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    65' Deluxe reverb reissue Drri hum problem V4?

    Try unplugging the foot switch.
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    New boutique amp has less than 20 hours and is failing I was told this ...

    After reading this thread, there is less than a 2% chance i will ever buy a milkman amp.
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    Morgan Amps Nightmare

    I think you better end that long term deal.
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    New at NAMM the GoGo Horizon Pedal Tuner

    Billy you have made lots of people not give a **** about this tuner. Good job.
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    6L6 tubes vs. 5881??

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    Most reliable guitar under $1000?

    Reverend guitars!
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    No Drums in Bluegrass?,121
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    Best Speaker for Deluxe Reverb?

    Swamp Thang for max headroom
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    Hello from Maryland

    What's up Ryan
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    I'd try to get banned purposely...

    I think we found 2 good examples of who doesn't qualify as real people and musicians.
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    Earbuds : Recommend a pair for laptop computer listening

    He needs to stop buying cheap ones that break,,bru
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    Earbuds : Recommend a pair for laptop computer listening
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    Best currently produced 12ax7

    I absolutely have to have gold pin tubes in my amps, they sound so much better than non gold pin. I had a whole drawer full of old GE and RCA tubes that were useless to me, that is until i painted the pins gold. Now i can really hear my amp come to life like never before.
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    Why do Pedal Builders antagonize their prospective customers on here?

    I hope you pedal builders learned something from this thread. Keep your mouths shut, keep your opinions to yourselves and if someone talks **** about your product on tgp (the source of every customer you have ever had) thank them and agree with everything they say. It's just good business you...
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    Wampler Ace Thirty

    Yeah man, pretty slack huh. You'll know better next time.
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    Need help... 1976 Fender Twin Reverb w/ Master volume content.

    If it were my amp, i would turn it on, wait 5 minutes for the static to stop, then play it. Problem solved!
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    New Supro Stuff

    I'm sure he's happy that you just brought that up in this thread.
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    People who can't really play, offering their expertise on tone

    "he's just terrible" "old guy blooze slop" "he's not a good player" "waving his high post count around" "determine which members should be ignored" "opinions are not equally valid" "is actually a 60 year old bedroom player who is so unaware of how bad he is" "couldn't get a gig to save his life"...
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    Ok.. Now the 12AX7 discussion

    If you mean best in new production, any of them will work, it's all the same crap. If you want to start experimenting with NOS then keep talking with blue strat.
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    Check this massive rectifier I just got

    I use them in my deluxe reverb, they are awesome.
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    You guys and your wimpy 4x12 cabs...

    Yes it is.
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    Eminence - Favorite Speakers for 2X12 Cab

    That's a 10 inch speaker.
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    So frustrated. I can't even restring my Gibson SG, let alone set it up!

    This is what i do
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