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  1. andtrea

    Earthquaker Devices Westwood vs Benson Preamp vs Timmy

    I'm considering a 2 band eq overdrive for low/medium gain to manage (better) different guitars . I used to have a Timmy but I sold it in a period of downsizing (anyway I always thought it was it a little weak, but very versatile). Benson Preamp, Westwood, and Timmy are pretty hard to find here...
  2. andtrea

    Fender Bassman Silverface 100 problem

    Hi, I bought an used Bassman 100, all original from 1973. I tried at seller's house and it sounded good, apart from some little background hum, but it didn't worried me too much, considering the age and that of course my tech will check it out. But, trying it now at my home, sometimes makes this...
  3. andtrea

    Help: Diamond Memory Lane 2 Slap Mode

    The other guitarist of my band just bought an used ML2. The pedal is simply magic (and its tone is really close to my loved Ibanez AD80 - MN3005) but the SLAP mode switch in the rear just seems not working at all. From Diamond manual: Slap Mode Feature (DLY1 only) Engaging the slap mode switch...
  4. andtrea

    Analog delay with Tap tempo and Trails?

    I had several fantastic analog delays in the past (and my Ibanez AD80 still resist on pedalboard) but after months of intensive use of Boss RE-20 I "can't live" without these typical digital delay features. Is there an analog delay with these features (and dotted eight maybe...?) ? Deluxe...
  5. andtrea

    [Help] Korg Pitchblack 9v output dead

    It still works perfectly as tuner, but the DC output seems dead. If I check the tension on the multimeter still says 9v...but just I plug the "cascade cable" in another pedal (I tried with different ones with low draw too)the tension falls at 0. Any suggestion :cry: ?
  6. andtrea

    Phase 45, Phase 90 and Vibe in a pedal?

    1 billion dollar question I know... I am becoming a phase junky: Had a phaser, wanted a vibe. Got the vibe, start thinking again to phaser etc etc... (the order was: small stone --> minidejavibe ---> Ibanez pt909 --->Sweet Sound mojovibe) I definitely need both, and the 2 stage sound of the...
  7. andtrea

    MXR Phase 45: script vs block logo circuit?

    I know that the MXR Phase 45 was built only in a short period (1975-84 I guess). Does anybody knows if there are differences in the circuit between the script and block logo? (yes, for him ). I found a block logo from 1980 at a reasonable price, so tell me if I have something in particular to...
  8. andtrea

    MXR '75 Vintage Phase 45 Led and 9v tap lack again but... want, want, want!
  9. andtrea

    Cheap Eq or Booster for guitar and bass (frequencies comparison inside)

    In the last months I never had a simple booster in my pedalboard due because I have 2-3 overdrives and a fuzz, so I covered well every "colours" and volumes. Now I own only 2 od + fuzz (Hot Cake + Timmy * Soulbender) and i need a booster for solo and raise volume mainteining the clean signal...
  10. andtrea

    Help: Zvex Loop Junky "modified to record in Playback mode"

    My Zvex Lo-Fi Loop Junky is an old 2003 Myrold-painted one. There is a sticker in the instructions sheet that says: "This unit has been modified to record in both play and bypass mode" but I can't succed on recording during the playback. I don't mean to overdub of course, but when I press...
  11. andtrea

    (solved) CBAT 1Spot Battery Clip polarity?

    Forgive my ignorance, but I have this tool to supply an old Zvex Lo-Fi Loop Junky, and I can't find anywhere which polarity requires the 9v tip to work properly . Thinking about the 9v Boss standards I was thinking to a negative tip, but in the only Visual Sound info I read: "The 1 SPOT is...
  12. andtrea

    Help! Wrong polarity! How can I resurrect my Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone?

    Few days ago I bought an used Philospher's Tone, the pedal is amazing and I was trying to adjust one of my adapter to put it in my pedalboard (the pedal came with its original USA adapter, not good for Italy). The problem is that my father (my "electric tech") used the wrong polarity and...
  13. andtrea

    Honey Bee with a little more gain?

