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  1. Once Far Off

    Telecaster wiring question

    Hello all. I am hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. I'm wanting to disconnect the tone control from the neck pickup only on my MIM telecaster. I've got the standard 3 way switch. I've got some basic soldering skills so I'm thinking I'll do it myself. The only thing is I'd really...
  2. Once Far Off

    Need advice for home setup (mic/iso cab)

    Hello to all, I'm looking to use a closet at my place to build an iso cab so I can actually play my tube amp at home without the volume driving the family nuts. I've seriously considered the new line 6 helix, but I've got too much tied up in pedals, amps and cabs to go digital. So I'm planning...
  3. Once Far Off

    Which one would you get?

    No context. No rig description. Which one would YOU rather have: 1. Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe 2. ARC Efftects Soothsayer
  4. Once Far Off

    Need Advice: Home practice setup

    Hello all, I'm not sure if this is the best forum to ask on, but here goes: I want to set up a practice area for electric guitar in my house. Sometimes, I can play loud, but my place is small and I'm trying to put together a place where I can practice with headphones as well. I already have...
  5. Once Far Off

    Like a RAT but better?

    So I'm looking for suggestions for a distortion pedal that's basically a rat circuit, but tweaked to be more versatile. I know Catalinbread just came out with a Rat/Fuzz hybrid - any other pedals out there like that that the collective would recommend?
  6. Once Far Off

    BA Scarab Deluxe still a good choice?

    Hey all - I've been off the TGP radar for a while - mostly for my mental health and fighting GAS. Before I left I realized that the "next" pedal I was going to get was a Scarab Deluxe. I always liked the tone bender style pedals and I especially liked the Bias and Fat knobs to fine tune the...
  7. Once Far Off

    Recommend a lunchbox head

    Hello all, I am looking for a new lunchbox head. A couple of years ago I bought an Egnater tweaker with two cabs so I could play at home with one, and leave the other at church and just bring the head there. Now I'm leaving it at church more often, and am looking for another head to use at...
  8. Once Far Off

    Boss FS-5 tap - how to make it stay?

    Hello all, I'm trying to get my FS-5 tap mounted on my PT-2. I tried on a previous pedal board to velcro it on, and the velcro stuck to the back so poorly, that I ended it up just putting it on the floor. Has anyone had success with a more secure method of mounting one of these?
  9. Once Far Off

    Hate to say it but I think I'm finally content?

    Played my electric rig at church today for the first time in a bit and was really happy with the sounds I was getting out of my rig. I recently added a couple of pedals over Christmas that I've been researching for about 6 months: a Pinnacle Deluxe and a Little Green Wonder. I really...
  10. Once Far Off

    What pedal to get this sound?

  11. Once Far Off

    Help for live sound - Acoustic Guitar

    Hello all, I'm looking for some advice on how to get a better live acoustic guitar sound. I'm the worship leader at my church and play it exclusively in that setting. I play a '97 Taylor 410 Dreadnaught which has one of the best acoustic sounds I've ever heard, unplugged. I use a Fishman...
  12. Once Far Off

    Funny thing happened today (FULLTONE content)

    So I've played on, borrowed, etc (never owned) the Fulldrive 2 and the OCD. A couple of different versions, different rigs, guitars, etc. I've always liked them, but never enough to get one of my own. I got a DLS and kind of went that way, plus a Timmy, plus a Screw Driver for a while now. I...
  13. Once Far Off

    P&W players - Little Green Wonder or Wampler Ecstasy?

    Hello all, I am looking for an OD pedal to fit into my lineup and could use some help from fellow P&W players. I had recently posted this, but made a mistake and put "Eternity" in the title instead of the Wampler Ecstasy which is the pedal I am considering so I took it down and put this up...
  14. Once Far Off

    Wampler Pinnacle is Fantastic!

    Just had to say it I got a pinnacle Deluxe for Christmas and this pedal is absolutely amazing! It has so many usable sounds between the contour and tone controls. The vintage/modern switch also adds quite a variation and the boost is absolutely amazing as well. This thing just put my Brownie and...
  15. Once Far Off

    NPD: Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe

    So after listening to sound clips and researching for 6 months, I finally got a Pinnacle Deluxe in the mail yesterday. (Thanks to tfblaster57 for a good deal). This thing is FANTASTIC! Up until now I have been using a CMATMODS Brownie, which is a great pedal which I got a good deal on. The...
  16. Once Far Off

    NPD: Boss RV-5

    I know. Boss pedals aren't exciting. I got a new RV-5 to put on a backup board at my church. There's a lot of younger guys that play on our team, and they usually don't have the best gear, so I keep stuff there so they can be involved and not sound terrible. I've been wanting to try one out...
  17. Once Far Off

    Wait times for wampler?

    Anyone care to share their experience on how long it takes to get a Pinnacle Deluxe?
  18. Once Far Off

    Help selecting an OD

    Greetings all- I'm looking for a new dirt box to add to the fold. I play P&W music exclusively, Hillsong, Passion, Lincoln Brewster, Jesus Culture, Paul Baloche, etc. Right now I use the following signal chain: '89 LP Standard - Bypass looper 1) CLEAN - LOW OD: MXR/CAE Boost>Tone Press>Timmy...
  19. Once Far Off

    Maybe I've died and gone to heaven?

    But I think this is the coolest thing I have ever seen... And by coolest thing I mean I'm totally kidding...
  20. Once Far Off

    So I was getting a little bored with my DLS...

    So I was getting a little bored with my DLS...Even starting to look around. Out of room on my pedal board, and desiring to not blow more money on pedals (especially OD pedals), I opened up the back of my v.2.2 DLS and flipped the little switch on top of the PCB to 'Bright". And we are back! In...
  21. Once Far Off

    Change scenes in an m9 with an EFX III?

    Anyone controlling a line 6 m series with a Musicom EFX 3? I am looking at getting one, but am wondering if the midi feature can be used to change my m9 from scene to scene. Thanks.
  22. Once Far Off

    Musicom EFX III and the Line 6 m9

    Hello all, After reading a few threads on switching systems (as opposed to true bypass loopers ala T1M and loop-master et al) I have become really interested in the Voodoo labs switcher/commander and the Musicom EFX. The Voodoo labs is less pricey, but the midi features are a little basic. I...
  23. Once Far Off

    NPD: I'm a believer (Skreddy content)

    So I was just about to give up on Fuzz pedals. After a Fuzz Factory which I found too bright and harsh for my tastes, and a MXR Classic 108 which I found too muddy and bland, I just received a new Skreddy Lunar Module on Tuesday. This pedal is so amazing. After a couple of hours playing with it...
  24. Once Far Off

    NPD: Holy smokes (Paul C content)

    So after hearing about it for over a year, I managed to get my hands on one new without getting gouged in the emporium or waiting 6 months. I am beginning to understand why all the hype. This thing is amazing. :drool That is all.
  25. Once Far Off

    Found a new sound...(DLS & Skreddy Content)

    So I was challenged by reading a thread here about how you learn your pedals. I realized that since I recently acquired a v2 DLS and a Screw Driver, I've been pretty much sticking to some of the first sounds I really dug. Until yesterday. I really like the ROCK mode on the DLS, and have...
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