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  1. ewheel

    Carr Mercury V - Combo or Head?

    I'm seriously looking at one and am wondering how well a head version would fit with an older open back Dr. Z 2x10 with Dr. Z speakers or the Thiele-ported Z Best Cab with Celestion Vintage 30 and Celestion G12H30. Or should I just save my back and go for the combo?
  2. ewheel

    George Harrison - Cheer Down

    Damn, this makes me want to get some EMG's! r6fJfXLjwxQ
  3. ewheel

    The Guitarist's Bucket List

    This is from the Fretboard Journal. I got 29.
  4. ewheel

    A $12,500.00 Epiphone Casino - Really?

    Guys, I've been looking around for a Casino and noticed these special runs on the Epiphone website which are limited to the Japan market only. Cool, I thought - just like the limited edition Lennon and Revolution Casinos from a few years back. One popped up on Ebay and I was astounded at the...
  5. ewheel

    Is All Microfiber Created Equally?

    Costco has a great deal on a package of microfiber cloths. Made In China of course, 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide. (Whatever that is) Just wondering if any of you have had any experience with 'em. Thay have a rougher texture than say a Planet Waves microfiber cloth.
  6. ewheel

    Some High End Stratocaster Cork Sniffin'

    Oh yes, I think she's a beauty, but could you pay that kind of money for a guitar with no truss rod? I see the point they're making, but it would still give me pause...
  7. ewheel

    G&L Asat Pickup Height

    What's a good starting point on pickup height for the big MFD's?
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