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  1. frails

    Sold Motor City Afwayu Humbucker Pickup

    I have one new, never installed bridge Afwayu humbucker pickup with short legs, standard spacing. I ordered vintage white and this one looks much more white than cream. $110 shipped and PP'd or trade for another cream pickup. If I had to list my favs, I'd say WB, Sheptone, Bare...
  2. frails

    Jensen C12Q - Original vs Reissue

    Has anyone experienced in person a side by side of these two? I'm having a hard time finding an original to stick in a Supro I have so I've gone the RI route. It's not BAD but it's missing something. I guess I'm looking for confirmation from someone in the know.
  3. frails

    Earthquaker Devices The Depths vs Mojohand Fx Villanova

    Anyone have a chance to compare the two? Which is better for Gilmour vibe tones? Villanova seems to excel at dirty vibe tones and The Depths seems to excel at avoiding the flat eq most vibes have.
  4. frails - A stompbox trial subscription service

    Mods...hope this is the right place to post this. We have been working very hard towards our goal of making every pedal possible, available to our customers. A special note to the small builders. WE WANT YOU. If you aspire to be a pedal manufacturer, have a finalized design and have the means...
  5. frails

    What are the best pedals (within these categories) you've ever played?

    I'm not gonna state that this has probably already been covered because I'm certain it has. But with new versions being made available all the time, threads like this are a moving target. What I'd like to know is categorized below. If possible, please cut n paste the format so each entry is easy...
  6. frails

    Speaker suggestions for Trainwreck Liverpool clone

    25w Greenbacks? Are these "it"? I'm a closed back 2x12 kind of guy with nice low end. So I'm a little hesitant to go open back. But I can't deny there's an urge to go 1x12 open back stained pine cabinet for some strange. Thoughts?
  7. frails

    The compressor that's above all others - Demeter Compulator

    I have tried so many. Some I have really liked. But once I turned on the Demeter Compulator, I knew I had found THE ONE. This thing is so versatile. Right amount of squish and oh so musical. I am finding that I even prefer it as a booster for say the KLONE. I am loving it with humbuckers as well...
  8. frails

    Best Klon Clone (KLONE) for Boost of the Following?

    I'm not opposed to buying a Klon. Hell I own a few Cornish pedals so enough said. BUT, I'm really intrigued by only one aspect of the a boost. So having said that, I think it's worth trying to find a Klone to do the job. I've narrowed it down to these. What say you? Zink Minotaur...
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