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    Blackstone mosfet overdrive manual

    Recently I picked-up a Blackstone Mosfet overdrive 2SV3.3 from the emporium (thanks Doug!). What a great OD. Very amp like. Very dynamic. Very reactive to the volumepot on my guitar. Works great with my Tom Anderson Classic and Classic T into my SF Vibrochamp. It takes some tweaking of the...
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    delay, chorus and reverb with midi

    Hi all, I am looking for a good (stereo) delay, chorus and reverb with midi capability in my effects loop with a switcher like the Liquid Foot Jr. I now use an Analogman Bi-Chorus and a TC Nova delay and reverb. So far I haven't found the right pedal(s). Are there other options than the TC...
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    reverb pedal with midi?

    Hi all, I am looking for a good reverb pedal with midi, preferably with stereo in- and outputs, but can't find one. It's a pity Eventide doesn't make a combination of the modfactor, the timefactor and a "reverbfactor". That would be a great all in solution for my pedalboard. I want to avoid...
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    Analogman Bi-Chorus in FX loop Mark III?

    Hi all, I am considering buying an Analogman Bi-Chorus. Does anyone have experience using one in the FX loop of a Mesa Boogie (Mark III)? Does the Analogman have any noise problems? Thanks for your replies. Douke
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    Switching FX and amp

    Hi all, I would like to switch my FX and the two amp channels and EQ of my Mesa Boogie Mark III with possibly one switching system. My set-up is: Guitar > tuner > Morley Bad Horsey Wah > Input Send > TC Nova delay > TC Nova reverb > Return For the Mark III I use a Rhythm/Lead, a R1/R2, and...
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