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    Alto TS110A as FRFR?

    I use the ts110 with my hd500. When I got it I tried both the 12" and the 10" and to my ears the 10" sounded more natural than the 12". Even if they were both the same price and size I would have picked the 10". The cheaper price and better portability were a bonus.
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    I run direct FOH with my pedalboard plus..........

    I've had great results with both a Tech 21 Liverpool and a Zoom G3. Ran pedals into both of them.
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    Need some help with Tele wiring

    Well... I figured it out. The problem is that I'm a moron (that's usually the problem). I flipped the control plate around without realizing it. I was so focused on getting the wiring right that I totally missed that the control plate was the reverse of what it should be.:jo I'l leave this...
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    Need some help with Tele wiring

    Hey guys, I have a Squire CVC Tele and the bridge pick up went out on it last week. I replaced it but some how in the process I reversed the selector switch (i.e. switch in neck position activates the bridge pickup instead of vice versa). Now, I only desoldered the bridge PUP lead from the...
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    Dang, Zoom is just doing everything right...

    Hmmm, YMMV of course, but I had a hold down for 2 seconds tap tempo pedal and then I got the Echo Park and it was a world of difference for me.
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    Dang, Zoom is just doing everything right...

    The Line 6 Echo Park has a totally different tap tempo system. Their foot pedal has a dual use switch. Soft taps are for tempo and harder "click" presses are for on/off. It's actually pretty ingenious and works very well for a single pedal design (not that there aren't still people that don't...
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    Any substitution for Tonebone Hot British tube distortion?

    Ah, I missed that you had already tried the Plextortion when I read your post. The Hardwire is pretty cheap too. Especially used. Good luck!
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    Any substitution for Tonebone Hot British tube distortion?

    I had the same question. Had a hot British and loved the way it sounded, but the size and the weird power requirements put me off it. I tried a few including a Barber Dirty Bomb (which is more Mesa than Marshall) What replaced it for me was a Hardwire Valve Distortion. You could also try a...
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    It'll probably do one version of it all. Seriously, IMO that's a very versatile gain setup and, truth be told, most people could do most of the things they want to do with some combination of those pedals. I suspect, though, that most people would eventually get curious about what else was out...
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    Load Box to take monitor mix to iem?

    I know that's the traditional way to do it, but I find myself increasingly in situations where it would be very convenient to simply take what's feeding the wedge and use it to create my own mix. I did find this Anybody have any thoughts?
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    Load Box to take monitor mix to iem?

    I have a wireless iem system that has two inputs and I'd like to plug my hd500 into one of them and be able to plug the monitor mix into the other one. Does anybody know of some kind of load box or something so I can take the cable out of the monitor and use it to feed my iem system?
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    Strange "ticking" in my pedal board

    It's the 1spot. The overdrive is just making the sound louder (that's what overdrives do) not causing it. I've had that same sound when I plug two digital pedals into a one spot, so I'm guessing it has something to do with the flashback. Put that on its own power supply and see if the noise goes...
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    maxon sd9 copy on the HD500?

    When I used to use humbuckers the screamer and classic distortion stacked extremely well together. Definitely give that a shot. Remember to keep the gain low on both of them.
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    Introducing samples into live situation

    Ableton Live is very good for this application
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    a POD or something else? (need very cheap modeler for rehearsal)

    +1 I have a Liverpool and a G3 and they both would work very well for what you want to do. I would probably give the G3 the edge because of the variety of amp models plus the effects, drum machine, and looper.
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    Pedals: Stock, modded or boutique?

    If you have the time and the inclination then DIY is the way to go. Boutique quality at Boss used prices. Edit: realized I never answered the question. I have 10 pedals including an external tap pedal. 2 are boutique, 3 are DIY, and 5 are stock
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    Anyone just using a good old TS9?

    I used one for a long time. Then i built my own and used that for long time. I currently use a KOT for the same purpose but I could easily live with just a stock ts9.
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    JJ 6V6 tubes

    I used a set of the JJ6V6s in my old Fender HRDx. They really improved the clean channel on that amp (I never used the OD channel). Just gave it a more pleasant sound.
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    autotune on guitar

    Yeah, that would be true if you are using it as an entire album thing or even for an entire song. However, last summer I did some studio work that I paid for myself. We were running short on time and I did the vocals for six songs in four hours. At least two takes each song and somtimes five or...
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    AnalogMan King of Tone - Gain Question.

    I have regular gain on both sides and IMO, if you need more gain than both sides stacked than you're looking for a distortion pedal not a an OD pedal. With both sides set to fairly high gain and both engaged its (to my ears anyway) about AC/DC level gain. However, I also have a hard time seeing...
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    Will the G7 Capo fix my issue?

    +1 this is what i use with my tele, works great!
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    Should Electro-Harmonix make a dedicated 'swell/attack' pedal like that of the POG2?

    The slow gear is hard to come by but there are many clones available, however you said you already tried the VFE Bumble bee which is Slow Gear clone so I guess that's not what you're looking for. I just watched a demo of the POG2 and the attack slider seemed to be fading in the octaves and not...
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    Should Electro-Harmonix make a dedicated 'swell/attack' pedal like that of the POG2?

    I've never used a POG2, is it like a Boss Slow Gear? Kind of an auto volume swell effect?
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    zoom G3

    I have an m9 and just got a G3. Having only spent a few days with the g3, I would say for just reverb the m9 is better. The G3 has other advantages though.
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