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    Show your first guitar!!

    1965-1967ish Yamaha FG-165S Location:mojo city.
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    The Les Paul, Strat, Tele thread!!

    If you have all three post pics of them together...if you don't have all three then you can look but that's all... Gibson Fender Fender -copies- Ibanez G&L Kramer Gibson Fender Ibanez Fender G&L Fender Incidentally...I have had the Kramer mistaken for a Les Paul, a Strat and...
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    The BEST guitar ever...!!!!

    Does anyone find it amusing that when some people get a new guitar they attempt to 'review' it or describe it in such a way as to make people think that they just bought 'the best guitar' ever produced? Statements like this seem to prevail: "It sounds better than every other one I've played"...
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    Vintage Ibanez - stuff...

    1977 Ibanez Strat 1976 Ibanez Les Paul
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