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    RP1000 direct to board, live jam doing Santana-esque tones

    I wasn't really trying to cop Santana tones specifically, but i dialed in my sound to "fit" nicely with the Latino group i was jamming with. 7ghfERLtBcY
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    short vid of live jam, Santana style

    A short clip of me soloing over a Santana cover "Oye Como Va"
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    Tru oil over a decal?

    I have a vinyl decal on a custom headstock. The whole neck is already finished in tru oil. Can I put some more layers of tru oil as a sealer over the decal? Thanks!
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    commercial Jingle clip

    Hey forum bros! Need your help with this, I need your votes! I have submitted a radio jingle for this contest at Long and Mcquade (largest music retailer here in Canada). Please follow the link below, give it a listen, and if you like it, give it a THUMBS UP! Actually, even if you don't...
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    Should saddle notches on a TOM bridge be filed smooth?

    I just bought a replacement TOM bridge (Faber), and they come with "starter notches" Now if the bridge and saddles already match the fingerboard radius, is there any reason to file the notches? Should they be filed smooth so that the wound strings don't get stuck on them? Thanks.
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    Question about weight relief holes for a Strat

    Hi, I'd appreciate some comments about how to make the "swiss-cheese" holes for weight relief. This is gonna be done on a strat, on the part of the body under the pickguard. Something similar to this: I already have the forstner bits and a good drill to use, my only question is : how deep...
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    Refinishing a Strat, do the stud anchors have to be pulled out?

    So I'm refinishing my 96 American standard Strat, which has the 2-point tremolo... the existing poly finish is gonna get stripped using a heat gun. do i need to pull out the 2 stud anchors/inserts for the bridge? i'm not sure if that's what they're really called, but it's the ones that are...
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    software to convert audio files to midi data?

    I've googled around, but i'd like to hear from anyone here who has converted audio files to midi data. Basically, i have a bass track and i wanna convert the 'performance' to midi... i see some software around, but i'm hoping to hear from poeple which ones work well and which ones don't. Thanks!
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    do F-spaced pickups fit in Fender SSH pickguard?

    I've never had a Fender SSH pickguard before.. I have one on the way. Will an F-spaced pickup fit in the bridge slot? Thanks!
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