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    Matchless Lightning NR Head and Cab price check?

    Thinking about selling my Matchless Lightning NR Head and Cab. Wrapped in Tan. The head and cab have the same color but the piping is slightly differing between the two. Whats a realistic price for the pair?
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    Lost interest in playing because I wasn't getting better. Need advice.

    I realized that all my guitar stuff, short of my acoustic guitar, has been packed away and unused since last December. I would occasionally pick up my acoustic and would play the same old thing every once in a while. I really want to pick it back up this year. Can you guys recommend a book or...
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    Adding p90 to esquire

    I've got an esquire I love but am thinking about throwing a p90 in the neck. I'm thinking the seymor antiquity soap bar. As far as the pots go how much would need to be changed over?
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    What's your favorite soldered patch cables?

    I've had it with solder less lava and am going back to soldered cables. What's your favorite, low profile preferred, solderless patch cables?
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    Price Check: 2001 ES335 Dot Reissue

    Im considering trading my Duesenberg Starplayer TV for an 01 Gibson ES335 Dot reissue non custom shop.he said it has a slight bit of flame on the top. It has the cherry finish which I'm not too excited about but I'm gonna go over and at least try it. Any idea on the price and if of would be...
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    New Cab Day: Matchless ESS

    I just pulled the trigger on a matching 1x12 for my Matchless Lightning head in Elk Beige. I was running it through an Avatar 2x12 loaded with a Hellatone 30 and 60. I'm excited to see the difference between the two and imagine the Matchless cab will sound much better. We will see it will be...
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    My old ts9 crapped out. What should replace it?

    I use an old ts9 for boosting my Klon for leads and the level pot has been scratchy and intermittent and today it finally took a dump. I could fix it but it's an excuse to buy something new so.... What's something in the TS vein with a little more bottom end? I really liked the JHS 808 on...
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    What will turn my matchless into a marshall?

    Ive got a Matchless Lightning but am really struggling to get a good lead tone that I can roll off on my volume and have a nice rhythm sound. What's the best touch sensitive, clear but thick OD that can give me this sound and touch sensitivity If...
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    Duesenberg Starplayer vs. CS 335?

    Here's the story I've got a Duesenberg Starplayer right now, which is a killer guitar, but it's too nice and I'm scared I'm gonna ding it. Also it's hard to find a use for the the middle position that is all quake. Anyways, I've exchanged a few emails with a guy who has a Custom Shop Gibson 335...
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    Les Paul, Jazzmaster or Duesenberg Starplayer tv?

    I have a Starplayer tv that is cool but I have been curious about trading for a Les Paul maybe. The reason is that I find the neck pickup to be too dark and the middle position to be unusable. Then the bridge pickup is ok but is a little thin sometimes. For those who have had both what would...
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    Shorter Power cables for my PP2?

    Im looking to go to a Flat Trailer Trash Board but in an attempt to keep it neat it would be nice to track down some 2.1mm cables that are shorter than the standard 18 inches being shortest VL sells. any body got any ideas and if not how can i keep them neat like the guys over at LASD or...
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    TS9 cutting out but will be ok if i play harder

    So I just got an old TS9 which sounds awesome but it will intermittantly cut out when im playing. First ill say I have ruled out an cable or power supply issues. Here is where it gets weird, if I play a chord super hard it will come back to full volume. It doesnt really seem like a back jack if...
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    Does this look like artificial relicing to you?

    I just saw this guitar on craigslist. Its a 52avri and its the first year which they came out with this model and the guy says that there has been no artificial relicing done but take a look at the picture and tell me what you think. Its not that I dont believe him thats just a LOT of playing time
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    Favorite plug for DIY cables? (Amphenol or G&H)

    So i've been in dire need of new cables so I decided to build my own. I got Some mogami 2524 cable and some tech flex sleeving. Now the only thing left is the plugs. Im torn between the amphenol and the G&L plugs that lava sells. Any other suggestions I am open to as well. So what are you...
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    Matchless lightning vs. Morgan ac20 deluxe

    Which would you want and why?
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    Favorite Seymor Duncan strat or tele pups?

    So I've got a chance to get a killer deal from seymor and I'm thinking about getting some replacement pups for my strat as well as getting some for my tele I'm building. What are your favorite strat pups from seymor? And for tele I'm thinking bridge humbucker and neck p90. Let's here...
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    My matchless lightening sounded amazing, then it died....

    I woke up this morning and had the day of so I got some good time in playing this morning with my strat and my duesenberg through my Matchless Lightening. It seriously sounded better than ever and I was super stoked. Well I turned my rig off, went and flew some r/c gliders then came back and...
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    Need help with matchless lightning line out

    So I've been using my lightning for a while now through a 2x12 cab but am curious how the line out would sound through the PA. To use the line out how would I set it up? Would I go line out with the cable I use to hook up the head and cab into a DI box? And do I need to have the speakers...
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    Pedal that can do chorus and vibe?

    So ive got the bearfoot fx tour box right now and i unexpectedly fell in love with the mini vibe. And i most likely will end up with one BUT is there a pedal that has a little bit more versitility that can do chorus and vibe tones?
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    Jazzmaster or Goldtop with p90

    So my tax return will be here soon so I've got some dough for a new guitar. I'm thinking either a fender custom shop jazzmaster or getting an r4 or r6 goldtop with p90s. Anyone have any preferences? What's holding me back from a Gibson is I know I will be worried about breaking the headstock...
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    Price Check: 90's Ric 660-12 Fireglow

    so i was given a ric 660-12 from the 90's that was never played. Its in mint condition with all the case candy and everything. Its got the fireglow finish(or is it fireglo?) anyways whats a fair asking price on this?
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    Favorite pedal for lead work?

    im looking for a pedal that excels at lead playing. I dont do super fast runs or anything. I do more single not more organic gritty sounding stuff. Right now ive got a JHS klone and paisley for chord work but i feel they get lost doing leads. I can boost it with an ep booster but that still...
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    Favorite matchless lightning speaker?

    Curious to see what your favorite speakers are to go with a matchless lightning. Currently im running a 2x12 cab with a hellatone 30 and hellatone 60 which is good to my ears but i wouldnt mind trying out something different.
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    NAD: Matchless Lightning

    So for the last six months ive been running a 30watt Bad Cat cub that I really liked but it was just too much amp for me, volume wise and weight wise. I got a call from the guy i bought the BC from and said he had a Lightening head and cab he would trade back for the cub so i went over today and...
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    Duesenberg Staroplayer bridge moves when I use Trem

    So i was just playing my duesenberg and noticed that when i use the trem/ bigsby that the bridge moves back and forth as i push down or pull up on the bar. Its not too much but it caused me a little worry to see my bridge that is screwed into the body moving back and forth. is this normal? or...
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