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    Cuttin' with the Sax Man

    I had to figure out how to post stuff to you tube and this was one of the things the band suggested I post. It's from a gig we played last week. The real fun starts about 1:35 in. Feelin Alright
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    My First From Scratch Repair - 67 Bassman + Mods

    Hi everyone. I thought I would share a recent win I had with an "as is" bassman I purchased. When I received it, the amp powered up but had a very major 60Hz hum that wouldn't go away unless you had the amp cranked AND were playing. It also seemed a little quiet. So I started with cleaning it...
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    Do You Use Your Pinky?

    When playing chords or solos, do you use the pinky on your left hand (for right handed players)?
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    Found A Time Capsule of my Old Stuff

    Have mercy. My brother was cleaning out my dads basment and found a box with some of my "pedals" in it. Pedals? What kind of pedals? Don't know he said but I left them in the basement for you. Does anybody know how fast 140 Km is cuz that's how fast I drove to the old mans. In the box was, My...
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    Wolfetone Marshallhead Clips

    Here is some noodling I did with my 'R7Custom with MH's. The amp was set for 6v6 operation with NO boost. I will post the settings when I get back to the studio. I played through 2 2x12 cabs. An avatar cab with Scumbacks on the bottom and a Trinity 2x12 cab with G12-H30's Anni's on top. A...
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    Tone Tubby 12" Alnico Paper Cone

    Hi and hope everyone is having a good one today. I spent a little time today thinking about my TT Alnico paper cones. I have them in a 2x12 open back cab. I have been hitting them pretty hard with a couple of amps (15 and 22 watts) and they sounded a little stiff and yes buzzy. I got them on...
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    Darkbursts Meet Les Paul Meet 18Watt

    I have been just loving the Darkbursts since I got them. Here is why; Salute 12 Bar The first clip is done on the normal channel of my 18 Watt clone with volume on 6 tone on 10. The second is a 12 bar blues thing. Once again normal channel with the Voume on 10 and the tone on 1. It is...
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