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  1. Festus

    I'm done with the band thing

    I feel your pain. I’ve been in a steady gigging band for several years now, and the luster has finally faded. I still want to gig, but there are no other opportunities that are appealing right now. So....what to do?
  2. Festus

    Once again please explain to me how you measure if a famous 'guitarest' solos with 'Soul' or not?

    Boomer Bends. It’s all about the Boomer Bends, man. (sorry Joe, I couldn’t help it)
  3. Festus

    What is everyone's thoughts on Tim Henson's "Boomer Bends" comment?

    G.O.A.T. Is pretty cool. It’s not particularly innovative, though. I’ve heard similar stuff (can’t come up with bands/songs at the moment, my boomer brain and food poisoning is impairing my memory - don’t put the spicy cabbage on your street tacos. Just sayin’). What I did notice is the bass...
  4. Festus

    Weekend cover band players: Do you use a tablet for music or lyrics?

    Fine, call BS. That tells me you don’t work with musicians.
  5. Festus

    Weekend cover band players: Do you use a tablet for music or lyrics?

    uh, yea, that is how it goes down in my world.
  6. Festus

    Weekend cover band players: Do you use a tablet for music or lyrics?

    Wrong. If you’re a better than average musician, then you’ll get the tune down after playing it a few times after using a chart. Unless it’s some wild azz Zappa tune. As for rehearsals, I only do them if I’m paid to rehearse. Otherwise, I’ll show up to the gig with all songs learned (maybe some...
  7. Festus

    Fuchs ODS Classic - what's the word?

    I can’t say I’ve tried that yet. I usually run the the clean “clean”. I’ll give it a go and see what happens.
  8. Festus

    Fuchs ODS Classic - what's the word?

    I decided to try a pair of el34 tubes in my ODS Classic 50, some Mullard xf2 that I’ve had for a while. A subtle but nice difference. It seemed to tighten up the low end a hair, and shift the Q for the mids upwards a touch. I’ll have to play it some more with the el34s in there, but I like it...
  9. Festus

    Fuchs ODS Classic - what's the word?

    Here’s a pic of two of my Fuchs amps. The top is your old Music Man/Fuchs, TAG. I had Andy make a headshell for it. The bottom is the ODS Classic with 6L6 tubes.
  10. Festus

    Fuchs ODS Classic - what's the word?

    There's been a few questions on how flexible the ODS Classic can be. I've been using the ODS Classic for a few years now. Fantastic amp. I've been through so many other amps and this one is the keeper. I also have TAG's old Music Man 50/Fuchs mod. That little amp has such a cool vibe. I can't...
  11. Festus

    Sold Barber Direct Drive big box

    Barber Direct Drive V6 big box. Great pedal, I have a few of these and don’t need to keep them all. Presence and bass trimmers inside, pull up tone control for Harmonics (very nice). Very good condition, Velcro on the bottom. $95 shipped and PayPal’d to the lower 48.
  12. Festus

    Music stands

    It seems those that disapprove of music stands on stage are the same guys standing at the back of the venue with their arms crossed because they don’t have a gig. For the record, many gigs these days I don’t use a music stand. Some gigs (20 tunes to learn in a week) I do use charts. I get paid...
  13. Festus

    Music stands

    The idea that music stands are unprofessional. Bullsh*t. Just plain bullsh*t.
  14. Festus

    Anyone have recent shipping issues with AMS?

    Yes it did eventually show up. I had to do an address correction with Fed Ex as well.
  15. Festus

    Anyone have recent shipping issues with AMS?

    Yes, I ordered a case from AMS, and it was quite a challenge to get it delivered to the correct address. AMS tried to deliver it to my old address - even though I had changed my address to my new current address in my account- and even after confirming my new address with the rep on the phone...
  16. Festus

    Does a band really need a producer ?

    Yes is the short answer. As evidenced by the replies, it’s a also the long answer. Most of the time it’s someone hired to produce the song/album, preferably based on experience/track record. Occasionally it’s friend of the band who knows a guy who knows a guy in the music business. That’s a...
  17. Festus

    USA Anthem played by guitarist before AFC Championship game

    I’m a boomer. I liked it. :aok
  18. Festus

    Sold Scumback J55-PVC 65 watt 8 ohm

    Scumback J55-PVC, 8 ohms in excellent condition. Made in 2016. $115 shipped to the west of the Mississippi $120 shipped to the east of that river. PayPal included.
  19. Festus

    Sold WGS ET65 Speaker 16 ohms

    Yea, I have 2 of them for sale, both at 16 ohms
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