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    NEED HELP with my Bugera

    if you love it enough, pay a tech to go through it, but chances are it's not worth the repair $$$. a lot of Bugera's have reliability problems.
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    Marshall vs Mesa/Boogie

    honestly Derek, you're going to have to get your arse over to someplace where you can start jamming on Mesa's and Marshall's. but if used is your thing, a Stiletto sounds like a great fit. and you can never go wrong with a recto IMO
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    pre amp tubes,,,,

    I encourage you to check out this preamp tube characteristic matrix. In my opinion, it's quite accurate and can help you make a decision. That being said, IMO, the best bang for the buck is the Sovtek 12AX7-LP
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    BARON or SPLAWN for the best Marshall Killer?

    when I think of Marshall killer, I think Splawn. this is coming from a former Baron owner. just sayin' also check out the Diamond Phantom. It is their "british" voiced amp but does so much more
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    Do You own a Bolt Amp?

    damn, Johnny sure made that amp sound good
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    Crate blue voodoo 150

    I know the 150 is a little different from the 120 head supposedly in a good way. that being said the BV120 is a much disliked amp by many. I've had a couple and didn't mind them at all. they have their own sound to be sure. I've even done a youtube video on the BV120 because I wanted to...
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    Do many of you use your amps drive channel rather than OD/Distortion pedals?

    count me in as one of the guys that uses the amps gain. the only time I amp cook or boost is when in the studio. it seems to tighten up the bottom end a tad that way. live my sound is a sum of all parts. the other guitarist, the bassist, me, etc..
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    What are you using as a bedroom/practice amp and why?

    I just can't practice quietly. I use a half stack for "non-band" jammage. Usually a 6505, Triple Rect or Baron MI60L into a vintage 30 loaded cab. Now the volumes are usually at or under '2' on the dials so I'm not loosening the rafters in my house. LOL
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    Best Delay in Front of amp?

    +1 carbon copy FTW!
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    Are there really that many stacks being sold today?...

    Prolly cuz of his tinnitus I'd imagine. A haunting condition indeed.
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    Are there really that many stacks being sold today?...

    I'm in a 2 guitar metal band. We rehearse with full stacks at ungodly decibel levels. Everything is amplified. We gig with full stacks also. I sometimes bring only a half stack depending on the venue. My home rig is a Mesa RKII full stack also. Its just a personal preference.
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    What's the best way to break-in a new speaker?

    Play through it. Jam away brother. It doesn't take that long to break in speakers. A matter of hours. Take it to practice or jam at home on it.
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    So I guess Mesa Nomads suck?

    Good point. I had always wondered about the addition of the EQ on the 100 watt head and its ability to dial in better. I'm glad to hear that you found it a suitable amp that way.
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    So I guess Mesa Nomads suck?

    yeah hbar, I had a Nomad 55 for a while. just couldn't get it to sound great for anything. it had this inherent mid spike, but not in a good sense. I couldn't dial it out, it was almost nasal sounding. the cleans weren't as good as some Mesa's either. IMO, avoid at all cost unless they are...
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    Guitar Center - now I'm pissed!

    yeah, at GC you are best served as a walk in customer. too bad that most people that work there are 'tards (not all though).
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    Roccaforte Switcher kit from mojo

    Looks interesting and is inexpensive:
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    NAMM - Mackie Hotwire amp - Any news?

    Just saw the GW ad of this amp. I was hoping for more glowing reviews of this amp. I need a "grab and go" amp.
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    Egnater Tourmaster -vs- Mesa Lonestar

    That is cool, I respect your opinion. At least you weren't curt like the socially challenged "vinney57" that posted earlier. You actually had substance. I think the Tourmaster sounds great. Good features too. But U.S. made products afford me an excellent income, and therefore I am extremely...
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    Egnater Tourmaster -vs- Mesa Lonestar

    of what? that the first run were bad? Bruce has stated this openly. heck, the dude lives up the road from me, I've been over his house before.
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    Egnater Tourmaster -vs- Mesa Lonestar

    I seem always lean towards Mesa for my regular workhorse gear. The big problem I have with the new Egnater is that it is made in China. Designed here, built by poor chinese folks. And it shows because the first run of 40 had issues.
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    Line6 Spider Valve Vs H-k Switchblade

    dman, you guys are getting me all fired up to try out a Switchblade. If I hadn't just bought a Road King II....dangit!
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    Line6 Spider Valve

    I tried the other day. Not bad. But for the money, I think there are better amps out there for me.
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    Marshall 4x12 slant cab recover 101

    wow that cab in the original post was truly "used" in its lifetime. yikes
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    recommend a Delay unit that colors my sound the least

    Sweet. THanks for the comments on the few delays you guys mentioned. I'm going to try some of them and see which works best for me. :RoCkIn
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