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  1. Deuterium

    Atomic Ampli-Firebox Mk2 inbound...

    Ordered one Wednesday night. I assume it is in stock @Atomic Amps, as I was able to complete my order. I am pretty sure that Atomic's website Shop will indicate "Sold Out" if a product is not in stock and/or unavailable. I was hoping I would have seen a shipping confirmation today, but alas, it...
  2. Deuterium

    Yngwie Malmsteen Guitar Rig rundown 2022

    Fellow TGP'ers, Here is a fascinating look at Yngwie's current touring rig -- effects pedalboard, guitars, amps. A few random observations/highlights: Yngwie is using his Fender signature Overdrive (DOD-250 clone). Pedalboard also includes a Boss Waza Craft CE-2W, MXR Dyna Comp, and Boss...
  3. Deuterium

    Arghh — help finding a true bypass on/off active buffer pedal??

    I could be thinking about this all wrong, but here it goes: I can’t seem to find what I am looking for amongst typical buffer/boost pedals. I want to place a buffer first in my chain, directly after guitar but BEFORE a fuzz pedal. I want this buffer pedal to normally be “on” such that it is...
  4. Deuterium

    NPD -- Lawrence Petross Designs (LPD) Eighty7 Deluxe

    I have one of these on order. It is going to join a new MI Audio Super Crunch Box V2, which was recently welcomed onto my pedalboard. I will be interested in comparing these two pedals. What interests me the most about the LPD Eighty7 Deluxe is the ability to use it in 2 channel mode, such...
  5. Deuterium

    NPD -- MI Audio Super Crunch Box v2

    Scored this baby after scouring the net. Presenting the MI Audio Super Crunch Box v2., direct from Australia...umm...via Japan. No, I don't read Japanese. Luckily, an English language manual can be downloaded from the still active MI Audio website. Can't wait to fire her up, tomorrow. I own...
  6. Deuterium

    Does the Boss IR-200 use the exact same amp modeling engine (A.I.R.D.) as the GT-1000?

    @Elantric @gumtown @PAH I am throwing this question out to you guys, as you may have some insight into this question. Or, perhaps you could name drop the Boss/Roland representative who frequents these boards (I am not sure who that is). I was recently watching the IR-200 video demonstration...
  7. Deuterium

    This Kemper user (me) just fired up his new Fractal FM3 -- First impressions and thoughts

    Hello my fellow TGP members. Well, this has been an exciting day. My new FM3 arrived and I had a few quality hours to put her through her paces, not including the "startup and commissioning", which didn't really take all that long. I thought I would take the opportunity to post some brief...
  8. Deuterium

    What does TGP think of the Atomic Ampli-Firebox Mk II?

    Why isn't there more noise surrounding the Mk 2 version of the Atomic Ampli-Firebox, here on TGP? It seems like a wicked cool device, and perhaps a nice "all-in-one" pedal that can deliver excellent tones without much fuss. I would love to hear feedback from users. Seems like it might be an...
  9. Deuterium

    Question for Boss / GT1000 owners regarding AIRD technology

    Note: I have also posted this question over on the VGuitar GT1000 subforum I do not currently own a GT1000 by which to test out and answer the below questions, although I have done a fair bit of study and research of the GT1000 manuals, as well as resources here and elsewhere. If I have a...
  10. Deuterium

    Kemper -- new Acoustic Sim

  11. Deuterium

    (Rematch) Tone Wars Fight Night -- Kemper vs Axe-FX III ==> Updated

    Not a huge surprise for many of us who have tried both (many times, over the years) --> The original Kemper Profiler from 2011 still wins, and beats out the latest version (what is it, the 4th or 5th generation??) Fractal Axe-FX. By all means, please let the mud-slinging begin...
  12. Deuterium

    I spy, with my little eye, a Kemper Kabinet

    Click on the second pic in this Instagram post/link: EDIT: Okay, a few people are having a difficult time finding the specific image. Here it is, which I uploaded to Imgur:
  13. Deuterium