    Does it exist an overdrive with the same small-supro-tweedy-tone and compression but with a little more gain, and why not... a little cheaper :) I play mostly single coils guitars and my HBOD was always with gain maxed... Don't tell me Les Lius because I had it and it's too bright and not...
  14. andtrea

    What would you do if...? (Pedal lost)

    Sorry for the long and ungrammatical post but I'm very frustrated and I need to vent...and I don't know what to do. On last july I bought a pedal, a boutique compressor, here on the emporium from an european forumite (avoid the custom duties troubles is always better). The price was ok and I...
  15. andtrea

    Req: Fulltone Soulbender Manual

    I have two doubts: about internal trimpots and power supplying (if it's possible to share it with another pedal), as debated in this thread . Thanks in advance!
  16. andtrea

    Many instruments in one Bassman '59?

    This weekend I'm gonna play at a jam with some friends. I can't know exactly how many guitars-basses there will be. In extreme cases, could I use the 4 inputs for different instruments ? Example: bass + guitar, or 2 guitars at the same time? As many Bassman players I bridge the normal and...
  17. andtrea

    DIY Expression pedal for Moogerfooger: which impedance?

    As title says, I ask to one of my friend to build a couple of mini expression pedal: 50 or 100 kohm? I always used mine with this exp pedal without any problem (100 kohm) Which impedance has the Moog EP-2?
  18. andtrea

    Suggest me a small, cheap and true-bypass compressor

    I've only tried my bass player's EHX White Finger (optical). I like it: very tweakable and long sustain with selectable squash, but it's just too big for my pedalboard. I need it mainly for solos and to help the Microsynth... Diamond, Keeley and Barber Tone Press seems the best but I don't know...
  19. andtrea

    Malekko Echo 600 Bright switch problem

    I am in love with my Malekko Echo 600 Bright, it's the only pedal that actually could fight with my old AD80, really, without the Ibanez'noise, with more delay and a cool feature like the exp. pedal input. But there's a problem that's going me completely nuts. Using it with the TB switch down...
  20. andtrea

    Boss TU-2: is it analog or makes digital conversion?

    Probably stupid question but I can't find an answer and searching for Boss TU-2 gives a lot or pedalboard listing as result... I know all the buffer questions and different opinions about this pedal, but I can't understand if it converts your signal for the tuning process..
  21. andtrea

    How to obtain a "CD skipping" effect

    I don't know how to explain it better of CD stuck and skipping effect... Let's hear two examples: Minus the Bear: at the beginning and during the whole song (and album) Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood: madness at min: 2:42...
  22. andtrea

    Help: Cubase Buffer Size menu... gone?

    Yesterday I tried to record a track on Cubase sx 3 with my Edirol FA-101 on my new notebook. It's the first time that I use Cubase with Vista and I found a bad surprise. There was some glitches and I tried to set properly the buffer size, but the option (present with xp) in DEVICE-DEVICE SETUP...
  23. andtrea

    Tremolo and Ring Modulator in one pedal? (except the Moogerfooger)

    I love my Moogerfooger mf-102 ring modulator. It's like a living entity, not only a pedal, beautiful both as a tremolo and as ring mod, but it's so big... and I guess I'll need some room in my pedalboard soon. Does anybody knows if there's a similar pedal capable of tremolo and ring-mod...
  24. andtrea

    Question for pedaltrain users

    I'm about to buy a Pedaltrain 2 (sc): my only doubt is about my wah, because as many of you will know, I got to push pretty hard on the switch of my Crybaby to activate it. The pedaltrain is enough solid and stable, or could this pressure on the right side of the board cause some movements (or...
  25. andtrea

    Ibanez AD80 Trim pots

    I have recently bought an old Ibanez AD80. I love its thickness and warmth, maybe even more than my DMM. My only problem is that the old owner push the delay time trim pot to the max I guess, and now ther'e s a little hiss under the effected repetitions at high delay time settings. Does anybody...
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