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    RME Fireface 800 to Thunderbolt 3 via PCIe Chassis

    Laptop is a Lenovo P72, Win10 with TB3. I love my Fireface 800 and RME and would rather wait for RME to eventually introduce their TB3 products. On the RME forum, someone elae had the same question and one of the support techs said that the unit will work on Win 10 via TB3 to TB adapter into TB...
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    Guess the Modeller - Downtuned Metal Ed.

    2 clips. Each recorded with a different current gen hardware modeller not named Axe-FX or Kemper. :stir Clip A Clip B
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    Attaching POD HD to pedal case

    I have this nice pedal board/case that I want to keep the HD in. This way everything is wired up and ready to go and I can close the case without unhooking every cable. The board itself is carpeted. I was thinking of using industrial velcro but then I'd have velcro pieces cemented to the HD...
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