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  1. Binaural

    My Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 experience

    I run my Fillmore 25 into a Mesa California Tweed 2x12 cabinet with the Jensen Blackbirds in it. The clean channels rival my vintage Fender amps, and I’m really happy with the dirty channels, which really came to life when I put a Klon in front of it.
  2. Binaural

    Bought a Mesa Fillmore 25 - what cab?

    I run my Fillmore 25 through a Mesa California Tweed 2x12 cabinet with the Jensen Blackbirds in it, great combo!
  3. Binaural

    What is your favorite amp for clean tones?

    Mesa - California Tweed Fender - Super Reverb
  4. Binaural

    Mesa Boogie amps through the years. What are your favourites?

    In no particular order: Trans Atlantic Fillmore California Tweed RectoVerb Dual Rectifier Triple Rectifier Lonestar
  5. Binaural

    Les Paul owners... whats your go to amp?

    For clean, Mesa California Tweed For dirty, Mesa Dual Rectifier
  6. Binaural

    Vintage tones - Fender '65 Deluxe vs Mesa Fillmore?

    I have a Fillmore 25 head that I run through a California Tweed 2x12 cabinet with the Jensen Blackbirds in it. The amp has outstanding clean tones, as well as, overdriven tones with this cabinet.
  7. Binaural

    Not Fender/Marshall/Vox…what is your favorite amp?

    Mesa Triple Rectifier
  8. Binaural

    Best Tweed Deluxe 5e3 Amp

    I have a Fender '57 Deluxe with a Celestion Blue in it, very happy with it.
  9. Binaural

    What are your two favourite Fender tweeds?

    Bassman '57 Deluxe '57 Twin
  10. Binaural

    Anyone play through 2 identical amps?

    Often record with two Super Reverbs or two Marshall JCM 800s.
  11. Binaural

    the best old school blues amp

    + 1
  12. Binaural

    Best Botique Tweed Tone from a 1x12 combo

    The EC Series amps are very nice but, I prefer the '57 Series, because they are more true to the original vintages amps spec wise. When Fender released the EC Series they discontinued the '57 Series, so you can find some deals on them if you look around.
  13. Binaural

    Best Botique Tweed Tone from a 1x12 combo

    +1 I have one of the '57 Fender Deluxes, only mod I did is a Celestion Blue, amazing amp, well worth looking for.
  14. Binaural

    All time favorite amp you've owned

    JCM 800
  15. Binaural

    Best 10" Speaker options for '59 Fender Bassman LTD?

    The combination of two Celestion Golds and two Greenbacks in an X pattern is sweet :aok
  16. Binaural

    Best overall Fender blackface amp?

    Super Reverb
  17. Binaural

    Do you have a ridiculous dream setup in mind

    Clean - Fender Vintage Twin Reverb Crunch - Germino Monterey Lead - Soldano SLO
  18. Binaural

    Best all around 12" combo speaker?

    Celestion G12H Heritage
  19. Binaural

    Anyone using a Super Sonic Twin 100 or 100 Head?

    I saw a couple demos of this on Youtube and the features have me rather intrigued and it sounded great. I did a search about it on here but didn't really find much info. I know a lot o people don't seem to like the Super Sonic Line, I actually have one of the original Super Sonic 1x12 amps and...
  20. Binaural

    Your Favourite Clean Amp?

    Super Reverb
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