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  1. thelionsden

    Maintaining/preserving vintage LP?

    My dentist has a 1956 Les Paul that he has owned since the sixties and he asked me if there is anything he should do to preserve it such as some oil on the fretboard or something. Does anyone know what if anything should be done to protect a vintage guitar from deterioration? Humidity...
  2. thelionsden

    Chickenfoot last nite... YIKES!!

    Well, I saw some of those youtubes of Chickenfoot a few months back and they sounded kinda weak to me and I love Satch live. The tunes I heard seemed to kind of stifle what Joe does best a bit and Sammy seemed a bit sloppy. So this girl I know won some tix to an outdoor concert outside the...
  3. thelionsden

    Ethos as your "amp"?

    I just got my new Ethos Classic /TLE yesterday and took it to a rehearsal to save carrying my amp/cab. I have had one before and they really do sound great direct. It worked very well. I was wondering if anyone has been using the Ethos as their virtual amp and running their pedalboard...
  4. thelionsden

    PRS Custom 22 Pickups?

    Hey I have recently acquired a Custom 22 as well and I am liking it pretty well. Ergonomically it is great, its light, it plays great, nice trem. I have had a number of PRS over the years and as has been said by some, the tone was just slightly off from what I was looking for, probably...
  5. thelionsden


    Used to have an HC30 I bought new with a 2x12 cab maybe 5-6 years ago. I had a gas binge and spent a pile o money and sold the head to allay my guilt. That head never sounded so amazing as the day I was packing it for shipment. :( So I saw this 94 HC30 on the emporium last week and decided...
  6. thelionsden

    Tom Holmes P/ups sound good split?

    Anybody split theirs? I am having some made and I wonder if i should get 4 wire and put a few push pulls in...Going in a GC edition 68 reissue LP Custom Thanks Dennis
  7. thelionsden

    Altec 417 8c speaker..Open or closed back cab?

    Hi guys, I used to play a 1976 Marshall JMP Master model through a pair of these 12in alnico spkrs in a Twin cabinet back in the 70s and I liked that sound a lot. I just bought a pair to see if I still like them and I wondered what your experiences were with them...what type of cabs you liked...
  8. thelionsden

    William Cumpiano guitar?

    My friend needs money and has offered me his 12 string that William Cumpiano built in 1982 as Stringfellow guitar. He is too far away for me to play the guitar. He is in a bit of a hurry and never wanted to sell any of his personal guitars and is even having trouble getting me a pic in time...
  9. thelionsden

    Pedals with 65 London?

    Hi guys, Got a 65 amps London here and it really is a nice amp. My playing situation is a low volume one. To give you an example, I am using the amp EF86 channel with the volume on two and a Komet airbrake down to the last click ( but thankfully I get to keep the bedroom knob all the way up...
  10. thelionsden

    Pedals with old 65 Fender Deluxe?

    Well, after going through a pile of amps du jour, I recently traded a buddy for an old 65 Deluxe and had Michael Purkhiser dial it in, remove a mod or two and such and I put a Blue in it and it is one amazing amp. I can't play very loud usually so I am having pretty good success with just the...
  11. thelionsden

    Which Wagner 'bucker in SSH Strat?

    Anybody try Wagner Humbuckers in a SSH Strat?..which one did you like best, if you tried more than one? My friend ordered a set of 2 SR singles and a Darkburst and when we met for breakfast on Sat, he handed them to me and said that if I wanted I could put them in my guitar to try! I put the...
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