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  1. Denny

    Nova System - I need the chip that overheats......

    .........and cause it to freeze up. There are NO identification marks on the chip and there's no way to contact TC Electronics except "Music Tribe" which is useless. Can someone please help? Thanks. Dennis BlueFrets
  2. Denny

    Opinions on 1x12 Speakers for an Origin 50 head Open and closed back cabinet?

    Just got the head - been using a nice 1x12 cabinet with a V-30 (UK). the cabinet can be closed or open. With this speaker - closed is way too bassy and open (half-cab) sounds better. What do you guys recommend? Thanks and Happy New Year.
  3. Denny

    Marshall amp decision??

    Greetings from VT. I'm wanting to get a new Marshall Head and am struggling on how to go. I'm looking at an Origin 20 watt, DSL 20 watt, or the Studio Vintage models. I know the new Marshalls aren't the "Old" Marshalls. Being in VT - there are no stores near me that I can try these. Going...
  4. Denny

    Best Reverb pedal for the FX loop in 25 watt Mesa Rectifier?

    I love this head , but I need to use an EQ for boost through the front end and reverb through the loop - haven't been able to find an acceptable reverb yet. any suggestions? Thanks guys - keep safe.
  5. Denny

    Is anyone making tortoise colored single coil pup covers

    ???? I've looked online with no prospects. Thanks - Please be safe and keep others safe by wearing a mask. Thanks. D.
  6. Denny

    Opinions on the Marshall Origin head, DSL head, and Blackstar Head

    Models Marshall DSL20HR or Blackstar 20rh, or Marshall Origin ORI20H I want to use this with my stock Marshall 1965A (4x10) cabinet. I know the older DSL's were plagued with problems - not sure on the new ones. Not familiar with Blackstar. The Origin is basic - no reverb/channel switching...
  7. Denny

    Color of the Center tap wire on Marshall 3202/4203 OT??

    Hi Guys - I have a Marshall Artist 3202 hybrid that has had a bias pot installed - I need to set it - I am not a tech, but have built several Ceriatone kits (Jubliee, Dumble clone, etc.,- with no issues and am VERY aware of the voltage inside the chassis - with that said - I can not read...
  8. Denny

    Center tap wire on Marshall 3202/4203 OT

    Hi Guys - Do any of you know FOR SURE what color the center tap wire is on the OT of the Marshall 3202/4202 amp? Thanks ahead of time. Denny
  9. Denny

    My poor 335's veneer top is splitting!?? Please help??

    Hi guys. My 2001 Gibby's veneer top is splitting - and growing slowly. I love the guitar, but am afraid IF someone can't save it, I'll have to sell it. Please email me for pix as that's the only way I can get pix to you: Gibson's prices to repair are pretty high...
  10. Denny

    Wanted - I'm looking for a few small Marshall Parts?

    I need 8 Marshall chassis screws (mount chassis to cabinet) - black with the counter-sunk heads, and just one Marshall Knob (push-on). Can PayPal. Thanks. Denny
  11. Denny

    Tortoise strat pickup covers??

    Gentlemen - I've been lookin'. Does anyone know if they are being made? Thanks ahead of time. Denny
  12. Denny

    Boss Katana - How can I get technical service from Boss???

    I love the amp, but can't figure out how to get the preset libraries available from the online Tone Central. I can access them, but cant download them to the amp? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Denny
  13. Denny

    I need the main circuit board for Marshall DSL 401 (UK)

    Mine has suffered from the excessive heat these are famous for. I'm looking for the main board - used or new. Any idea where I can get one? Thanks Denny
  14. Denny

    Honest opinions on the Friedman Runt 20 watt 1x12 combo

    Hi - I'm at a point in my life/career where I need to thin the herd, and compromise on a couple of guitars and amps. I've got vintage Fenders, Marshalls, and Boogies. I love the Marshall JMP MK II 50-watt 2x12 combos, but finding one is nearly impossible. I'm considering getting a Friedman...
  15. Denny

    Considering getting aDr.Z Maz jr. 1x12 w/reverb

    Having never played one - can someone tell me what kind of gain is on tap with out using a pedal. Thanks
  16. Denny

    To BOSS USA - Your customer service, so far, has sucked.......

    Can't install Katana 100 tone studio, nothing on the forum that works, can't reach anyone in tech/customer service. What gives?????? If the info is there online - it is not convenient to find that's for sure!!!! If I can't get this issue solved - back it goes - SERVICE AFTER THE SALE IS THE...
  17. Denny

    HELP please? Why I can't use the Mesa FX loop?????,,,,

    with my Boss GT-6 and the new ME-80?? If I go through the front - the Mod FX get recycled. If i go through the loop, modulations sounds great but can't use the volume pedal?? What am I missing? Mesas: F-30 combo Nomad 55-watt wide body 1x12 combo thanks. If anyone knows a remedy for this...
  18. Denny

    Forgive my permanently alterd brain, but Didn't FENDER have a SS bass amp.....

    ....With a styrofoam coned speaker?? I almost remember it was oblong or square - I even remember the kid's name who had it - Mitch..???? Am I freakin out of my mind??? Thanks - I think? Denny
  19. Denny

    A very unusual Zero-Nut situation

    OK - I have a customer who wants his Gibson LP to have a Zero-Nut installed. Here's the issue - the guitar has been re-fretted with frets whose crown measures about .062 and there are no frets made that I know of that are taller than .058. Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time. Denny
  20. Denny

    ???Does ANYONE know how to physically switch the bias slider switch......

    .......on a Nomad 55 combo? I've pushed, prodded, cursed, pushed down in the middle where it seems to be the lock? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?? Thanks ahead of time?? Denny
  21. Denny

    I need a nice, LITE, keyboard amp for my wife......Please help

    Greetings - I don't play keyboards so I really need your help........... Currently, she uses a Roland KC-500. It's getting too heavy to gig with so I need to fine a good set up - a combo, or a head/cab, Her keyboard is a Roland VR-09. Style - Classic Rock, Blues, some country. Thanks ahead...
  22. Denny

    Having trouble setting the key in the ME-80 Harmonist - please help?

    I just bought this. So far it seems to fit my needs - however, the manual is less than comprehensive. I can not figure out how to set the keys in the harmonist. I've pushed every button and turned every knob and cant get the key to appear in the readout. I used a GT6 for years so I have some...
  23. Denny

    How to change the battery in a Boss GT-6??

    Any information would be helpful - thanks ahead of time. Denny
  24. Denny

    Information please on E.H. B9 organ pedal?

    I've viewed the vids online. I didn't notice anyone strumming many full chords - rhythm. Also, can you bend one and two strings? Thanks ahead of time. Denny
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