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    Favorite Kemper Profile Makers

    I own thousands of paid profiles and the only profiles that come even remotely close to being what I would consider awesome are the ones I made myself.
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    Money no object: best cabinet for modeler (KPA) for "amp in a room" sound

    Amp in the room? Gotta start with a Direct Profile. If the direct profile I’m using was made by ONLY profiling the preamp, I will run thru either a Marshall 100/100 EL34 or a VHT 2150 power amp then thru a Bogner Ubercab 4x12. If the profile contains the power amp, then I’ll use a super clean...
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    Doug and Pat - Kemper

    A huge testament to the greatness of the Kemper that, almost a decade later, we have these types of videos still coming out.
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    FM3 - marketing issues or tech issues?

    If you really think they didn’t about Kemper’s launch then we’re just gonna keep going in circles. EDIT: Just like Kemper rushed the Stage to market in order to come out first. 75% of everything is marketing.
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    FM3 - marketing issues or tech issues?

    I’m sure their intent is to release it. Announcing it a bit prematurely was marketing. Just like Kemper announced their editor years ago.
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    FM3 - marketing issues or tech issues?

    I can’t answer for Fractal but similar scenarios have occurred in the past. One example being Apple with the original Mac. This is not an attack on Fractal btw. Just my opinion.
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    FM3 - marketing issues or tech issues?

    Someone like me who casually browses TGP and has never been on the fractal forums yet heard about the announcement of the FM3. There’s a ton of YouTube channels, other sites, etc. that talk about this stuff. Some may see it as a hot take but I see it as marketing 101. Whether it pans out for...
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    FM3 - marketing issues or tech issues?

    Everyone else who may be interested?
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    FM3 - marketing issues or tech issues?

    More for the non TGP/Fractal forum audience who doesn’t spend a ton of cash on something to “just tide them over”.
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    (Rematch) Tone Wars Fight Night -- Kemper vs Axe-FX III ==> Updated

    I’ve played around with the Ultra and the 2 which didn’t impress me at the time but I haven’t tried the 3 yet. Just my honest opinion but nothing I’ve heard from it so far sounds any better than the plugins I sometimes use. Hopefully I can get some quality time with one to truly compare.
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    (Rematch) Tone Wars Fight Night -- Kemper vs Axe-FX III ==> Updated

    I’ve tried the same IR on the Kemper and all the plugins (Neural, STL, Kazrog, etc) with similar results. Don’t see how the Axe would make that much of a difference though it would be great if I was wrong.
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    FM3 - marketing issues or tech issues?

    More like “don’t buy the competitors’ unit, wait for this one”. Seen it a million times.
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    (Rematch) Tone Wars Fight Night -- Kemper vs Axe-FX III ==> Updated

    For me, 3rd party IR’s sound good until I start mixing and everyone in the room agrees that the full Kemper profile always sounds better and more natural. Not to mention the feel is infinitely better.
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    Boss Waza Air Headphones

    Some latency tests would be nice.
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    If you want to see someone working with the Axe III interface; here you go

    Not hearing how this sounds better than plugins.
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    (Rematch) Tone Wars Fight Night -- Kemper vs Axe-FX III ==> Updated

    Kemper crushes the Axe in this comparison even though it’s not fair since each’s sounds were dialed in by different people. That being said, I arrived to the same conclusions when comparing the Kemper to every plugin known to man.
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    Kemper's Run So Far

    Still the one to beat.
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    Is John Mayer right?

    Can someone send this guy a Kemper already. It addresses the issues I always hear theses dudes complain about.
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    Heard Metallica lately?

    I was just thinking this yesterday as I watched them do Ride the Lightning at a recent show on YouTube. They sound amazing and I’m always dumbfounded when people say they sound like **** now that they play AxeFX. Although it makes me wonder what they’d sound like through some professionally...
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    2019: Axe FX 3 vs Kemper - What's the consensus?

    Kemper and it’s not even close. Not a fan of anything. When something better comes out, I’ll use and recommend that.
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    So I got my new Kemper Stage and.....

    Reminder to self: Don’t buy used Kemper Stage from Frankencat.
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    lots of KPAs popping up for sale...

    It’s just a different form factor. Not selling mine until an actual new version comes out. Might not even do that considering it already does more than I need.
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    New Kemper Profiler Floorboard spotted on Instagram at music festival

    I get what you mean. Just clarifying the “I saw what you did there” comment the other poster made which was funny. I gotcha though.
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    Kemper Profiler Stage

    A lot of salty projection in this thread.
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