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    Mounting a pedal power ac inside furman

    Since there is extra space inside my furman. I mounted a pedal power ac inside the chassis. Any known issues of having the furman Power transformer and the pedal power ac Power transformer inside same box. This will save space in my rack
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    What is that bubble Qtron tremelo effect on this recording

    Is it basically what I said. I love this effect would like to know how to get it
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    No dip switches on TC Vortex Flanger?

    Went to open it up and set it to buffered bypass and kill dry on but there were not any dip switches. I see documentation on the TC sight and searched via google and every says the Vortex flanger should have the dip switches. Anyone else have a vortex flanger that doesn't have the dip switches?
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    Making soldered patch cables tips needed

    I have a difficult time trying to make cables. Pretty much my difficulty is not having four hands :) What are you using to hold the sleeve/ground of the the cable flush against the sleeve/ground of the plug when soldering it in place? I have one of those the "third hand clamps" but that...
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    Something I have noticed with using 2 power supplys

    Something I have noticed if I have 2 voodoo lab pedal power devices or even the MXR MC403 and a voodoo lab PP2+,... if I have effect boxes that are before my amp only being powered by one Voodoo Lab PP2+ everything is great.... but lets say I need more power outlets and I add a second...
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    MXR EVH Flanger question, speed too fast

    So just got one of these flangers and I noticed that in the normal mode the speed doesnt get really slow. Seems like its slowest speed is twice as fast as the EHV mode when the button is pushed in. Is this normal? Kind of wish I can get the speed of this thing slower.
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    Strymon Mobius, what causes weird high end whine?

    When I try to use my Strymon mobius infront of my amps I can hear a weird high end whine. Like a digital sheen if that makes sense. Only get this when Strymon is in path. It is using its own isolated power as everything else is too I dont get this if I use it in my amps effect loop. What...
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    What do you use for effect wire?

    Do you use a solid core copper or a copper strand cable? If so what guage? 25, 18?
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    How is this remote switching working? Pigtronix fuzz

    Look at the Pigtronix Disnortion, How do you think it is modified where there are jack inserts instead of the buttons? Just curious how this is working or is there relays doing it?
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    Need an input jack that has a longer shaft

    a longer part that goes through chassis punchout. I bought a 1u rack enclosure for a project but the metal they used for sides is pretty thick, a normal jack doesnt extend far enough beyond the metal. Where can I get something like below but has a longer through punch hole base/shaft
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    What is the current draw for suhr mini mix 2

    Anyone know the current draw that a suhr mini mix 2 will consume? What about rim mini mixer?
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    Audio transformer question on pin outs

    So looking at some small transformers and schematics for isolation splitter boxes i wasnt sure how you would hook one up between two sources. I get the primary and secondary stuff but wasnt sure on each sides three legs. Is it like tip,ring, and sleeve?
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    Looking at jack ohrman Pickup simulator

    I was looking at this and it seems to solve issues using buffers before fuzz faces and treble boosters. Seems simple enough of a build. But I was wondering If I could just take an unused pickup and use that instead of buying a separate inductor(Shown below as 42TM019). Ofcourse I would need...
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    Treble booster, is this true

    Just wanted to verify something before I build something. I was told that if I have to run ( really want to run) a buffer before a range/master treble booster. I can put a 25k pot in between the output of the buffer and the input of the treble booster. Basically saying that I can...
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    Want to convert lo-z to hi-z for range master

    So if i need to use an always on buffer first in pedal chain, is there A way to convert a 100 ohm output back to 17k ohm so things like Range masters and fuzz faces see the right impedance?
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    Ik multimedia iRig stomp

    Can you use it with other software like bias or jam up? Or can it only work with amplitube and ik multi media software?
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    Moving 4 pedal into a bigger 1u rach mount case

    so how should I wire this; Each effect audio path will be separate going into its own gcx loop, but the power will be shared. like this or
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    Eliminating noise: need advanced help

    So I have a pretty involved setup but I have it so that I do not get any ground loop noise but I have some questions about some noise and some static noise I cant get rid of. Quick rundown in guitar into gcx through all loops then out to a suhr buffer that splits the signal to a PT100 and...
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    Vertex/Mason i think have been banned on huge racks inc

    This is probably the one forum that supported vertex the most. But now there is a sticky on their gear section basically confirming that Mason lied to everyone. One of the mods there opened up his axis wah and confirmed that it is a bbe. This is pretty bad. mason really screwed up and i...
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    Want a small midi board that can program midi channel and midi CC

    Would love to get a small midi controller that is like 8 inches wide 4 inches deep that has the ability to have every button be able to be programmed for a different midi channel, midi program change or midi CC. Ie. Let say unit has 8 buttons. I would want the buttons to do this Button 1. midi...
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    Stupid question of the Day: +4dbu/-10dbv: just wanted verification

    So I Know Professional Line level is +dbu and I know Consumer Line Level is -10dbv but sometimes it seems like they suggest (equipment manufactures) using -10dbv as instrument level. ie when wanting to use a DBX rack compressor in between guitar and Amp input they suggest setting the ins and...
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    Voodoo Lab pedal power AC extention cables

    I know you can get DC extension cables from godlyke and one spot and even custom length DC cables from Voodoo labs. But what about the AC cables for pedal power AC. I could use an extension for one of these. Who makes them?
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    OK Newbie question

    OK, I have never used a sp/dif digital input/output before. But If I just want to go sp/dif digital out to sp/dif digital in can I use just one cable?
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    Just got a Digitech iStomp but came with old iPhone adapter

    So I am unable to use my iPhone 5 to connect to the iStomp. I wonder if thats why they were blowing them out because they had the out dated adapter? Anyway, did anyone else encounter this issue and do they (apple/digiect) make adapters?
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    Suhr Buffer wish list

    I have one of these and its awesome. I use it to split the signal to my PT100 and Ecstasy. The Suhr has 1 input and then 2 isolated outs to avoid ground loop issues. I just wish they or someone else would make something like this but with 3 isolated outputs and have it be about the same size...
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