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  1. frails

    FT Vox AC-30HWHD & 3rd Power British Dream

    Lefty or righty?
  2. frails

    Sold Classic Vibe-Baby

    Still the best IMO.
  3. frails

    Sold FS - Vibe Pedals

    …and the winner is???
  4. frails

    Sold FS - Vibe Pedals

    Does this mean you prefer another over these?
  5. frails

    Sold Buffalo FX TD-X

    I thought I did but I must have moved it. Only have an Evolution left.
  6. frails


    Pm'd. I have both a Gigrig Pro 10 and Midi 8 available for trade.
  7. frails

    WTB Stephens Design or Doyle Coils pickups (or other similar PAF-style pickups)

    I’ve got a set of Doyle Coils in dbl white with aged nickel covers. BOOM
  8. frails

    Sold Fender Aged 58' Tele Saddles

    I’ll take em.
  9. frails

    Sold Throbak SLE-101 Plus MXV PAF's - aged nickel covers - SOLD

    Trade for a set of Doyle Coils in dbl cream?
  10. frails

    Sold DROP Will Boggs Reverend humbuckers set

    I have a set of Gregwinds and they are fantastic. Which magnets are in the Revs and what are the readings, please? UPDATE** Found this on MLP...."The neck pickup measures out at 7.69k and the bridge pickup measures out at 9.24k."
  11. frails

    Sold Friedman Runt 50 Head Nr. Mint $1375

    Any of these +/- cash? Gigrig Pro 10 Switching System Gigrig Midi 8 Switching System Set of Doyle Coils Humbuckers in double cream Lots of Moody leather straps 70's EH Triangle Big Muff '83 Gibson Dirty Fingers bridge pup Righty 80's Burny/Fernandes MIJ right handed Explorer w/ Gibson Case and...
  12. frails

    Adam Jones (Tool) pickups - Duncan Super Distortion?

    Tried a Seymour Duncan JB and a Distortion. Neither are it IMO. Bare Knuckle Heaven and Hell sound fantastic but we know it’s not that. Gibson early way. Tim Shaw, negative. Found a tar back for a great price and it was instantly “it”. I’m running a ‘69 Gibby Black Custom into a...
  13. frails

    Sold Fender Custom Shop Strat Pickups

    Are any flat poles or are they all staggered?
  14. frails

    Sold Mojotone Premium Historic PAF Set

    2nd in line...
  15. frails

    Sold Throbak MXV SLE 101+ pair

    How about a set of dbl cream Doyle Coils?
  16. frails

    Sold Two Reeves Vintage Purple 16 ohm speakers

    I’ll take em. PP please?
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