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  1. BWebb

    EZ Drummer 3 on the way!

    The upgrade price is $79 at the moment (regular price will be $99).
  2. BWebb

    EZ Drummer 3 on the way!

    But back on track, I just pre-ordered ezD 3.
  3. BWebb

    EZ Drummer 3 on the way!

    To calculate the percentage increase: First: work out the difference (increase) between the two numbers you are comparing. Increase = New Number - Original Number. Then: divide the increase by the original number and multiply the answer by 100. % increase = Increase ÷ Original Number × 100.
  4. BWebb

    EZ Drummer 3 on the way!

    You’re wrong man. $260 to $400 is a 54% price increase. There is no other answer.
  5. BWebb

    Windows vs Mac for home recording?

    I understand you obviously feel a loyalty to Windows but not everyone wants to “source parts and fix a broken PC”. And if you have a broken PC, then can you really make the claim about hardware longevity? I don’t have a dog in this fight as I use Mac for music and PC for work, but it’s known...
  6. BWebb

    file converter advice

    Surprised no one has mentioned XLD yet. If you’re on a Mac this is one of the best and it’s free. I’ve been using it for years.
  7. BWebb

    If anyone's been waiting for a sale on the Plugin Alliance SSL 9000J, its $25 today (usually $350)

    None of the SSL coupon codes in the OP are working for me.
  8. BWebb

    My home studio 98% done

    Nice looking space. But I’m curious about your thought process on speaker placement. Not only does placing them in the corners present acoustical nightmares but you would also have to sit pretty far back to find the sweet spot.
  9. BWebb

    I made my own music production desk for under USD $250

    Nice job. That looks great and way above my skill level. I like your cable management as well.
  10. BWebb

    PSA: Beyerdynamic M160 at a pretty great price

    HH Gregg were similar to Circuit City. They had a number of stores in my area until they went out of business. I bought a TV from there years ago. I didn’t realize they came back as online only.
  11. BWebb

    DAW Transport recommondations

    That‘s a nice looking setup but where are your speaker monitors? With such a big spread with your screens, I don’t see how you would be able to hear things properly.
  12. BWebb

    Are These Tracks In Phase?

    Is this the same performance or is it two separate takes?
  13. BWebb

    UAD Support??? - Solved

    I’m odd in that I don’t really miss the human element. I actually prefer to handle things either through email or forums. I stopped using Sweetwater for purchases because their “sales engineer” called me every few weeks to see how I liked the guitar strings I purchased. No thanks. But anyway...
  14. BWebb

    Buying used Yamaha dxr 10s.......

    How does it compare to the CLR?
  15. BWebb

    Anyone experienced with Focal Solo6 monitors?

    What are Solo 8’s?
  16. BWebb

    Audio and Power Cable Management In Your Studio

    I’m in the process of going through this now. Rewiring my rack and trying to tidy up the studio. I would love to see some pics of everyone’s cable management.
  17. BWebb

    iZotope Ozone Elements 9 for free?

    You don’t have to give your real phone number. Just enter random numbers. Worked for me.
  18. BWebb

    So I Started a Studio...

    Great looking room. Good luck!
  19. BWebb

    Can’t pull up impulse responses in MixIR2

    I’m not in front of it now but if I recall you have to go into the options menu and click “set” to select your IR folder if you’ve changed the default location.
  20. BWebb

    Help! Can't get my I-pad downloads to run

    Pretty sure those are all Mac applications for a computer, not the iPad.
  21. BWebb

    Show me your recording setup

    Very cool. I need something like that. I guess you just have to be real careful to make sure any tube amp powered on is patched to a cabinet?
  22. BWebb

    Show me your recording setup

    What kind of patchbay do you run amps and speakers through?
  23. BWebb

    Amazingly good studio desk for an Amazing Price! (New music room content with pics)

    That looks great. Please post more pics once you have your gear setup. Thanks.
  24. BWebb

    Great set of Monitors for OVER $1k a piece

    After trying multiple monitors (Genelec, Adam, Yamaha, etc.), I settled on the Focal Twin6 BE and could not be happier. Pricey but money well spent imo.
  25. BWebb

    Anyone feel like helping me with Twonotes WOS on a Mac Pro?

    Assuming you use Logic, it’s the same way you add any plugin. Open Logic...create audio track...pull up your plugin list... look for Two Notes and click on WOS.
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