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  1. Ironman

    H&K Triamp Mk II owners input

    I'm curious which channel Simon McBride is jamming through on the Triamp here. I'm guessing he's on Ch. 2a or 2b. It doesn't sound like ch. 3 to me. What do you Triamp players think? His guitar tech says he usually plays on only one channel and rides his volume to clean up. He uses a TC...
  2. Ironman

    Pink's guitarist smokes!

    Justin Derrico is a killer guitarist! I love his playing, the dudes got major talent! If you haven't checked him out, take a listen here. He starts ripping it up at 3:15. :rockin
  3. Ironman

    Roccaforte Jenelle!!!

    OMG! I've had her for almost 2 wks and can't pull myself away! Pumped through my M20 and H30 Heritage loaded cabs, the tone is something from Heaven! The finest channel switcher I've come across in over 25 yrs! Jazz, country, blues, classic/hard rock, does it all in its own way. Ch. 1...
  4. Ironman

    PRS SC245...really nice!

    Having spent a week with my new SC245 I thought I'd share my impressions. What a killer guitar from PRS! To me the SC245 has a much nicer tone/feel than the old standard Singlecuts. There is more "wood" in the tone, more vintage sounding with a familiar slinky LP feel which is what I...
  5. Ironman

    GB Heritage's flooring anyone else?

    I've never had the opportunity to experience the much heralded pre Rola Celestions. I believe the Celestion GB Heritages are repro's of the pre Rola's though. Man, these speakers are killing me! I've been playing since the early 80's and have grown up on 75's, V30's, anniv. H30, ri GB's...
  6. Ironman

    Grill cloth on Mojo cab

    Just curious, which grill cloth looks best to you guys? A) Cane B) Bluesbreaker
  7. Ironman

    New Marshall Vintage Modern?

    Just stumbled on this, haven't heard anything about this new line from Marshall yet. Anyone have any input on these puppies? Anyway, this amp looks interesting. Hopefully the Modern side isn't a TSL/DSL carry over. Check it out.
  8. Ironman

    Burstbuckers rewound by Wolfetone

    I know this has been covered before but I thought I'd share my very positive experience with Wolfetone Marshallheads. Like a lot of guys, I felt my BB's were a tad on the harsh side so I sent them off to Wolfetone for his Marshallhead rewind. I've been playing with them in my R7 for about a...
  9. Ironman

    New Komet Concorde clips up!

    Check them out, sounds incredible!!!
  10. Ironman

    Roccaforte Custom 30...what a gem!

    Man, oh man I've got a major buzz going from playing a Roccaforte Custom 80 and Custom 30. After spending a few days with both amps I've decided on the Custom 30. Both of these amps are stellar!!! They totally showcase your playing, nothing to hide behind with these puppies. I love their...
  11. Ironman

    Dimarzio V. PAF is yummy!

    I have to admit that I've never been a Dimarzio fan in the past but I'm really very impressed with their Virtual Vintage PAF (bridge position, haven't tried the neck yet). Anyway, I've been experimenting with pickups in my Les Paul R8 this past week looking for a little something extra. The...
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