    Tone Wars -- Kemper Stage vs Helix -- Blind Test w/ five guitarists

    Quite long and in-depth. However, for the brass forward to timestamp 03:21:40 for the results.
  14. Deuterium

    Fascinating "Kemper Challenge" YouTube video from Tone Wars

    I thought this was very, very well done live video, and an interesting experiment. Bottom line, the Kemper still rules! : Fast forward to timestamp 07:00 for commencement of the video
  15. Deuterium

    Fun with a Kemper Profilier -- Japanese player lays down some tasty licks

    YJM, Blackmore, SRV, EVH, Lynch, Schenker, Rhoads, Slash, Nuno. Needs to further explanation...
  16. Deuterium

    New "Evolution" Reverb presets on Kemper, demoed by ToneJunkie TV at NAMM 2018

    In this video, they play through the ten (10) presets for one of the forthcoming new Kemper Reverbs types, called "Evolution" Reverb: Some real lush, atmospheric sounds, here. I particularly liked the Formant 1, 2 and 3 presets.
  17. Deuterium

    New external power amp options for Profiler and Modeler owners -- Seymour Duncan PowerStage

    Just came across this product from Seymour Duncan. Looks like it might be just the ticket for non-powered Profilers and digital modelers, and are interested in a high efficiency, lightweight, transparent Class D external power amp to power a guitar cabinet or passive FRFR monitor. There are two...
  18. Deuterium

    I don't get the gobs of money spent by people buying and flipping the "low / middle" end modelers...

    I am sure I will get some nasty mail and responses, but oh well, here she goes... First off, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a nice budget digital modeler, such as the various Rolands, Line 6, and latest Boss Katana. I repeat...absolutely nothing. What I find perplexing, however, is...
  19. Deuterium

    New KPA profiles of Friedman SS-100 by TopJimi -- Wow!

    Purchased these the other day. Simply incredible, kick-ass vintage and modern Marshall tones that Friedman excels at. TopJimi nails these profiles. What can I is simply an amazing experience to have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of world class amps, accurately captured and...
  20. Deuterium

    Paul Gilbert enthusiastically joins the Kemper community (PG: "mind blowing!")

    This just in:
  21. Deuterium

    Kemper has just released a Top Jimi Factory Rig Pack

    Kemper just released a Top Jimi Factory Rig Pack, which is available for free download on the Kemper main site. Profile pack consists of: Rig/Profile Name *** (Amp Model Profile Based Upon) TJ -- Ace 30 MaxTBst 5 *** (Vox AC30) TJ -- Fan BM Cln-3 *** (Fender Bassman) TJ -- Fan Champion Max-3...
  22. Deuterium

    Completely over the Kemper Honeymoon phase. Conclusion -- Best amp/gear purchase I have ever made

    Okay, I have had my new Kemper Power Rack since April. I have owned a lot of gear, both tube amps and digital modelers, so I am very aware of the proverbial "Honeymoon" phase. I am definitely out of the initial Honeymoon period...and can reflect on this piece of gear with proper perspective...
  23. Deuterium

    New KPA day -- Kemper Power Rack first impressions

    This is a copy of a post I made over on the Kemper User Forum: ---------------------------------------------- Sweet Fancy Moses!! New Kemper Power Rack has achieved "First Light" (reference for any Astronomy buffs) << Content Warning -- May contain effusive praise, consistent with...
  24. Deuterium

    Using output level of multi-FX unit in FX Loop as an attenuator??

    I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question... I use either a Digitech GSP1101 or a Rocktron Xpression in the FX loop of my tube amp heads (Eganator Rebel or Marshall Vintage Modern). I have always had a question as to using the rack FX unit's output level to control the volume of...
  25. Deuterium

    Looking for comparisons between Quilter, Peavey TransTube, and Tech 21

    Would anyone who has tried both, care to compare/contrast Quilter's analog solid-state amp OD/Distortion with Peavey's TransTube technology (e.g. their newest generation Vypyr VIP series). Yes, I realize that the Vypyr has additional bells and whistles, including a suite of digital Post-FX...but...
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