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    Rick Beato is not happy

    39 pages now. Rick won big-time.
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    Do you consider "Achilles Last Stand" to be a TOP-TIER Zeppelin song?

    The groove is awesome but the song meanders and there is too much guitar wankery. There isn't a melody to be found in the whole thing. To me it's a good basic idea that sounds like they wrote in 10 minutes and never really developed. In my opinion of course.
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    Rick Beato is not happy

    16 pages and counting of discussion on TGP. Rick won this round guys.
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    Rick Beato is not happy

    This series is genius. I shotgunned them all in one day. The Kravitz Bowl is absolutely epic
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    Playing in bands as you get to your 40s and up.

    I'm 41, an accomplished musician on several instruments, and I can't find jack squat to play in. I have fully worked out and recorded songs just needing vocals, for instance....and I can't find a singer for YEARS now. I had the same problem in Denver. Everyone I auditioned was terrible. All the...
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    Your music scene and competition

    This is the only explanation that makes any sense.
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    Your music scene and competition

    It's rough. I have been searching for a band for 2 years after being in a band continually for nearly 25 years. Unless you want to play metal, covers, or traditional Bavarian folk music it is slim pickings. There aren't really any rock or alternative bands. I had an audition earlier this year...
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    Best opening track off a debut album?

    I can get behind this as a top candidate. Still a brilliant record, IMO. Also has the best closing song with only in dreams. Pure magic.
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    Great guitar rock albums since 2000

    I know it's an old thread but if you are into hard rock and grunge I highly highly recommend any of the albums by Sasquatch. Incredible rock music.
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    Does being able to play another guitarist's parts really put you on equal footing with the original guitarist?

    No, it doesn't put them on equal footing just because they can play the licks Being able to shred doesn't make you a good musician, either. Some of the worst guitarists I have ever been in bands with were the best lead players. One guy, in particular, was incredible....AT LEADS. he just had...
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    Smashing Pumpkins Triple Album??

    That last one was AWFUL. I listened to it once and the only good part about it is that I never have to listen to it again. I still check out everything they put out....some of it is good. Some awful. The golden age of 91-96, I really think Billy couldn't write a bad song....he was just so...
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    Rank the most significant contributors to your guitar tone..

    The amp/speaker/mic makes the tone followed closely by the pickups in the guitar. Wood doesn't matter. Scale length doesn't matter, fret material, neck shape.....etc. Technique??? Sure but that doesn't contribute so much to your tone as to your sound....if that makes any sense. The sound...
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    If you had to be in a tribute band, what would your top band choices be?

    Pumpkins. Those songs are super fun to play.
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    Are You Experienced?

    One of the "classic" icons that I still actually listen to. Somehow the music always feels fresh and creative. I can barely stand to hear most of the major classic bands anymore, but the Beatles and Hendrix are still in regular rotation after discovering both around age 15 in 1995.
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    Are Tribute Bands killing Variety Cover Bands in your city?

    I have several friends in Denver in tribute bands. A lot of 90's stuff. They seem to gig a lot.
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    No Stairway!

    I would raise the bridge, file down the nut, and take the buzz out the low E
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    New Polyphia single - nylon guitar content

    Love it. Will be listening again.
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    Have I just arrived in Bro Country?

    Hit me up if you play in Munich. I will come check it out.
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    Have I just arrived in Bro Country?

    It will be interesting to see if anyone knows the songs. I live in Munich, where there isn't much of a live music scene.
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    Who's song is it?

    Yes, I meant registered. A copyright, while automatic, is meaningless without registration. When I register my songs I usually just put everyone who worked on it as the writer. It's not like any of my songs will ever make any money so an even split is easiest and makes everyone happy I...
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    As inventive as Eddie and much more melodic, but gone way too soon, Randy Rhoads

    2 totally different styles. No need to compare. RR was incredible. Those records he did with Ozzy are still fun to listen to.
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    Who's song is it?

    Wow. This guy is not gonna be happy about this Is there any money actually coming from this or will it be the typical local band release that you basically give away to friends and family?
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    Who's song is it?

    Rock tweedling on guitar doesn't contribute to the songwriting. If he didn't actually contribute lyrics, melody, chord progressions, riffs that are foundational to the song then I don't think it matters. You wrote those. A VERY long time ago I was in a band and I wrote all the songs(which were...
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    Have I just arrived in Bro Country?

    How is the crowd response to these songs? I haven't heard really any country music since moving to Germany 5 years ago(assuming you still live in Germany).
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