and then wonder where my sound went... then I turn it back on.
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    Loop-Master (Loopmaster) Switches

    They are the same type of true bypass switches as the ones in your Fulldrive. They do make the mechanical pop. Otherwise, very quiet.
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    Anyone know why my Fulltone OCD has the word "Crap" written in it?

    Maybe it says "Cry" My wah has "Solomon" written on the inside...
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    What's YOUR secret weapon?

    This. Oh... gear... Deluxe Memory Man.
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    Vintage Fender Cabinet and Celestion Speakers

    I took a Dremel to my blonde cabinet, but the cloth is about to fall off :) It worked fine. Glad you found a solution!
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    TU-2 as ABY?

    Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Well, that's what happened when I tried to do it. Might have been the room, might have been me, but it was no good.
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    My ears or just guitars in general??

    I was responding to 101Volts and not the OP. OP's issue sounds like he's just hearing the guitar for what it is... out of friggen tune. Well, all but that low E thing. That's weird!
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    My ears or just guitars in general??

    Stop fiddlin' with yer nuts!
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    My ears or just guitars in general??

    This sounds like a nut issue. You've got some binding going on if the string is not returning to pitch.
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    Why doesn't everybody just play a Gretsch 6120

    Yet another valuable Eagle1 addition to a Bigsby lovin' thread... :rolleyes: Ignore list, work your magic!
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    Could it really be... Zvex Delay???

    What if it is a multi effect!!??!?!?? The box with the foot switches might be an on/off switch, a "step through" switch to choose your effect (like the ringtone switch) and the knobs and leds could be indicators and separate volumes for each. The other box would be controls. Switchable by...
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    Show me the Bigsby

    That is flat out beautiful. 330's are high on my list... thanks!
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    Show me the Bigsby

    You either get that **** outta here or show us some more pictures.
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    Why doesn't everybody just play a Gretsch 6120

    Not everybody gets it. I, however, do.
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    Why do old people like P90 pickups so much?

    First off, if you feel the need to declare yourself "hip and happening" on the internets, you probably aren't. That being said, I'm 25 and I love them. I have a Les Paul Jr that flat out rocks and cleans up very well when you dial back the volume. Nasty and sparkly all in the same pickup...
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    M9 bypass, quieter than straight cable

    There is a built in noise gate... enter the setup menu to see if it's on.
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