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    TGP damage experts to the red phone! ☎️

    I'm on the hunt for a cheapie for a friend - got a line a Cort for silly cheap but can't play it first. Seller is clueless - what do we think? Finish crack or something more sinister?
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    Pre-CBS 60's Strats/Teles with maple caps

    I had the below CS "63" Strat about 10 years ago - maple board, no skunk or plug. Anyone care to share their knowledge, pics or info on vintage maple capped models 60-65? Side dots and construction (lam/slab) of particular interest. Thanks.
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    Huber Redwood - Internal Construction

    Hey all - looking for some assistance. :-) Some time back I recall seeing a pic that showed the internal semi-hollow construction of a Redwood or SH Dolphin. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could point me to it. Thanks!
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    Pick Your Maple...

    This is an easy one for me - I'll be interested to see where the numbers end up. Vote away. :munch Pic edit. #4 added.
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    Aussies - experience with PLEK?

    Hey all, have one of my mains needing a good fretdress. Anybody care to share their experience with Sydney Guitar Setup's Plek operation?
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