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    New reverb pedal: $1000
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    Got a havalina

    First impressions is that is sounds pretty good but is picky about placement. All the other fuzzes I use sound best after my overdrive (mxr gtod) but the havalina sounds thin and way bright in this position. Tried it with fuzz first and sounds better. I'll probably send back as I don't want to...
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    DMM XO repair

    Does anyone know who can work on these? I have contacted ehx but not heard back yet. The issue is the level (volume) control has become extremely scratchy and makes white noise sounds even when not being turned. Turning the pot makes very loud static making it unusable. I am handy with a solder...
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    Have to return the nicest gibson i've played

    Got a deal on a les paul future tribute. Light weight & sounds amazing with the 57 classics. The action is the slinkiest i've ever played and feels perfect doing bends and chords. The problem is the awful neck profile make my hand cramp. It is a 60s asymmetrical-has anyone tried this? I...
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    Deluxe reverb tremolo lag

    When I dial up the speed from slow to fast on my 74 dr I get a second or so lag before it kicks in. Any ideas what I should look at? I do have a spare new optocoupler but not sure if that would fix it. I went through this amp a few months ago and replaced electrolytics but can't remember how...
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    DC on volume pot fix?

    Hello gents. I recently picked up a 74 deluxe reverb and have been doing some upkeep. I've changed the problem caps & resistors but still getting DC cracking on both volumes. There is some stray voltage on the board itself. Does anyone know a quick fix to tame that down? Is there a cap or...
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    New Jensen p12n recone?

    I blew one of these in a 5e3 (somehow) a while ago and can't seem to find any recone kits. Plenty for the vintage ones. Does anyone have any ideas? The speaker came with the amp when I bought it for a steal and I did like the sound.
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    Best under $100 speaker for 5e3

    Hello, I have done searches but still looking for options for my tweed. I currently have a red white & blues that I'd like to replace. Looking for something with a similar efficiency but more mids. I find the rwb a little dull especially for live use. I like eminence & also thinking about a...
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    Overdrive with fuzz like quality?

    Is there any TS style over drives that have that fuzzy germanium breakup? I know there is the maxon distortion sustainer (that has germ transistors) but anything else with more versatility?
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    Outlaw pedal board

    In light of all the recent unscrupulous pedal maker revelations I thought it would be fun to put together a pedal board in tribute. Here is my chain: Freekish blues AD > Tone monk Phoenix > lovepedal amp 11 > KR megavibe
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    Will fender join the compact tube head market?

    I was just thinking about this. It seems like everyone else has an offering. I'd personally love to see a 15-20 watt 2 6v6 deluxe-esque something. Do it fender!
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    Mr tweed deluxe, where have you been all my life?

    Just scored a nicely built clone from a small company in Texas. Top of the line components, mercury trannies, aged cab and a jensen p12n. Never played one before but wow! I played a bandmaster reverb for years and currently have an ampeg j20 (which is basically a brown deluxe) and the tweed is...
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    Malekko Chicklet w/mods is back

    Wanted to start a new thread as the other got pretty convoluted. I purchased this as soon as it came out and loved the drippy depths, but not the bass cut and lack of usable range. I sent it in for Josh to mod and received a few days ago. Very happy. Bass cut is fixed and it sounds great. Now...
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    Malekko spring chicken still available?

    I know that these have been discontinued but wondering if anyone knew of anyplace that might have them in stock? I really love the drip they have that seems hard to nail in a pedal verb. Tonebug reverb is an option but I prefer the malekko if I can track one down. Thanks.
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