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  1. Staticbuster

    The Jesus Music Documentary

    Oh trust me, I've lived it for a long time, but that doesn't make it untrue. Definitely interested in the doc.
  2. Staticbuster

    The Jesus Music Documentary

    Not being snarky, but do they explore the U2 fetish Hillsong has/had?
  3. Staticbuster

    New Ryan Adams Record - Big Colors

    Wednesdays did feel like an apology record, but remember it was actually recorded and done before all the drama occurred. Originally, Big Colors was supposed to come out in the first quarter of 2019, with Wednesdays to follow in the second quarter, then an as yet un-named third album in the...
  4. Staticbuster

    Billie Eilish covers The Beatles at the Oscars

    Obviously she can sing, but I'm not sure that was the best song choice for her. She seemed quite timid in her vocal performance. Over all, it makes me very interested to see how her career progresses, as this seems like a "coming out" moment for her as a vocalist. I'm eager to hear what else she...
  5. Staticbuster

    How we made records in the 90's

    That is FREAKIN COOL man! Care to share any other stories from those sessions?
  6. Staticbuster

    Tycho appreciation thread

    I’m also anxiously awaiting the Weather instrumental rework. I agree with @chandra the vocals on Weather were well sung, but lyrically mostly duds imo. I mean, what the hell is Pink & Blue supposed to be? That lyric “you’ve been asking all about my diet” is so random within the context of the...
  7. Staticbuster

    Tycho appreciation thread

    Tycho is absolutely amazing. The progression Scott has lead the music through is pretty awesome. I'm honestly not that big a fan of "Weather" but I'm keen to hear the forthcoming reworking of the record. Funny thing is, live, they're amazingly perfect, but to a fault. It sounded like they just...
  8. Staticbuster

    How we made records in the 90's

    Great read, thanks for sharing. Please continue posting, this is super interesting to hear how tings were done in the "major" studios in the pre-digital age. Basically like a Mixerman entry without the sarcasm (or falsifications to protect the not-so-innocent!)
  9. Staticbuster

    Anybody here produce electronic music?

    I got into electronic music back in the early 90's and started DJ'ing around '96 when my band broke up. Transitioned into producing by the late '90s, right as Reason came out. I never had much hardware back then, and to suddenly be able to have all the virtual instruments I wanted was...
  10. Staticbuster

    Recently discovered the Allman Brothers Band...

    This. But also Dickeys' tone usually is a little warmer than Duanes'. Dickey also has a pretty distinctive way of bending notes which you'll start picking up on after a while. DB was a huge influence on my lead playing.
  11. Staticbuster

    RIP Chris Cornell

    This is a big bummer. I really hope it wasn't a suicide. Years of drug use will wreck the body and mind though. I'm thankful at least he seemed to have had a few clean years up to now though. I guess that's what shocks me about it, I thought he was clean these last few years?
  12. Staticbuster

    R.I.P. Col. Bruce Hampton

    That video is brutal. It'll be shoved in the faces of everyone on stage...I can't imagine how they feel. Knowing just the little I do of the Col. I could see him "falling out" on stage and being "revived" by the music...I gotta believe that's what everyone thought was happening. I just really...
  13. Staticbuster

    R.I.P. Col. Bruce Hampton

    Such a bummer. I've seen ARU, plus seeing The Colonel sit in with dozens of bands over the years. His energy and good will will forever be missed. Sad day.
  14. Staticbuster

    Direct Disc, 2" Tape, Altec, Plating, Vynil Cutting, etc etc

    Wow that was really cool...I think I found my dream studio!
  15. Staticbuster

    New Ryan Adams record streaming live

    I got my email yesterday with downloads since I bought the box set version of Prisoner. I really like the B Sides, it's more like a different record than a continuation of Prisoner. Totally sounds like Charlie and Ryan mixed it all at PaxAm, although it sounds more lo-fi than 1989 does, which as...
  16. Staticbuster

    Meddle - behind the scenes snip

    That was cool, thanks for sharing. Echoes might be my fav Floyd tune, it's so hard to choose just one. What kind of guitar was that anyway?
  17. Staticbuster

    Need more channels...time to upgrade

    I'm at the point where I need to upgrade my interface, currently an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8r. I'm out of channels and the FTU8r is keeping me from updating to the current versions of osX and LPX. My initial plan was to upgrade to two Focusrite Saffire Pro 40's chained together via ADAT, but...
  18. Staticbuster

    Boss Tera Echo vs Keely Caverns: similar?

    Funny, I watched that same one last night. Definitely does sound different than the Caverns.
  19. Staticbuster

    Boss Tera Echo vs Keely Caverns: similar?

    Thanks @Kestrel, good info. How would the tera echo sound on a synth do you think?
  20. Staticbuster

    Boss Tera Echo vs Keely Caverns: similar?

    For those who have played or own both, would you say they are similar in sound? I have a Caverns and love it, I'm thinking about a Tera Echo also.
  21. Staticbuster

    Morning Dew

    This was a fun one:
  22. Staticbuster

    Help me out (Motown)

    Don't forget the Beach Music...
  23. Staticbuster

    New Ryan Adams record streaming live

    I listened to the new record about 4 times today, popped it in the cd player in my truck and just let it play on my work commute. I like it, and it's what I expected...a continuation of the S/T album. To me it sounds like A&F, S/T, and Prisoner are all about his separation and eventual...
  24. Staticbuster

    New Ryan Adams record streaming live

    Those are all great tunes. What really does it for me is Benmont Tench's staller B3 playing. He really nailed the vibe on that album.
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