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    Into phish get a phred or prs guitar

    Actually using a TS clone and a Tim with a Tone Press for comp. Neck pickup fo' sure.
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    Into phish get a phred or prs guitar

    I think I would go for something like an Equator over a Phred. Equators do look pretty sweet. But a PRS HB does just fine. I've played one for 12 years, love it. This is my band doing Coil recently (playing the PRS HBII) cued to the sustain'd note...
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    Collings 290

    played one a few weeks ago, it is real sweet
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    PRS Hollowbody Spruce vs Gibson ES339

    The 339 is a fine instrument for sure, but I have been playing a PRS HB II for about 8 years now and I just love it. Both in finish, tone & playability. Like anything else though what suits me might not suit someone else.
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    modding my epi alleykat

    can't wait to hear how it turns out trey!
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    Show your NON Big 3 Guitars!

    Carvin DC400MW:
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    Hollowbody Shootout?

    I've got a PRS HBII. I always think I need other guitars as well, but I really don't. It can do it all for me.
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    '86 to '89/90 American Std Stratocasters

    I had an '89 Am Std Strat in Torino red. My 1st guitar, it was awesome. Was stolen in 2004, if anyone's seen it :(
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    Carvin CS6M... opinions, anyone?

    curious too bump. I love my Carvin DC400W, its beautiful, plays great and has a million tonal possibilities. Have been thinking about a CS myself. Like the WCR pickup idea...
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    Lets see your best Flame or Quilt top!

    wow this thread has some amazing tops! i have two decent tops:
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    Newer PRS guitars--feedback wanted

    i have an '04 PRS hollowbody. i had a '98 previously. the differences are subtle. great great guitar. trey is one of my favorite guitar players and i've spent some time jammin on some phish with this guitar :)
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