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    Recommend a Marshall-ish amp for rock and metal 50W or less for under $1000?

    I think a DSL with a tube screamer to tighten it up would do what you need. It has a lot of gain. Other option is a 6505/5150 from Peavey. They are dirt cheap used, and metal machines. You may need a pedal to get into classic rock territory.
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    First Experience with Lord Valve

    I didn't know he had passed. I went to his shop a few times even though he called me an idiot and royally pissed me off about an amp repair on Facebook. He had aspbergers, BTW. so I always cut him a little slack in interpersonal communications. When I came to his shop for tubes he always gave...
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    Why do many people say high wattage amps with master volumes still aren't good for low volume tones? My experience says otherwise.

    Have you played any of these amps at roaring volumes as a comparison?? It might sound OK at master 1, but high volumes is a whole new ballgame.
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    Is it so wrong of me to be digging a solid state amp so much.

    In my last band we both switched to Katanas. After a few rehearsals of dialing in, we sounded just as good as ever. Those are good little rock amps. I would like to try the TM series Amps. I like this idea of doing a really good solid state version of a single amp instead of several digital...
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    What's the real reason amp prices have suddenly skyrocketed to ridiculous levels??

    Maybe it's been mentioned but the Marshall DSL40CR cost 690 euros TODAY here in Germany. So it isn't the same price everywhere. What are the external factors since they are all being made in China and shipped from there?? Tariffs or import duties? Shipping costs??? Since the price here hasn't...
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    Need help selecting a tube amp

    Don't overthink it. You ordered a nice amp that you will likely really enjoy. Do yourself a favor and rent a rehearsal room for a couple of hours where you can crank it and you will hear and feel the difference that everyone is talking about. Just for fun. You can fake some of that with a...
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    Need help selecting a tube amp

    If you want to spend up, this is the one probably. Otherwise, I am not sure what you would gain by looking at something other than the super reverb. For my money, it's way too loud to give great tone at the volume you can get away with at home. If you have a jam space where you can crank...
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    Lame tube amps…

    Well, this is a response to the thread title. When I was in high school I had a marshall JCM900 half stack. I was happy with it, but I wanted to add a fender tube amp for sparkly cleans. So I found an amp in the paper for sale. Some kind of Fender from the 80's with a 1x15 speaker. I called...
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    What speaker has V30 mids without the V30 spike?

    The WGS veteran 30 is exactly what you are describing.
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    SS amps; anything I'm missing out on?

    I don't. Our local guys were always complete jerks. Me: "hey can I try this new thing?" Them: "that depends. Are you gonna buy it?? Trying stuff out is for paying customers." Me: "No idea. How can I know if i will buy it if I can't try it??" Them: "well come back when you are gonna buy it...
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    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    Oh man I love the built in blues driver for that sound. The sneaky twin plus a bit of blues driver and a big verb is something I can get lost in for a while. That said I just got a Helix and will be saying goodbye to the Katana. It has really served me well. It's a good product at a great price...
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    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    If you are slightly tech savvy the Fender Bright Twin from the sneaky amps is quite good. It scratches my fender itch. But the Katana is more English voiced.....try the fender mustang. They are also good and much more fender sounds are available.
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    Is it reasonable to assume this guy blew up my amp?

    Even if you shipped one tube the day after. This is not your problem. That doesn't mean he can just put in whatever tube, run whatever cab at whatever ohms setting, plugged into whatever output jack he chooses. He blew it up. If it's because he isn't patient enough to wait one more day that...
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    How does everyone play such loud amps?

    Sounds EXACTLY like my story. I started carrying hearing protection with me at all times around age 25. I am now 40 and my hearing is still fine but the tinnitus has only gotten worse even though I protect the ears like crazy. A long recording session even at low volumes does my ears in for...
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    NAD - 1968 Marshall Plexi Super Bass

    Oh yeah that thing is dope. Congrats! My main amp for a while was a 1972 1959 100 watt. Probably 2005 to 2007 was when I had it. That thing also had the TONE, but that was before load boxes and attenuators were readily available and reliable. A few times I would get to the rehearsal space early...
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    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    Diezel VH-4 Or Friedman modded Marshall Tough to decide. Both were magic.
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    NAD: TGP sacrilege

    I had the classic 20 MH for a short time. I really liked it. The classics are dope.
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    New amp for a future new Dad

    Yamaha thr
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    Battle of LOUD: comparing a 2204 with a 2203

    This is completely true. I am glad I got to do it for a while but those days are over. I have a much better gigging sound and more consistency with many Katana at the volumes that venues want today. Not to mention the ease of carrying it around. Small tube amp plus load box could be possible...
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    I'm done with the incivility on the Amps and Cabs forum

    Agree 100. The gear page is TAME. if you can't handle it here then the internet is not for you. Also agree on the goodbye threads, especially those designed to tell us you are too good for this place. No one cares. Just delete your account and go. Life here will go on exactly the same.
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    If modeling is “just as good as the real thing” these days, why is analog still super popular?

    Thanks! I am always careful. I trust no one on this planet. Normally they are like 1300 but in the last month I have seen unsold items prices just keep dropping and dropping. There is one locally for 850 after another price drop. If I was finished with my thesis already I would buy it, but I...
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    If modeling is “just as good as the real thing” these days, why is analog still super popular?

    Ahhh good to know. I haven't had a chance to play with one but here in Germany they can go used for 800-1000. It's really a steal for what it can do.
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    Beginner Could Really Use Some Head Amplifier Advice - Mesa? Orange? Other?

    Those are all very different sounding amps. You could justify having all of them. My honest advice would be to pick up a used line 6 hd500 for cheap. It doesn't sound amazing but it sounds good enough to help you decide what amp will get you the tones that you want. Spend a couple of weeks...
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    If modeling is “just as good as the real thing” these days, why is analog still super popular?

    I have actually considered getting a lower wattage tube head like the PRS Tremonti 15 watt thingy and a 2 note captor for recording at home. I don't really use too many tones. A good clean, good mid gain, good high gain, and a boost/low gain drive pedal is all I really need. I am perfectly happy...
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    If modeling is “just as good as the real thing” these days, why is analog still super popular?

    Well said. It's the amp In the room experience. For the most part modellers are trying to replicate the sound of a mic'd cab that's ready to go in a mix. That really doesn't sound anything like what we hear when we stand in front of our tube amp. Some people can adjust to it and some can't. Put...
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