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  1. cyberprimate

    Where can I find this part?

    Inside the white square.
  2. cyberprimate

    What pedals use the FV-1 chip ?

    I know the Slö, Tensor, MOOD, Fathom, Afterneath and Atmosphere use it. Any other that you know ?
  3. cyberprimate

    AKG BX 20 or Capitol chambers… what UA reverb plugin?

    Has anyone tried both ?
  4. cyberprimate

    Any alternative to a Celestion G10 Gold I should consider ?

    This is for a 25w amplification.
  5. cyberprimate

    How can I lofi-up a lush ambient reverb ?

    I love the Slö, but what would you do to make the Walrus Slö reverb tail sound more mysterious, old, cheap, grainy, 8mm Eraserhead film…, and less like the lush luxury reverb it is ? How can you make the Slö go more in the DBA Reverberation Machine territory while keeping its ambient dimension ?
  6. cyberprimate

    What speaker to go with the Milkman 'The Amp' 50 ?

    I know that the combo version uses a 12" Celestion Creamback Neo 60W but maybe there's better choice ?
  7. cyberprimate

    What's the best way to plug a mic into an effect pedal?

    I know that some pedals like the JHS Colour box have a built-in XLR input, I know that the old crystal mics have the right impedance level for pedals, but outside of these cases what should I do to get some optimal microphone input into pedals? I'm using XLR dynamic mics only.
  8. cyberprimate

    Power amp pedal/box for preamp pedals?

    I sold my Twin Reverb last year after moving in a flat with direct neighbours and currently I have no amp, no speaker cabinet. Playing guitar with cans… As preamp pedals I have the 'Benson Preamp' that I love (also 'JHS Twin Twelve v2' and 'Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop v2', very low gain)...
  9. cyberprimate

    Pedal that combines a slap-back delay and long reverb?

    Both happening simultaneously, does that exist?
  10. cyberprimate

    Famous players with only 1 or 2 electric guitars, who ?

    I can only think of Brian May and Chuck Berry right now. Who else? Cochran and Buddy Holly don't count, not enough time for being infected with GAS.
  11. cyberprimate

    Tele owners, what's the exact distance between the bridge and the neck pickup?

    I mean between the saddles and the center of the neck pickup? Thanks
  12. cyberprimate

    "I've become increasingly skeptical that higher-output bridge pickups are necessarily a good thing!"

    I'm quoting Joe Gore here. What do you think ? And what does he think? Edit: Joe Gore said that in the context of having the exact same pickup (Lollar Charlie Christian) for both bridge and neck positions as there's no CC bridge pickup available. Here, at 2 min :
  13. cyberprimate

    Charlie Christian pickup near the bridge, bad idea?

    I know Gibson lap steel guitars had one in the 1930's, but for a standard guitar, has anyone tried it?
  14. cyberprimate

    What middle pickup on a Gibson (Melody Maker) for a Tele neck pickup kind of tone?

    I want to add a middle pickup on my Melody Maker. Both bridge and neck pickups are Gibson humbuckers. I know I'll never get that Tele neck sound but I'd like to get as close as possible in that direction. Sweet bright tone with a with a certain vocal quality. What pickup would you recommend...
  15. cyberprimate

    Firebird pickup inside Humbucker cover?

    Is it possible to insert the guts of a Firebird pickup inside a standard Humbucker casing?
  16. cyberprimate

    Anyone tried Throbak DS-55 (Seth Lover's original non-pole-screws PAF prototype) ?
  17. cyberprimate

    How different are the Guyatone and the Dearmond gold foils?

    The question is in the title. Dearmond Guyatone
  18. cyberprimate

    Has the modern pedal boom produced any new musical style?

    Or are our super sophisticated pedals just an addition of tools for 70 years old rock or other already existing musical styles? I hear "pedals are like instruments", but when new instruments emerged historically they always changed music soon after. I started to wonder about this years ago...
  19. cyberprimate

    What Gold Foil pickups are these?

    What does the N stand for ?
  20. cyberprimate

    3 questions about pedal enclosures

    1. what site/company has the most varied sizes of pedal enclosures? 2. What is the visual difference between aluminium and zinc enclosures? 3. Is the DOD Rubberneck enclosure specific to that pedal or it can be bought elsewhere as plain aluminium enclosure?
  21. cyberprimate

    Are GOLD FOIL / GUYATONE pickups any good on Gibson guitars?

    Gibson solid bodies I mean. I always see them used a Fender or Fender-like guitars.
  22. cyberprimate

    As wide as a humbucker, as flat as a firebird… What's this pickup?
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