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  1. oil

    Sold Foxrox TZF2, Effectrode Mercury Fuzz, Echosex 2 Delay

    Just put these three great pedals on ebay: Feel free to contact me if interested. Pedals are in the UK.
  2. oil

    Effectrode Mercury Tube Fuzz

    Hello Mercury... Bye bye Cornish P1.... Nuff said. They are now on the effectrode website for sale. Get one.
  3. oil

    Mod Zero or Strymon Flanger?

    Any one tried them both? I have a Jack Deville Mod Zero in the mail and have never tried the Strymon. Cheers, Sean
  4. oil

    Clip of BJFE HB dlx, Model Ht, LGW and more Family have gone to Sweden for Easter hols and I have had time on my hands for a change. 1st off is Clean tone then 2- is HB (on the HB DLX), 3- is BJFE LGW, 4- is Model Ht, 5- is HB with BP boost, 6- is LGW-HB-BP, 7- is Ht-HB-BP, then I switch on the MCMV...
  5. oil

    Tele Deluxe Wide Range Pickups

    Hi all. Does any one recognise these pickups? They are in a 74 Deluxe and I have never WR pickups like these. Are they MIJ re-issues? They look like originals but the wire is black and the screws are brass? I have just bought this guitar and will receive it in a couple of days. Any help would be...
  6. oil

    Fuzz with bite

    Please could you recommend to me a fuzz that has a sharp bite and can sound bright and clean with a rasberry fuzzy overtone. Am I making sense? - A clean sound that breaks up with heavier playing. I have a keeley rat and a 70's Big Muff but cant get there with those.
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