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    Need some help with Tele wiring

    Hey guys, I have a Squire CVC Tele and the bridge pick up went out on it last week. I replaced it but some how in the process I reversed the selector switch (i.e. switch in neck position activates the bridge pickup instead of vice versa). Now, I only desoldered the bridge PUP lead from the...
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    Load Box to take monitor mix to iem?

    I have a wireless iem system that has two inputs and I'd like to plug my hd500 into one of them and be able to plug the monitor mix into the other one. Does anybody know of some kind of load box or something so I can take the cable out of the monitor and use it to feed my iem system?
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    NMD: Zoom G3

    I bought a G3 off of Ebay and got it yesterday. I have to say I'm pretty impressed! I have been using an hd500 direct to FOH for awhile and been pretty happy with it but i also have a pedalboard with some decent pedals and an amp that I like (Marshall JCM 600). My reason for getting the G3...
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    can you clip the input on a Strymon Timeline?

    So I bought a Timeline for my pedalboard/amp rig and I'm thinking about running it with my HD500 as well. Can i just run it between the HD500 and the DI box? or will it clip? Thanks!
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    What reverb pedal can sound like this?

    I'm really looking at getting a Blue Sky but the WET, Hall of Fame and RV-5 are also options. This is the style of reverb I'm looking for, it doesn't have to be exactly like this but in the ballpark. Basically, warm, long tail, and some modulation...
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    M9 into Garageband on iPad 1

    A clip of me messing around in Garageband on the iPad using an M9 for some effects. To me it sounded a lot better than Garageband by itself. Oh, and the playing is horrendous. So just listen for tone. :) Bass, strings, and drums are all smart instruments. The rhythm and lead guitar are both...
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    Help me avoid a scam (axe-fx 2 content)

    So there's an Axe-fx 2 on craigslist near me for $1600. Just posted today with the usual claims of needing cash today. Now, I can comprehend someone being in that kind of situation, but i can also comprehend someone trying to pull a fast one. What should I look for to avoid being taken advantage of?
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    Incubus "Stellar", Fuzz?

    I was listening to the song "Steller" today and the heavier guitar sound really caught my ear. To my untrained and inexperienced ear it sounds like a fuzz, muff type maybe? The part I'm talking about comes in at about :32. What do you guys think? pKYGZxPF0yA
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    Help me pick a cheap fuzz

    The ones i'm looking at are the Tone Wicker Big Muff, Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz, The Barber Trifecta (there's one used in the emporium), or a GGG Fuzzface kit. Trying to stay under $100 used or new Thoughts?
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    Help identify a Marshall cab and speakers

    I have a Marshall 2x12 that came with the JCM 600 head i bought used. Can anybody tell from the pics what kind of cab it is? A 1966 maybe? Also some help identifying the speakers in would be much apprieciated. They are just labeled "Eminence" and have the number 121236 on a little label on the...
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    Anybody know where I can get HD500 parts?

    I need a new footswitch assembly for my hd500 (its a long story). I'm talking about the external part not the internal tactile switch. All I actually need is the external aluminum piece that holds the actuator in place but i would be willing to buy the whole thing. I think the M5/9/13 and the...
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    Is this Les Paul worth $1400?

    This has been on my Craigslist for ages. I think it's a 2004 and I think the seller has got kind of a stubborn/pride thing about sticking to his price so I probably wouldn't be able to deal much, if at all. I'm interested in it but I'm not sure...
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    Tech 21 Liverpool advice

    I'm experimenting with using a Liverpool character pedal direct into FOH. I really like the way it sounds on everything but medium/high gain sounds. My question is would there be an appreciable difference between a Marshall type OD pedal into a Liverpool and the British character pedal. In...
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    Marshall DSL 100 or jcm 600?

    Ok, here's the deal. I have a Jcm 600 that I really like the tone of, it has a seperate eq per channel with the clean channel being a plexi vibe and the gain channel a jcm 800 vibe. Perfect for me, and I love it. Problem is every three months or so an internal fuse blows and I have to unscrew...
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    Boss sl-20 slicer owners...

    Can it do a more subtle trem sound? By tweaking the attack, duty, and mix knobs? I know it's not going to sound as good as "boutique trem pedal X" but it's the midi sync I'm interested in. I know it can do a square wave chop, but can it simulate a sine wave throb? Thanks!
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    Help me pick out a Compressor

    I used to hate compression, I'd tried a couple of really squashy ones with my LP and didn't like the results. Since then I got an m13 and a Tele and I'm really digging the "Tube Comp" model on the m13. So much so that I pretty much have it on all the time. I'd like to free up a slot on the m13...
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    Asio4all website down?

    When i try to go to Asio4all's website i get a t-mobile ad in German and cent seem to get to the actual website. Is anyone else having this problem? Also does anyone have a copy of Asio4all 2.9 they could shoot my way? Thanks
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    JCM 600 - What sounds like it?

    I have a jcm 600 which i love, but it keeps blowing internal fuses. I have done some research on this amp and know it has a reputation for being unreliable. So my question is what can i get that will sound like this amp but be more reliable?
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    Boss AC-3 vs Variax Acoustic Models

    I haven't played a variax at all but some of the video clips i've seen sound really good. I tried an Ac-3 at guitar center the other day and liked what it did, i think i could probably get something i could use out of it. I would like to hear form anyone that has used it straight to the board as...
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    Pedal to mix two signal paths

    So i want to mix two different signal paths on my pedal board (i.e. split my guitar signal, run both sides through different effects and then in a single amp.) I want to be able to balance the two sides. The options I'm aware of (or at least i think will work) are: 1. Boss LS-2 2. T1M Mini...
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    Anybody use midi clock sync with an M13?

    Specifically anybody use it with good results? I'm using Ableton Live and a M-audio Fast Track Pro for my midi out and I was very disappointed. Nothing was on time. I checked the setup screen and the tempo is indeed changing but it was about 2 bpm off which made the mod effects sound terrible...
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    Diamond and Empress trem owners: How hard is it to sync your trem to a click?

    My band plays to a click track (so we can run loops and things) I have an m13 that is supposed to be able to do midi clock sync, however its pretty inaccurate and unusable for mod effects like tremolo. I've tried tapping the tempo in and for the delay it works fine, but for trem (because it...
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    Heavier strings

    I started out playing acoustic and then started playing electric after a couple years. I've been using 10s pretty much the whole time on electric because someone once told me that everybody used 9s or 10s. So I started using 10s and never really thought much about it (i use 12s on my acoustic)...
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    Humbucker sized pickup that sounds like a Tele

    So I've been GASing for a tele(right now all i have is an LP), but what I realized that all i really want is the neck pickup sound. So is there a a pickup i can put in the neck slot of my Les Paul that will get me close to that sound? To be honest I've never really tried a P90, is that what...
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    Just amp emulation

    I've got an m13 that i really like, but i would like to just add something so i can go direct to the board when i want or need to. So my question is whats a good unit for just amp emulation. If it has effects thats fine i just probably won't use them and don't what to pay too much for something...
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