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  1. JMintzer

    You never know what a patient is going to bring in...

    So, I often talk to my patients about hobbies, their lives, etc... I have one patient who told me about some old guns and a guitar she had from her late husband... The guns were all sold to a relative (never found out exactly what they were), and the guitar had been in a closet for ever. I...
  2. JMintzer

    New "OFFICIAL" PRS Forum Now Open!

    Yes, you heard it here first (or second if someone blabbed...) Jamie
  3. JMintzer

    Ngd: Prs sc ap

    Enough of the acronyms! :p I picked this up last week... Jamie
  4. JMintzer

    Something New from PRS...

    This arrived yesterday. It's supposed to be the first production one out of the factory (after the NAMM prototypes). Cool! It sounds much like a cross between the HB and the Archtop, but a bit warmer to my ears... Jamie
  5. JMintzer

    New Arrival

    This showed up yesterday. It's an '82, one of the Heritage Re-Issues. It's featherweight at 6 lbs, in excellent condition with only a bit of tarnish on the gold hardwear... Jamie
  6. JMintzer

    Thorn #147 Coming Out Party/Jam

    Date: Sunday 2/18/07 (that's tomorrow!) Time 1:00pm-till??? Where: Casa de Mintzer She's told me that shes quite lonely, with only #44 to play with. She wants to meet and greet new friends... So far, 5-6 folks are coming by, with a guest appearance of a new Thorn Junior 90...
  7. JMintzer

    Thorn Artisan Master #147... DONE!

    Ron told me she shipped out today. I should have her Friday. Here are the pics: Here are the specs and Ron's Initial Tone report: Artisan Master #147 Top: 1-pc. Koa Semi-Hollow Body: 1-pc. Black Limba (2-3/8" total thickness) Neck: Black Limba Fretboard: Ebony Pickups: Koa covered...
  8. JMintzer

    New K-Line Surf Green Tele...

    Say hello to 'Pukey' ;) Kevin hit another one outta' the park! :BEER Jamie
  9. JMintzer

    Thorn #159

    When I visited Ron last week, I noticed on the board that #159 was not taken. Being the ultimate opportunist (and lightheaded from the Naptha fumes :p), I quickly asked if I could have that number. It won't get done any sooner, :(, but it'll be close in # to #147. I had specs in mind from my...
  10. JMintzer

    Thorn #44...

    This just arrived as part of a trade for my PRS Limited Edition: Here are the specs: Body - White Limba Top - 5A 1 Piece Flame Neck - Brazilian Rosewood Headstock Overlay - None Fingerboard - Brazilian Rosewood / 12" Radius / 25" Scale / 22 Fret Nut - Tusq Fretwire - 6150 Neck Carve -...
  11. JMintzer

    Compensated Tele Barrel Saddles

    Where's the best place to buy a set? I had them on my '52 RI (Now on it's way to North Carolina) and I want to put them on an incoming Nocaster Relic. I can't remember where I got them last time. Maybe it was Phil Jacoby??? But I want to do it myself this time. Allparts? Vintique...
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