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  1. Zim

    Songs that made you a better bass player?

    I wouldn't say an ah-ha moment. in the sense that everything fell together, but David Bowie- Ziggy Stardust. Trevor Bolder's bass line on this tune helped me understand a whole other spin on putting a bass line together. I had to learn it for my bands set list and it was so far from what I was...
  2. Zim

    FS: cheap pedals! Boss, TC electronic, Dunlop

    I'll take the polytune. Payment sent. thanks
  3. Zim

    Split 412 cab?

    Ah, good to know. This is what I was thinking of doing. Maybe a Headbone (or some other ver.) is a better way to go
  4. Zim

    Split 412 cab?

    Hey guys, been out of the loop for a while. Is anyone making a 412 cab that can be ran with 212 on right and left? And switch to all 4 if you want? I know years ago there where cabs out there like that. And if so, who makes a great one that sounds great? Thanks.
  5. Zim

    Vpick Tourbox - Post reviews here!

    Man, this is too cool. Not sure I'll be able to add much when my turn comes around, but it sure will be fun to try!
  6. Zim

    Wundergussy's V-Pick Tourbox - Out in the World!

    Nice, sorry I missed out on this. Just found out about it on the Acoustic Guitar Forum. But good on you man! I hope to hear about it sooner if you do it again!
  7. Zim

    Orange Tiny Terror.

    So, we can do 2 16ohm cabs daisy chained into 1 8ohm out? V30 seems to be the choice so far, lol.
  8. Zim

    Orange Tiny Terror.

    Hey Guys- I got a Orange Tiny Terror inbound and I was wondering what cab/speaker(s) do you guys prefer for this amp and why? Also, I see 1 16ohm out and 2x 8ohm. Does that mean it can run 2 8ohm cabs at once? I looked up Tiny Terror and found some info here, but not really what I am after info...
  9. Zim

    350+ Guitars coming up for auction

    I bet Guitar Center got most of them.
  10. Zim

    School me on Lap Steels

    Howdy all. I've been itching for a few years to try my hand at lap steel. Was wondering what info I might get from the TGP Brotherhood (And sisters). I love the idea of the whole Lap Steel and matching small amp. I kinda need to learn a bit about it all. What to look for, vintage or not. Any...
  11. Zim

    Best "Fuzz" pedal for Bass ???

    I have not tried a ton of them, but 2 that I like on my board are Fulltone OCD Way Huge Swollen Pickle Both can be had around $100 or so used and both sound like a million bucks. I use the OCD for mild to medium dirt and the Pickle for when i want it saturated with woolly warm fuzziness and...
  12. Zim

    How many of you gig w/ low watt amps?

    I'll be shaking things up soon. Been mainly dealing with my new (old) bass rig. But carry on, I love reading this thread!
  13. Zim

    Help me decide (Ibanez or Tacoma)

    I have a Pre-Fender Tacoma as well, and I too would put up against anything out there. I love mine. With that said, POST Fender was still the same grew building them for a about 2-3 years. When Fender Moved Guild to the Tacoma plant is when Tacoma took a back seat has been there in limbo ever...
  14. Zim

    Rodrigo y Gabriela

    Thanks for that link, that was very informative and gives me a better idea. Thanks!
  15. Zim

    Rodrigo y Gabriela

    Hey Jason! It has been some time. Things are well, just working my ass off and just found out our contract is extended to Oct. for now. The wife and I were just talking about needing to come out and see you guys. Talk real soon.
  16. Zim

    Rodrigo y Gabriela

    Wow.... No one wants to take a stab at it?
  17. Zim

    New Crow Hill Acoustic, PICS...this is sweet

    Wow.... I hope it sounds at least as half as good as it looks, cause that is AMAZING!
  18. Zim

    Rodrigo y Gabriela

    Howdy, Anyone know what their live set up is or something close to it? Amps/DI/PA? Effects? Any thing would help. I Understand they are using Yamaha Guitars now. And in the "Hanuman" Video, it shows them plugging in to Marshall Combos? I dig what they do and was interested in how they do it...
  19. Zim


    Maybe I was off on my prices a bit? But I was looking at listings on Ebay and they are just nuts. BF are $1k+ side and Blondes are looking around $2-3K point...?? I do have a lead on a SF Bassman 100. But that is way more than I was looking for... I will watch for the oldies, but keep...
  20. Zim


    Ok guys. Who makes a great PTP Bassman head? BF and/or Blonde specs? I have been looking at buying a vintage one, but they have gone way up in price and I would be just as happy w/ a new PTP well made, great sounding NEW one! And not have to worry so much about playing the snot out of it and...
  21. Zim

    Valvetrain Amps

    lol, Those are my pics of the guts. I ended up buying the amp. And forgot about this thread. Very great amps.
  22. Zim

    White Gibson ES335?

    I thought it might be a long shot, but now I know they are out there. The BB King one might be interesting.... I did see the fake China ones for sale for like $300!
  23. Zim

    White Gibson ES335?

    Do they make them as a regular run? I'm looking for one with gold hardware . Thanks
  24. Zim

    How NOT to play rhythm guitar behind Jimmy Herring

    I haven't all the post. But from a bassplayers stand point. That clickly clack that he got was from him digging in and sometimes, you don't know what exactly the sound mix going out to the front is. It sounds to me, his trebble is too high and that is why he got that clack and he is using a...
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