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  1. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    NGD: Reverend Club King 290 Semi-Hollow with Bigsby

    Got this beauty 2nd hand last week ... great guitar! For a long time, I wanted a guitar with P90s and a Bigsby. Also, after trading in my ES135 Ltd. for a strat back in 2011, I had always missed a big old semi-hollow (I do have a thinline tele, but that’s a different thing) ... was having an...
  2. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Menatone Top Boost in a Can (TBIAC) 8-knob version demo

    Made a demo of my Menatone Top Boost in a Can (TBIAC) recently; the 8-knob version from 2007, often referred to as the best incarnation of this Vox-in-a-Box pedal. So, here’s the demo, including Beatles, Queen and U2 covers:
  3. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    SubDecay Octasynth revisited

    8 years ago I purchased the SubDecay Octasynth; it’s been on my board ever since, but became my least used pedal in the past 3 years, after my indie rock band had disbanded and I was playing more singer/songwriter, pop and blues stuff ... now, I decided it needs to go to make way for a Chase...
  4. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Sonuus Voluum review video after 3 years of heavy use ...

    One of my favourite pedals ... got it 2nd hand in November 2016 when my Hotone Soulpress failed me in a studio session and I wanted a wearless volume pedal. Has been always on my board since then, on several stages and in the studio, and always worked flawlessly (except for some small firmware...
  5. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Made a demo vid of the new Moog Subsequent 25, with an all-Moog track

    Hi all, after decades of being a Minimoog fan (though mainly a guitar player), I finally had to buy a Moog ... the brand new Subsequent 25 (I got serial #00027). Made a little demo, starting with a track that was made only with sounds from the Subsequent 25. Enjoy :-)
  6. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    1973 Fender Stratocaster videos

    Recently, I had the chance to buy this fine 1973 strat. Got it refretted and pick-ups/electronic swapped (of course keeping the original parts in my closet). First vid is with original pickups, second one with the replacement ones from German custom pick-up maker Rübezahl Tonabnehmer.
  7. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    1975 Silverface Twin Reverb Demo, including Another Brick in the Wall (pt. II) cover and play-along

    Here’s a new vid I made, featuring a 1975 Fender Silvervace Twin Reverb, a 1973 built Fender Stratocaster with pick-ups by German manufacturer Rübezahl Tonabnehmer, and a pedalboard controlled by the Boss ES-5, with JDM Pedals Tonemaster treble booster/fuzz, Kingsley Minstrel overdrive, ProStage...
  8. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    8 Tips to get the most from a Boss ES-5 ... featuring 1973 Strat

    Got this original 1973 Stratocaster recently, and made a vid with it about how I use my Boss ES-5 based pedalboard. I spent quite some time figuring out how to use the ES-5 in the most flexible and efficient way ... have fun :-)
  9. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    10 Things that you can do with a Line6 M5 and a Boss ES-5

    Made this little video a few days ago ... the M5 has been one of my favourite pedals for years, cheap and versatile as it is. Combining it with the ES-5 massively increases its potential. Like, you can get analog dry path, infinite delays by pressing and holding a footswitch, and you can get the...
  10. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    JDM Pedals Germanium Fuzz Face demo

    Did a demo of this Fuzz Face style pedal with Russian Germanium transistors. Disclaimer: Joe from JDM Pedals gave me two fuzzes for the price of one in exchange for doing a demo.
  11. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Looping with Strymon Timeline ("Loop in Loop" with Duck model)

    I've been using the Timeline controlled by a DMC3XL for some occasional looping since years. Recently I found out that the "duck" model can be used to create repeating patterns that can then be looped. Like, you can slap your low e-string to create a bass drum kind of sound and have it...
  12. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    In Limbo Analog Delay with Tap Tempo and MN 3008 chips

