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  1. Britishampfan

    When Ted Nugent started playing through Eddie's gear, a funny thing happened …

    Tone is in your ears, man. Really great gear helps connect the dots.
  2. Britishampfan

    Power tube tone: It’s not just hype!

    There was a time when I was working for an amp tech helping him fix amps, I played in three bands and played a lot of different amps, and I was into experimentation because I owned a large number of different tubes and he had shelves of them. I could tell the difference between tubes because I...
  3. Britishampfan

    Who says you can't wear shorts on stage...

    It was a joke. Wear whatever you want, shorts, no shorts, naked whatever.
  4. Britishampfan

    Who says you can't wear shorts on stage...

    If you are a huge star you can wear shorts on stage. If you never want to play live again with a band, wear shorts on stage.
  5. Britishampfan

    Rate the "Big 4" Grunge bands

    I remember grunge being Nirvana, Pearl Jam and STP back in the day as the big three and constantly on rock radio for years and being "grunge", AIC was more on the metal charts with Soundgarden which was if I remember correctly classified as stoner along with Queens of the Stone Age or at least...
  6. Britishampfan

    Old guys, what was BOSTON when they came on the scene?

    I was just checking out some live footage, its pretty great, nice gear too. From the gear it looks like people that hang out here. LOL I`ll have to add that album on iTunes, thanks for the rekindled memories gear page.
  7. Britishampfan

    Old guys, what was BOSTON when they came on the scene?

    You know I was just reminiscing kids, Boston was the kind of album for us, Well picture this- Summer in central Minnesota, there is a beautiful park along the Mississippi River, junior in high School there is no internet or technology and our circle of friends are hanging out, most of us have...
  8. Britishampfan

    Old guys, what was BOSTON when they came on the scene?

    Before my time but Boston was great, lasted well into the late 80`s on local classic rock radio. I guess we were puzzled as to why they didn't put out more music, something about a lawsuit, and then of course their final effort which had a good song or two but it just seemed like they waited too...
  9. Britishampfan

    Rate the "Big 4" Grunge bands

    What? Already forgot about STP? I will shun your poll. Alice In Chains Come on.
  10. Britishampfan

    What's your most controversial Led Zeppelin opinion?

    Jeff Beck and Clapton helped out Jimmy in the studio.
  11. Britishampfan

    Live Dead Garcia speaker question

    Wasn't 1969-70 the Strat with the later affixed Harley Davidson sticker from Sam Cutler? I love the SG sound on the playboy after dark St. Stephen video. Great sound, dont know the speak type but yes what a sound on live dead.
  12. Britishampfan

    For you hard core Deadheads

    True, but that's what it makes it so great. I wonder how much money they spent in the studio, the record company was bleeding I bet, and the engineers were terrified of being dosed every sesh. It's absolutely brilliant and satisfying, and I totally agree. The way I feel after listening. Like...
  13. Britishampfan

    For you hard core Deadheads

    Anthem is one of my favorites these days, and I`m mean epic use of the kazoo there on Alligator always brings a smile to my face. Pretty trippy for a studio album especially in its day it's 50 years old.
  14. Britishampfan

    For you hard core Deadheads

    I`m still on the bus, as much as I love the early tracks, Anthem, workingman and Europe 72 just never cease to amaze and satisfy. I totally understand the stoned jam thing, who doesn't like to do that but the truly epic live psychedelic jams came much later after they learned from the acid...
  15. Britishampfan

    Tom Jones, where does he fall for you?

    The dude is great.
  16. Britishampfan

    Billy Joel vs. Elton John? Who's your piano man?

    I hear Benny and the jets and I am transported through time and space, For me that never happened with any of Billy`s songs, but great in his own right, it just never reached me. Music for me is like that, Give me one good song that stops me in my tracks. Elton had a number of those songs of...
  17. Britishampfan

    Is the JCM800 2204 the greatest rock amp evar??

    2203-2204 running right they all sound pretty damn great. You guys are comparing ribeye, Tbones and Porterhouses. All those Marshall amps mentioned on this thread are on a lot of records man.
  18. Britishampfan

    New Tool Single

    Parts of that song are pretty amazing and great sounding, some parts are doomy, but there is that same old hook and parts are just tiresome. They need a new thing. Overall though pretty damn cool.
  19. Britishampfan

    What Song Scared You As a Kid?

    Dark side of the moon, freaked me out while high. Remember back in the day was the thing to trip and watch the wall? A large group of us did. I thought it was a contrived cliché piece of crap, still do. Still love animals and wish you were here though.
  20. Britishampfan

    What Is The Best/Favorite Bad Company Album?

    Bad Company and I can't deny....
  21. Britishampfan

    Best reissue model plexi?

    Sure thing but it will sound better through a 2/12. I just don't like 2/12`s and superleads or 75`s for that matter, they match up way better with a 50watt. 4-25`s. H30`s and a superlead. very nice
  22. Britishampfan

    Best reissue model plexi?

    All those guys had super leads and 4/12`s but you can get there with a 50 and a 2/12. Rory used a Strat and the other guys humbuckers. I mean like everyone loves Rory`s sound but that was huge strings on Strat and lots of volume, nobody really matched his thing, maybe Stevie. The other guys...
  23. Britishampfan

    Best reissue model plexi?

    What kind of sound are you going for? What kind of music?
  24. Britishampfan

    Best reissue model plexi?

    Not really true but after extensive testing I like the bright cap in the circuit but I changed the value, there is a loss of gain and something when snip the cap, it gets flat. The cap comensates for treble at lower volumes and the more you turn up the less treble compensation you have.
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