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    Another Lovepedal Coupon Deal
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    Free surfboard from K-coast ??

    Hey guys, i don't know if any of you guys surf, but i'll pass this on to all of my gear page brothers anyway! K-coast Surf Shop and will be giving away a brand new Bondi 6'0 surfboard to one luck winner! All you have to do to enter is go to and join our email mailing...
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    If 5150user were still alive....

    What would be his next,,, If (dead guys name here) were still alive,,,, thread be? :stir
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    tubes vs solid state

    Check out this kook.
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    Reverend Guitars !!!

    Check out the Reverend videos!
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    Weber Neomag??

    Has anyone given these a try? If so how close do they come to a JBL?
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    international servicemaster 6l6gc

    I just got 2 of these from ebay. they have GT.BRITAIN stamped on them. anyone know anything about these, or where i can find some info?
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    Best under 40 watt combo for $800 or less!!

    I need help picking out a new production tube combo amp for under 800 bucks. Im looking for somethig with that sweet fender clean and wet reverb since i mostly play surf instro. Id like to stay under 40 watts since i play mostly in the basement, 20 watts would prob. be plenty. I know silverface...
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