    I've been playing with the thought of getting an EHX Deluxe Memory Boy or DMTT550 for a while. If only it was a bit smaller. Since I often want to crank the Feedback while playing, I would have needed to connect an expression pedal also. Now recently I found a used analog delay with tap tempo...
  13. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Phase 90 type Phasers with pulsating LEDs?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a phaser that does the MXR Phase 90 sound (script logo style). Requirements: should have a big speed knob suitable to be foot-operated. should have a LED indicator for LFO speed. That indicator should also work when the pedal is in bypass. true bypass small box (like...
  14. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Subdecay Starlight DLX video preview

    Just seen on Facebook ... TN9-sk5Q8oE
  15. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Expression pedal modding question

    I got a custom made Dual ME ("Mini Expression" pedal with two knobs and a footswitch toggling between the two of them ... see pics below) from T1M some years ago. Worked perfectly with my EP-2 phaser, also with my Strymon Timeline. Now I recently got a DvK Goldtop, a dual fuzz + vibe pedal...
  16. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Timeline looper half speed mode noise issues, anybody?

    So yesterday my DMC3XL controller arrived, and it really pushes the useability of both my Strymon Timeline and my Line6 M5 to a higher level. However, I found something strange: When I'm putting the Timeline looper into half speed mode, there's a high pitch noise (like a constant very high...
  17. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    M5 + Expression Pedal = Some fun

    Here's a recent video I made, showcasing some of my favourite M5 models controlled by an expression pedal: SatDwPrmnf4 You can really get some interesting sounds out of that cheap (kinda) little box ... and you can play 2 part harmony leads that require changes of key or interval with the...
  18. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Tone suck after fuzz (Skinpimp Skin Bender Mk. I content)

    For quite a while, my naive understanding was that tone suck in a rig with true bypass pedals comes mainly from the fact that the weak signal of passive guitar pick-ups loses power in the high frequencies while traveling through lots of cables, male and female connectors. Hence many people...
  19. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    New Subdecay Flanger "Quantum Starlight"

    Now I was just almost ready to buy a kinda cheap effect ... the MXR 152 Micro-Flanger sounds great and has a nice form factor. But here comes Subdecay, announcing their new Flanger ... first full pic, posted by Subdecay on Facebook yesterday: Love my Subdecay Prometheus DLX ... so I might go...
  20. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Pigtronix EP-2 Envelope Phaser

    A while ago I did demoes of my EP-1 and EP-2 envelope phasers. I used the built in mic of a small foto camera, audio quality was quite crappy. Now here's a new vid of my EP-2 with better audio: iOGGiE1UX4A
  21. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Some demo vids I recently uploaded

    Analogman Mini Bi-Comp Demos: nvgxoYKFHs8 KvEU1Zqqf-M Strymon Timeline doing reverb ... plus Line6 "Auto Volume Echo"/Strymon "Ice" model creating organ/synth like pad sounds: 7CvhY5r2vJY Subdecay Prometheus DLX demos: MLHjsS1atYw o-8AKVxOmyc Rittenhouse Guitars '62 Strat...
  22. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Timeline may currently not be my favourite delay ... but it's my favourite verb :-)

    Recorded this video yesterday: 7CvhY5r2vJY After I had come across this one by Brian Beyke and loved the sound he gets there ... HBALT9uo22A ... I tried to replicate the settings. Not as monstrous spacey on my mono rig, but still really nice. With this (which can of course be tweaked to have...
  23. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Favourite recent pedal demo videos

    Here's a thread for videos showcasing interesting pedals, or pedals being used in interesting ways, or simply sounding good ... 5 videos that I recently came across that I really liked: POG II w/ VMSD: 04cgV6RmU9c Strymon Timeline doing ambient reverb: HBALT9uo22A Naga Viper ... from the...
  24. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    The "Timeline 1.5 update" Poll

    UPDATE: this is the first poll I created on TGP. I wasn't aware of the "everybody can only give one vote" limitation. So I decided to put up a doodle poll. Doodle is normally meant for scheduling dates, but it can be creatively abused, too :-) So, feel free to put multiple votes here (no...
  25. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Rice Custom Guitars building Thinline Tele for me

    Looked again at this pics today and thought I had to share ... Chris Rice is currently building this Thinline Tele for me, and I love how it looks already now: Find the whole album here: Have fun, Sascha
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