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  1. Festus

    Sold Barber Direct Drive big box

    Barber Direct Drive V6 big box. Great pedal, I have a few of these and don’t need to keep them all. Presence and bass trimmers inside, pull up tone control for Harmonics (very nice). Very good condition, Velcro on the bottom. $95 shipped and PayPal’d to the lower 48.
  2. Festus

    Sold Scumback J55-PVC 65 watt 8 ohm

    Scumback J55-PVC, 8 ohms in excellent condition. Made in 2016. $115 shipped to the west of the Mississippi $120 shipped to the east of that river. PayPal included.
  3. Festus

    Sold TC Electronic Spark Booster

    TC Electronic Spark Booster pedal, excellent condition. It’s got Gain, Level, Bass, Treble, and a mini switch to choose between Fat, Clean, and Mid boost. Velcro on the bottom. $65 shipping and PayPal included in the lower 48 states.
  4. Festus

    Sold WGS ET65 Speaker 16 ohms

    WGS ET65, 65 watts, 16 ohms. Excellent condition, as new. $50 PayPal included. Shipping - $25 west of the Mississippi, $30 east of it.
  5. Festus

    Sold WGS ET65, 65 watts, 16 ohms

    WGS ET65, 65 watts, 16 ohms. Excellent condition, as new. $50 PayPal included. Shipping - $25 west of the Mississippi, $30 east of it.
  6. Festus

    Sold Scumback M55-PVC, 65 watts, 8 ohms

    Scumback M55-PVC, 65 watts, 8 ohms. Made in 2014. Excellent condition. $90 paypal included. shipping $25 west of the mississippi, $30 east.
  7. Festus

    Sold Scumback M55, 65 watts, 8ohms

    Scumback M55, 65 watts, 8 ohms. excellent condition. made in 2014 $90 paypal included. shipping $25 west of the mississipi, $30 east.
  8. Festus

    Sold WGS Veteran 30 speaker 60 watts 16 ohms

    WGS Veteran 30 speaker, 60 watts, 16 ohms, used for a few hours and put back in the box. $60 paypal included. Shipping $25 west of the Mississipi, $30 east of the river.
  9. Festus

    Sold Landry LS50G3 Guitar amp head

    Landry LS50G3 Guitar amp head, excellent condition. Made in mid-2018. Played for maybe 20 hours. I’m just more of a Fuchs ODS Classic guy. The LS50G3 is a 3 channel amp. The clean channel (Fender clean) has its own tone controls as well as gain and volume. Channel 2 and 3 (Rhythm and Lead)...
  10. Festus

    Sold Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 8 ohms

    Celestion G12M-65 Creamback, 65 watts 8 ohms. Excellent condition. $110 shipping and paypal inlcuded to lower 48.
  11. Festus

    Sold Scumback J75-PVC 65 watts 8 ohms

    Both Sold. Pair of Scumback 75-PVC speakers, 65 watts 8 ohms. Pretty much unused. They have Jim's FBI treatment,of course. $120 each, shipping and paypal included to the lower 48.
  12. Festus

    Sold Scumback J75-LD 100 watt 8 ohms

    Scumback J75-LD 100 watts, 8 ohms. Unused new condition. $125 shipping and paypal included to lower 48.
  13. Festus

    Sold WGS Blackhawk HP speaker

    WGS Blackhawk HP alnico 100 watts 8 ohms. Basically unused excellent condition. $140 plus shipping to the lower 48. the box is 16”x16”x9”. Weighs 13 lbs.
  14. Festus

    Sold Scumback H55-PVC 65-8

    Scumback H55-PVC, 65 watts, 8 ohms. Excellent condition! $125 shipping and PayPal included to the lower 48.
  15. Festus

    Sold WGS Invader 50 16 ohms

    WGS Invader 50, 50 watts, 16 ohms, excellent condition. $75 shipping and PayPal included to the lower 48.
  16. Festus

    Sold Carol-Ann Texas 25 head

    Carol Ann Texas 25, serial no. 8 out of 10 made. That's it, only 10 of these amps made. This amplifier was a request from Oz at Austin Guitar House after the success of the TX-50 and JB100 Red models. What he wanted was an amp that captured the tones of the TX-50 and JB100, but in a lower...
  17. Festus

    Sold Scumback J75-LD, 16 ohms pair

    A pair of Scumback J75-LD speakers, 16 ohms, 65 watts. Both in excellent condition. They have not been used much at all, maybe 10 hours on them. $225 shipped for the pair to Con. U.S. Venmo, USPS Money Order. No paypal at this time.
  18. Festus

    Sold Scumback M75-LD, 8 ohms 100 watts

    Scumback M75-LD, 8 ohms, 100 watts. Excellent condition. $120 shipped in the Con U.S. PayPal is good, USPS Money Order, Venmo.
  19. Festus

    Sold SOLD Pending Payment J Designs 1x12 Cabinet Blues breaker cloth

    J Design 1x12 speaker cabinet, 3/4" pine shell with 3/4" birch ply speaker baffle, and 1/2" back panel. Semi open oval back, Blues Breaker grill cloth. 24" w x 19" h x 11" d. Excellent condition, it's only had a couple of gigs under it's belt. Pic of back shows only one panel screw. All of the...
  20. Festus

    Sold J Designs 1x12 Cabinet, Pine

    J Designs 1x12 speaker cabinet, 3/4" pine shell, 3/4" birch speaker baffle, oval semi-open back cabinet. Loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker (60 watts, 8 ohms). Excellent condition, it has a couple of small scrapes, but no tears in the tolex. Dimensions: 24" W x 19" H x 11" D. $225 local...
  21. Festus

    Speaker Cab makers on TGP, need advice

    The Monterey Pine thats used in making speaker cabinets, is it a laminate, that looks similar to birch plywood from the side grain? More questions to follow.
  22. Festus

    Sold Scumback 2x12 Cabinet loaded with J75 speakers.

    Out of production Scumback 2x12 cabinet with the hinged back for closed/variable open back. Loaded with a pair of Scumback J75-16 ohm-65 watt speakers. 5/8" birch ply all around. Incredible sounding cabinet, I'd like to keep it, but I rarely if ever get the chance to use a 2x12 horizontal. 29.5"...
  23. Festus

    Sold Celestion G12 M65 Creambacks, 16 ohms

    A pair of Celestion G12 M65 Creambacks, 16 ohms, 65 watts. Excellent condition. $200 plus shipping for the pair to the lower 48. Paypal is fine.
  24. Festus

    Sold Scumback H75 PVC, 65 watts 8 ohms.

    Scumback H75 PVC, 65 watts 8 ohms. Excellent condition. $85 plus shipping to lower 48. Paypal is good. My zip code is 93030, box is 15 lbs. for quotes.
  25. Festus

    Sold Scumback H75

    Scumback H75-65w-8ohms. Excellent condition. $85 plus shipping. Paypal is included. My zip is 93030, box weighs 13 lbs. to estimate shipping. OR Trade for one of these: Scumback M55-PVC 65w, 16 ohms Scumback M75-PVC 65w, 16 ohms Scumback M55, 65 w, 16 ohms Celestion Creamback H75, 16 ohms.
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