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  1. duaneallen

    Earthboard Pedal Board

    Hey everyone, anyone have one of these? I bought one a while ago, and just getting around to setting it up with my pedals. Quick question for those of you who use one. Does anyone know which ISO boot would power a Line 6 HX EFX? I want to use that with my regular pedals, and am not sure...
  2. duaneallen

    Favorite DI box to use with Iridium

    OK, so I am an old school tube guy who usually can still play gigs with my great sounding tube amps. I am doing some gigs now where I do need to play direct, so I just got an Iridium. I will say that it sounds fantastic, and I'm looking forward to using it live. I know that it needs to go...
  3. duaneallen

    NGD: Mark Campellone Standard 17 Archtop Guitar

    Check this out. Video says it all.
  4. duaneallen

    New Mark Campellone Build!

    Hey guys I've been meaning to start a thread chronicling my new build by master luthier Mark Campellone, but you know how it goes. It's actually almost done, and I can't wait for the finished product. I am having him build his Standard 17" arch top. It features a solid spruce top, solid maple...
  5. duaneallen

    UPS shipping advice

    Hey everybody, I might be shipping out a guitar tomorrow. I usually ship at my local UPS store, and always get raped with the fees. I have read here that some of you ship the guitar at a UPS shipping center and its much cheaper. Is this true? If so, how much did you save? I notice on the...
  6. duaneallen

    Talk to me about Mario Martin guitars!

    Man, today I went to LA Vintage Gear in Burbank and played a Mario Martin tele style. GREAT shop by the way; very nice guys in there with amazing guitars. I'd like to get an S style and never played a MM until today. Went in there to check out some K-Lines, which were great, but when I picked...
  7. duaneallen

    Need help with metallic sound on my guitar (Collings content)

    OK, so I have a beautiful Collings Soco 16 LC guitar that is giving me one problem. For some reason, the G and B strings, especially the G string sounds very "plinky" to me. I think that I remember reading about "plinky" sounding G strings before, but don't remember what the details were. In...
  8. duaneallen

    New Duane Allen Quartet record "Empty Streets"!

    Hey guys I just released my new straight ahead jazz record called "Empty Streets". It features all new compositions and a great band consisting of Josh Nelson on piano, Karl McComas-Reichl on bass, and Dan Schnelle on drums. If you like modern jazz, check it out...
  9. duaneallen

    Duane Allen Quartet CD Release Party! Feb. 24th, San Pedro, CA.
  10. duaneallen

    Anyone know if PRS is doing factory tours yet?

    I'm thinking of doing a trip to the Mid-Atlantic this summer and wanted to maybe do the factory tour. I was wondering if any of you know if its happening yet? Also, if it is, do they sell guitars at the factory at all? Thanks.
  11. duaneallen

    Finally got a guitar Plek'd!

    OK, so I have some guitars that were Plekked from the factory, and of course they play amazing with excellent fret work. I have this American Original '60s Tele that had so so fret work, and just didn't play that great. I had been thinking of getting it Plekked for a while and finally took the...
  12. duaneallen

    Favorite brands of new power tubes

    OK, I need to get tubes for a few of my amps. What are your current favorite brands of power tubes that are out there right now. I don't need super high end expensive ones, but ones that are solid and sound good. I need to get 2 6L6s (Carr Impala), 2 6v6s (Carr Sporstman), and 2 EL84s (Suhr...
  13. duaneallen

    Favorite clone/kit/or conversion for a hardwired Deluxe Reverb?

    I've been thinking about getting a handwired deluxe reverb for some time now and want to see all the options out there. I know that I can get a silver face reverb, but they are really getting up there in cost now, and I really don't want to deal with old amp issues. I feel like if I end up...
  14. duaneallen

    Good external hard drive for recording?

    I'm getting a new computer soon, and will probably be picking up a new hard drive for recording. I am not super knowledgeable about recording, so I was wondering what kind of hard drive I should get. I remember a few years ago that most people recommended a 7200 rpm drive for recording at that...
  15. duaneallen

    Chitlins Con Carne cover

    Here's one for your Grant Green and Kenny Burrell fans. Hope you enjoy!
  16. duaneallen

    Anyone check out the Ibanez AF2000?

    Anyone play one of these yet? They are a made in Japan arch top with a spruce top. Does anyone know if the top is solid or pressed? The website just says spruce. I like the size of these Ibanez archtops, but I haven't been able to check out one of the newer Japanese made ones. I want a...
  17. duaneallen

    What are you guys using for silent practice?

    OK so the in-laws are staying with us for a while and I can't play through my amp and computer set up for a little while. I need to practice silently at night time. What are you guys using for this? I did this tonight and used an amp model in Logic and played along with music in the computer...
  18. duaneallen

    Favorite 1x12 cab for a Badger 18?

    Looking for recommendations for those of you who own a Badger 18 head. I have an old boogie 112 with a Celestion creme back in it. It sounds pretty great with an open back. I’m wondering how different it would sound with Suhr closed back out with the Vetran 30. Any other recommendations from...
  19. duaneallen

    Talk to me about the Marsh Deluxe Reverb Clone

    I've been looking around at Deluxe Reverb clones and the Marsh comes in very affordable. Anyone have any experience with his amps? How are the transformers and capacitors compared to more expensive ones like Headstrong? I know that you can build a clone cheap, but a big part of the sound is...
  20. duaneallen

    Help with HX Effects

    I was wondering if any of you have experienced this problem before. I have noticed that knobs 2 and 3 on my unit don't seem to do anything anymore. If I turn them in any of my presets, nothing happens. This began a little while ago. I have since did a factory reset and also upgraded to the...
  21. duaneallen

    Favorite cheap and simple reverb pedal

    I'm looking for a basic reverb pedal for around $100. I am looking for something that sounds good and just has basic sounds like spring, hall or plate. I have other ones for over the top stuff. I am looking at the Holy Grail for this, but is there something better that I should look at? I...
  22. duaneallen

    Collings 360 LT M with standard P-90s?

    So I have a Collings 360 LT M with the Lollar Alnico Pole P-90s. I was wondering if any of you have this guitar with standard P-90s in it? I just recently got an I-30 LC with standard Lollar P-90s and just LOVE these pickups. The Alnico Pole P-90s in the 360 are cool, but I'm wondering if I...
  23. duaneallen

    NGD: Collings I-30LC

    Just got this baby yesterday. Ordered it a year ago, and it finally came in. I always get blown away by any Collings guitar ( I am fortunate to have a few). This one does not disappoint! Flawless construction, and effortless playability. Oh, and it sounds heavenly too. Totally nails the...
  24. duaneallen

    Duane Allen Guitar Concepts

    Hey guys, I have a somewhat new YouTube channel that I'm trying to promote. It's called Duane Allen Guitar Concepts. The channel consists of short video lessons that cover beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level. Many of the lessons are geared to jazz and some blues. If you...
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