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  1. Tinman

    J&R Music in NYC?

    Anyone have any opinions on this outfit? I'm considering buying a Guild acoustic from them. They are nearly 20% cheaper than any of the other online merchants. I am aware of the risks generally associated with buying a guitar without having seen or played it. I'm specifically looking for...
  2. Tinman

    Band Promo Pics: Let's see 'em!

    Let's see your band's promo pictures. Not live gig shots, let's see the pics that you slip into your promo pack or email to the venue. Brick walls and railroad tracks are acceptable.
  3. Tinman

    '52 Tele Reissue vs. Heatgun!

    You may have heard about the super-thick finishes on some Fender '52 Tele re-issues. The one pictured below is from 2005. Convinced that this one was nitro over polyurethane, I talked the owner, twangbanger here on TGP, into having it stripped. I took it to a friend who's in the furniture...
  4. Tinman

    DeArmond Goldfoil Questions

    I picked up a 1964 Harmony Bobcat last weekend for $15. Yipee! As you can see from the picture below, it has those great-sounding DeArmonds. My first idea was to just keep them in this guitar and enjoy it as is, but there are a few issues that are making me consider taking the pickups out and...
  5. Tinman

    Help Me ID These Gold Foil Pickups, Please.

    Teisco? DeArmond? I thought I knew until I searched ended listings on ebay. I thought that the two on top were Teiscos, but they have been sold on ebay as DeArmonds. I'm pretty sure the one on the bottom is a DeArmond, but I'd like some confirmation. Any help you can give me would be...
  6. Tinman

    It's New, It's Blue! Esquire-ish Build

    Yes, it's a bit different. Kind of a spur of the moment idea. I made the body at least 7 years ago for a customer, but I decided not to use it because it was ridiculously light, and I was afraid it was too light to have any tone (and I screwed up the neck mounting holes). So, it had been...
  7. Tinman

    Slip-Stone Delrin Nuts Discontinued?

    I went to Stew-Mac to buy some Slip-Stone nut blanks, and the website states that they have been discontinued. Does anyone know anything about this, or where they can still be purchased. I am aware that Slip-Stone is delrin, and that delrin can be purchased from plastic suppliers. I think...
  8. Tinman

    Tele Body Made From MDF And Masonite?

    Who is making such a thing? An aquaintance of mine hired me to do some repair work on a painted Tele-style body that had never been used. He didn't know anything about the body. It was given to him by a friend who gave up on it after screwing it up by trying to drill the string-through holes...
  9. Tinman

    RS Guitarworks Compensated Tele Saddles?

    $9.95 a set for brass, steel or aluminum! These look just like the Callaham advanced vintage model, but much much cheaper. Anyone using these? I think pretty highly of RS, and can't imagine them selling anything other than good product, but these are incredibly inexpensive. Edit: I guess I'll...
  10. Tinman

    Spy Pics of New Build

    Okay, I took the pic myself, but I was so pleased with the way this looked after being assembled for the first time after finishing, that I had to get a picture up even before the guitar has been set up. I made this for Twangbanger. (the body, that is) The neck is a USA Custom, maple with...
  11. Tinman

    New Build Completed Today.

    I only made the body, so I use the word "build" loosley. USA Custom made the neck. The body is alder. The neck and middle pickups are Fralin alnico pole piece P90s, the bridge is a Seymour Duncan Vintage P90 (my new favorite bridge P90). The neck is maple with an ebony board. It was wired by my...
  12. Tinman

    Ponderosa Pine Tele?

    Does anyone have one, or has anyone made one? I know that most pine Teles are made from sugar and white pine, but I just acquired a nice piece of ponderosa pine that's just begging to be made into a Tele. I don't want to waste my time on something that won't sound good. Any input is...
  13. Tinman

    TV Jones TV-HT Hilotrons/ Heard 'em?

    The clips sound nice on the website. Anyone have any experience with these? Similar at all to the Dynasonic sound? I know that Magnatrons are supposed to sound like Dynasonics, but I don't particularly agree with that. (but I do like them)
  14. Tinman

    P90 Bridge Pup - Where to Locate on Scale?

    I'm making a 25 1/2" scale guitar with a P90 in the bridge position. Any ideas or thoughts on where to locate it in relation to the bridge? Is there a generally accepted placement method or is it just trial and error? On the last guitar I made like this I always had a feeling that I put it...
  15. Tinman

    Warmoth Bass Neck Construction?

    I'm building a bass body and don't want to tackle the neck myself. Any opinions on the Warmoth bass necks? I see they all have double action truss rods and two steel reinforcement rods. Does this add a lot of weight, suck tone? Are the problems that this construction is meant to address that...
  16. Tinman

    There are now 3 Active Tele Bridge Threads!

    How cool is that!:crazy
  17. Tinman

    Jerry Jones w/ Factory Bigsby?

    Anybody try one of these? I'm jonesin' for a Jones, but struggling with the Bigsby question. FYI, I have several guitars with Bigsbys.
  18. Tinman

    Gibson Chet Atkins SST: Solution to Feedback Problems?

    I've been trying lots of things to fight on-stage feedback using an acoustic with a soundhole pickup. I play in a loud band. I've tried using a Baggs Para DI and I've tried using an acoustic amp instead of going through the monitors. Feedback is still a big problem. My question is, who is using...
  19. Tinman

    GFS Lipsticks / Pro Tubes, Anybody tried them?

    I've got a baritone project in the works and I was considering trying the GFS Pro Tubes. I like the idea of a little more output than the standard lipsticks, which always sounded cool to me, but weak. Anyone heard these?
  20. Tinman

    OD Suggestions for Hiwatt or Reeves?

    Just picked up a Reeves Custom 50. Please offer your suggestions on what OD pedals work well with this type of amp. I appreciate your help.
  21. Tinman

    With or Without?

    ...Gretsch-style pickup rings. I'm torn. Which way would you go?
  22. Tinman

    Weber Thames: Any opinions?

    This looks like a speaker I'd like to try, but there's not much out there to read about. I'd like to hear your opinions about the ceramic 12" version, particularly if you have used them in a combo or open-back cabinet. Thanks.
  23. Tinman

    Pic of New Build

    I built the body out of alder. I bought the pickups and bridge from Reverend's parts blowout sale. The neck is my first purchase from USA Custom. Took a long time to get it, but I really like it. Those Reverend P90s sound MUCH better in wood than they do in the old phenolic laminate Reverend...
  24. Tinman

    Epi Upgrade Project. Success! Pic!

    I bought a $299 Epi Dot Studio with the intent of making it a really nice guitar and it worked. Mind you, I did have to spend about $299 more to get there, but it was well worth it. I replaced the pickups (TV Jones), the nut (Tusq), bridge, tailpiece, pots, switch, knobs, and jack. It also...
  25. Tinman

    Wet sanding & Drill Holes: How do you deal with it?

    I have always had the problem that when I wet sand a guitar finish, whatever I use as the wetting agent gets in the various holes in the guitar, swells the wood around it, and then cracks the lacquer. On my last build I tried "painting" the insides of the holes with polyurethane applied with a...
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