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  1. aram

    TwinsthenewTrend Listening to Bob Dylan the First Time

    This is so great. These young people have a whole channel dedicated to listening to new music. They say that because they had a religious family, growing up they weren't allowed to listen to a lot of different genres of music. In this video they listen to Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A...
  2. aram

    Pete Cornish Death Pedal. Lou Reed Fuzz.

    Made a clip of this today. Pete Cornish NG2 Death Pedal Fuzz, made for Lou Reed. You can still see Lou's settings on this controls, and of course those are the ones that sound best, but I try out some other ones here. Recorded with a Rick Kelly Bowery Pine Telecaster through a 1964 Fender Deluxe...
  3. aram

    Weird Strymon Timeline Loop Problem

    Wondering if anyone has every experienced this. When I'm controlling the Timeline with my Midi controller (Softstep) if I stop the loop and press play more than once it either won't play, or it will play segments of previous loops. In other words, I'll have a loop going. Stop it, and then...
  4. aram

    Frisell, Ribot, Rigby Podcasts Now On Bandcamp

    Hey all, I've put some podcasts that I made a few years back up on Bandcamp for free download. Enjoy! And please support these artists and also all the musicians who play with them in different bands during this time, if you are able. So many bands are losing tours, and the side-musicians who...
  5. aram

    Playing a Blues w/Gretsch

  6. aram

    Beautiful Lou Reed Audition Story

    From drummer Dougie Bowne: The Lou Reed Story Lou Reed's manager had called me up to audition for Lou's band, maybe 1981 or so, and I'd heard that he could be brusque, so I arrive early to check out the kit, do a little tune up. The instruments could be brutal in New York rehearsal studios. I...
  7. aram

    Tom Waits and Marc Ribot Release Cover of Anti-Fascist Folk Song "Bella Ciao"

    Beautiful track from Ribot's upcoming album, Songs Of Resistance 1942 – 2018. Out tomorrow. First Waits recording in two years. Beautiful.
  8. aram

    A Miraculous Field Recording: The Guitar Playing of Joseph Spence

    Great new Yorker Article. Greater music. Check it out.
  9. aram

    New Mitski Album

    Was shocked to find that there were only 6 threads on the TGP about this amazingly talented songwriter. Her new album is great - a bit less raw than her previous albums, but I like the production. And the songs have the same wonderful brilliant twists. Here's a track from her last album...
  10. aram

    Peyroux Tour in Australia

    If there's anyone here who is going to one of Madeleine Peyroux's shows in Australia in the next two weeks, drop me a line - I'll be playing guitar. Maybe we can meet up for a beer after the show.
  11. aram

    The History of Armenia

    Poem by Pulitzer prize winning poet, Peter Balakian. Read by Alan Semerdjian. Aram Bajakian on Guitar. Full album coming soon.
  12. aram

    Congress, It's Time to Pay Musicians. NYTIMES Op-ED

    Really great Op-ED in the NYTIMES on Sunday about the Music Bus bill. This really gets to the heart of the matter, and talks about how middle income musicians have been so affected by by the rise of the internet/piracy/streaming. Since moving to Canada four years ago, I've seen how these types...
  13. aram

    Texas Cannonball

    my ode to freddie king. haven't posted here in a while - but thought TGP would enjoy.
  14. aram

    M9 direct into looper

    Does anyone know if there's an easy way to disable the tap tempo function of the M9 so that it goes straight into the looper? I don't use tap tempo and the delay to get into the looper is too too long. Would like to just cut it out. Or perhaps a way to program an external expression switch...
  15. aram

    Bowie on the Influence of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground

    Was watching this the other night. Bowie is so eloquent.
  16. aram

    Bill Frisell on podcast.

    Hey everyone, I'm psyched to let you know that I'm going to be interviewing Bill Frisell for an OutsideGuitar podcast in Mid-November. The first two podcasts have featured Marc Ribot and and Paul Rigby (the guitarist for Neko Case.) SUPER Psyched to get to interview Bill - the last podcasts...
  17. aram

    Original Cases - Needed for Resale?????

    Hey everyone, I have some old Gibson acoustics from the 30s that came with the original cases. The original cases are ****, so I have new cases for them now, but I've been hanging on to the originals in case I ever need/want to resell them, which I don't think will ever happen, but you can...
  18. aram

    Podcast with Marc Ribot

    Check out the podcast with Marc Ribot. Just out today: "In this podcast guitarist Aram Bajakian ( Lou Reed, Diana Krall, John Zorn) talks to Marc Ribot. During the course of his career, Ribot has worked as a sideman with an...
  19. aram lesson with Marc Ribot and Paul Rigby (guitarist for Neko Case).

    Hey Everyone, Last year I started a new online lesson site, The first few months have been great - it's building into an awesome little community. Now I'm starting to bring in guests. Subscribers to the site can ask questions to these artists, and I'll be meeting up...
  20. aram

    Happy Birthday to the Great Robert Quine

    Happy Birthday to the great Bob Quine! True story. The first "nice" guitar I ever saved up for was my custom built Rick Kelly tele. I ordered it after playing a gig with Marc Ribot in Rotterdam. Ribot had his 57 telecaster with him, and I played a G chord on it and it was the most glorious...
  21. aram

    A History of Phone Calls with Dr. Yusef Lateef.

    Such a beautiful story about my teacher, Dr. Yusef Lateef, who passed away two years ago. So many of the things in this story ring true, from meeting him at the Black Sheep, to how he would always ask about my grandmother when we talked on the phone. I'll never forget hearing him play every week...
  22. aram


    Hey All, So I just made a DDP image of my new album to send to get pressed into CDs, and I noticed that the DDP folder is 775 MB. The thing is, the folder of WAV files that I bounced is over a gigabyte. Does DDP compress the files in anyway? Or is something wrong here?
  23. aram

    Dave Douglas Interviews Marc Ribot

    Great interview about a bunch of subjects.
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