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    Recent Lovepedal Burst E

    I figure people would start getting them soon. How are you guys liking them? How do they compare to other E's. I couldnt find the thread that was up awhile ago. Did it get deleted?
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    Looking for Dual Boost pedal

    Hey Guys. Im looking for a pedal with two boosts in one that I can footswitch between AND be able to cascade into each other. I want to use one side as a solo boost and the other side to balance out the difference between humbuckers and single coils. Any ideas??? The only one I've seen is the...
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    Timmy is making popping noise

    My Timmy pedal is making a very noticeable popping noise when turned on and off. I took it out of my pedal chain and it popped by itself too. Anyone else have this problem? Its not extremely loud but enough for me to notice when playing.
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    Which speaker for jazz through a blues jr?

    Vintage 30, G12H 30 watt, or Greenback? Would be used with a 335 into a Blues Jr.
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    Goodrich worth extra money over Ernie Ball?

    Well first off I know there have been a ton a threads on volume pedals and Ive read through many. Im trying to make up my mind and wanted to see some peoples opinions. The EB JR. is 80 on Music Toyz. The Goodrich is 125. Is it really worth the 45 bucks difference?
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    Old Boss DD-20 thread with settings and clips?

    Hey guys, Im trying to find an old thread that was on here awhile ago about the Boss DD-20 pedal. He had posted different settings and had a link to his soundclick page where he had demos of the settings. He also talked about using an A/B box to get other settings. Ive been trying to search for...
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    Power Supplies?

    Hey guys Im in the market for a power supply. I was looking at the Pedal Power 2 Plus but then some people mentioned the BBE Supacharger to me. Any thoughts on these two? It seems alot of people use the Voodoo Labs one. Any other I should check it out? Thanks
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    Speaker replacement for Fender Blues Jr.?

    Hey guys Im looking for something to replace the stock speaker. I want something that will stay as clean as possible for jazz with my 335. Im also trying to keep the cost somewhat low. Thanks
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    Advice On Playing In 5/4, 3/4, 6/8

    Hey guys Ive been having some trouble playing in 5/4, 3/4 and 6/8 (going from most difficult to least). The specific tunes are Take Five, Footprints, and All Blues. Any books or advice on how to practice this would be appreciated!
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