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  1. norumba

    Modeller with simultaneous stereo paths?

    Hi good people and modelling gurus! :) Hope you can help: Haven't needed to update my modelling rig in several years but I'm feeling the need based on some recent equip failures. Current rig revolves around optimizing two independent stereo chains for a custom doubleneck oud/guitar. As old...
  2. norumba

    Epi V vs Dean V79 Comparison Thoughts

    Been gassing for an inexpensive used V as of late, just because. ... Yes I'm fine playing with them sitting down. Classical position is great ergonomically. Doing jazz, classic rock, avant fusion . Not too much metal shred. Played a Dean V 79 the other day .I loved the neck, very comfy and...
  3. norumba

    Late 90s Epi Flying V - wood material?

    Hi all, I've been gassing for a V of late and keeping my eye out for decent deals.. In all the research I've done it seems like Korina or at least mahogany is the preferred wood of choice for the V tone. I ran across a 67 style Epi V here on CL. Running the serial number puts at July 1998 from...
  4. norumba

    modeller in front of Vox MV50 Clean?

    hi all, was wondering if anyone is using the clean VoxMv50 unit to run their modeller through... currently using an RP500 into an older Peavey 50/50 tube stereo power amp, but a pair of these MV50s would be a lot more portable. Most of my base patches on the RP500 are based off a Vox ac30...
  5. norumba

    nightpath -- oud and fretless guitar

    This one's a Persian inspired piece using the scale found in maqam bayati or dastgah Abu-Atta, so it has an E quarter flat! Oud and fretless guitar.
  6. norumba

    Explode Yourself, Then Convulse -- Middle Eastern funk on Tele and distorto-oud

    as described... enjoy.
  7. norumba

    Albuquerque NM, sat 4/9 7 pm: prog/funk/world mashup with Pray For Brain

    for your listening and viewing pleasure: We are an improv driven driven funk/prog/world trio, with a well acclaimed CD out on 7d Media (Trey Gunn of King Crimson's label) .... If Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Isaac Hayes, Coltrane, Tagore and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan met on a Calcutta...
  8. norumba

    Pray For Brain Live at the NMMA

    We took best jazz CD of the year at the NMMA awards this year... which was interesting, considering we are on a prog rock label :) here's the award acceptance followed by the live performance ( on an Agile Les Paul style fretless):
  9. norumba

    1984 Tokai LP w/ReWind low output pickups, 50s wiring, coil split and phase

    Tokai LS50,...Great sounding piece....With custom ReWind low output Electric Guitar Pickups for a clear, singing, detailed response , 50s wiring with Jimmy Page V1 (coil split and phase) from Jonesyblues Custom Shop. Its not pristine cosmetically, there's weird marks on the headstock and...
  10. norumba

    world prog funk(w/fretless guitar) -- Albuquerque, NM Sat Nov 8

    Our band celebrates its 4th year anniversary with a kickoff concert in Albuquerque in advance of our India tour: "...plenty of chops, improvisation and a jam-like quality that will keep you guessing where the music will go next. " "This group swings, grooves and improvise in a way that...
  11. norumba

    RP1000 amp loop question

    Hi all, had a question about the amp loop function on the RP1000... using an RP500 and love it ...thinking of getting an RP1000 for the stomp loop functionality but im curious to know about the amp loop function: according to the manual, the amp loop function connects to an external amp or...
  12. norumba

    prog/world/funk in Albuquerque, NM 8/2

    world /prog/rock/funk group Pray For Brain returns to their original hometown of Albuquerque for the first Duke City show in over a year this Sunday! With a new CD in tow and a tour of India in December, we 're looking forward to sharing the love...
  13. norumba

    overseas touring questions - need help please!

    while im no stranger to living overseas, and even toured in solo in Europe in the 90s, Im taking over the whole band for some concert dates in India in December (been there before too). some very quick questions: 1) in anyones experience, what are some of the more readily available choices...
  14. norumba

    multiple instruments, mFX units and FX loops question -- will this work?

    Running an RP500 into the front inputs of my stereo rig, no problem there. however, i have a doubleneck guitar/oud being built and i need a separate signal /fx chain for the oud portion of the doubleneck. Some tunes will require a lot of isntant back and forth and/or i also like to draw...
  15. norumba

    quick modeller and overseas voltage question

    hi folks... currently running a stereo rig via a Digitech RP500 into a peavey 50/50 stereo tube power amp. I know its lowbrow compared to some of what you fellas run -- had a nicer rig before, but my crazy divorce is taking care of that. We have a tour in India for December and am debating...
  16. norumba

    world funk prog rock - Santa Fe/Albuquerque, NM -saturday May 24

    We have a regular gig at Duel Brewing in lovely Santa Fe, nm... join us ! qQ-RMvI8u84 JQcYsr7IeIo pkBNg_4Z0J8 join us!
  17. norumba

    India /country mashup on fretless guitar

    our Johnny Cash meets raag Brindibani Sarang with a slow swampy middle: JQcYsr7IeIo
  18. norumba

    Pray For Brain's CD "None Of The Above" released on Trey Gunn's 7DMedia

    happy to report that we made a deal with 7DMedia on the release of our CD, which hit the streets last week: our bassist did the mandala logo completely by hand over several months, and im pleased how it reproduced on the CD itself: Its an eclectic mix of world, jam band, funk...
  19. norumba

    Mid Eastern funk and 7/4 swing: one tune, one club, two different nights

    Two different live versions of the opening track from the new CD -- geek out and compare! Middle Eastern/70s Miles Davis kind of vibe, with a 7/4 swung intro and middle section. qQ-RMvI8u84 gvYme2vxpkc
  20. norumba

    floor modeler setup that can handle both acoustic and electric?

    im finally taking the plunge, ditching my stomp boxes and going with a MFX modeler floor unit. currently running a stereo rig with a variety of effects - wah, distortions, phase, micro pog, then into a Tech 21 blonde to one side then a Liverpool to the other, then into stereo trem, nova delay...
  21. norumba

    one more -- 5/4 jam

    The final new one from last week's sessions: An open, loose tune in 5/4, ranging from Lydian jazz to R&B to whole tone funk, with a 5/16 intro/outtro: you can see the other two new ones here as well.
  22. norumba

    Two new ones: India jazz noir on fretless guitar, proggish jam

    Reference burns of two new tunes from last week's sessions. These are not the final mixes or edits, but you'll get the idea: Bhangra Swing is one of the jazziest things we've laid down. Epic but accessible, this one's an uptempo jazz noir / rockabilly piece on the fretless guitar, with a...
  23. norumba

    2 days to go on Kickstarter CD project

    We're giving this another shot, after last years attempt fell far short of its overambitious goal. Slashed the budget by putting in all the personal funds we dare, a few gigs, adjusting the rewards merch, scaling back the number of units to be produced, etc. Going into the studio Wednesday for...
  24. norumba

    Best custom case maker?

    I have a very cool but interesting odd duck in progress --- double neck oud/guitar conversion from a Gretch electromatic bari/standard doubleneck. Here s a rough fit before Rich Rice started work on the body: The raked headstock on the oud prohibits any off the rack doubleneck case being...
  25. norumba

    need a luthier to help bring doubleneck conversion project to fruition

    So I'm into a project, and the way I see it finishing it out is beyond my skill set, so time to find someone who can take this on... I found a factory second Gretsch electromatic baritone/guitar doubleneck as the basis for a conversion to a doubleneck guitar/oud, with the baritone neck...
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