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  1. J

    Do I need a Thunderbolt audio interface?

    I'm using a late 2014 iMac which has Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3, recording into Logic Pro X. My audio interface is a thunderbolt-equipped Resident Audio T2 which doesn't now work with OS Catalina (and RA don't seem in a hurry to release drivers that will allow it to work) so I need to look at a new...
  2. J

    Resident Audio T2 on MacOS 10.15

    I upgraded my OS to Catalina earlier in the year...I haven't done any recording for quite a few months, but when I tried to record in Logic last night, my input signal was't coming through. I decided to update the drivers for my Resident Audio T2 thunderbolt interface, but when I went to the...
  3. J

    Alternatives to Graphtech Ghost Pickup systems

    I'm looking at some kind of piezo bridge pickup system that will give me access to 'acoustic' tones from an electric (not sure which of my guitars it will go in yet so could be a strat or tune-o-matic type bridge). I've tried navigating Graphtech's website and to be honest it's p*ssed me off so...
  4. J

    Barney Kessel - chord

    Can anyone shed any light on the chord that Barney Kessel plays at around 15 second into this clip of Basie's Blues - the chord at the start of the 4th bar which he plays down at the 1st fret? There are a few covers and transcriptions online which all seem to show it as a std C7 shape on the...
  5. J

    UK spec for speaker cab wiring

    I'm putting two 2x12 speakers into an empty cab - never wired one before so just wondered about the correct spec of speaker wire. I've googled it but most results are from the US where they're referring to things like 'lamp wire' and '16 gauge' - we tend to use mm and don't use the term lamp...
  6. J

    CAT5 amp footswitch

    I've just bought a Fuchs Tripledrive which uses cat5 cable for the footswitch. I'm considering a pedal switching system such as the GigRig in the future, but just wondered about controlling the amp's channels/reverb/boost etc from the switching system. Fuchs do make a breakout box to convert...
  7. J

    Anyone from Fuchs Amplification on here?

    Just bought a second-hand Tripledrive 100w head (can't be many 240v UK versions out there) - wasn't sure if it was being a bit cheeky emailing Fuchs asking for a bit of info about the amp?
  8. J

    Where does all the tolex come from?

    Just wondered if there was one company who makes all the tolex in the world (bit like all the guitar strings are made by one factory and then re-branded.....ooops....did I just say that outloud?!?! lol) Question prompted by wondering whether a cab manufacturer could get an accurate match for the...
  9. J

    Boss MS-3 opinions

    I tend to run a clean amp with pedals - originally I was considering getting a GigRig G2 but it seems overkill for the amount of (usually small) pub gigs that I do, but I did want to be able to switch between combinations of effects more easily, as well as having access to specific...
  10. J

    Small multi FX unit for delays and modulation

    One of the bands I play with has a few songs that need specific modulation sounds e.g. chorus, but pedalboard space is at a premium so I'm considering some kind of multi fx unit just to cover delays and modulation - any thoughts on the Line6 M5/9 or HX Effects, the Eventide H9, Neunaber Expanse...
  11. J

    Pitch Shifters

    Are there any pitch shifters, either with intelligent harmony, fixed intervals or just octaves that are really good quality and actually sound natural i.e. the effected tone can be used without any of the original tone mixed in and it doesn't sound elements of that weird 'synth being played in a...
  12. J

    Anyone compared the Volto v3 with the Palmer Batpack 8000?

    I've got an original Volto which has developed a fault (one of the outputs doesn't work any more) - looking for a new battery supply and was wondering if the Volto v3 is likely to be any more reliable (I know it's fairly new so it's a bit early for that) or whether the Palmer Batpack 8000 would...
  13. J

    Auto Volume Echo

    I used to have a Line 6 DL4 and really liked the auto volume swell echo - I also liked the simplicity of the pedal (i.e. no scrolling through screens to adjust parameters - which is why I got rid of my Strymon) - are there any other delay pedals out there with this type of effect? I considered...
  14. J

    When were Squier guitars first launched in the UK?

    Wikipedia says it was 1982 - but I left home to go to college in Sept '82 (yup...I'm that old) and I'm sure I'd had my '62 Squier for over a year by then - although when you're young, time seems to pass by much slower ;-)
  15. J

    Your approach to amplification

    When I first started gigging regularly, I used a 3-channel amp (actually 2 channels with a footswitchable boost on the overdrive channel) and all my overdriven tones were from the amp. The amp I used was pretty unreliable (internal fuse would blow, taking out other components) so I eventually...
  16. J

    Speaker rating with solid state amps

    Maybe a daft question, but given that tube amps of a given wattage tend to be much louder than solid state amps rated at the same wattage, does this affect which speakers can be used e.g. if a guitar speaker is rated at 75w, what wattage of solid state amp would be safe to use with it? I know...
  17. J

    Humbucker mounting rings

    Anyone know where I can buy some humbucker mounting rings with 3 screw adjustment holes as per this Yamaha?
  18. J

    Converting a silverface Twin to head & cab

    I'm thinking of converting my '73 Twin to a separate head & cab, just for convenience/weight issues, but wondered if there would be issues with the reverb pan being closer to the output transformer - anyone done a conversion? Any issues?
  19. J

    Alternatives to the Line 6 DL4

    I'm currently using a Strymon Timeline but to be honest, I find it overkill - there are loads of wacky sounds that I would never use, and I dislike having to access different banks of presets and using the screen to program sounds. I used to own a DL4 and really liked the simplicity of...
  20. J

    Amp tech in the Birmingham UK area

    Any recommendations?
  21. J

    Amp tech in the Birmingham UK area

    Any recommendations?
  22. J

    Practice time for developing picking technique

    Whilst there are a lot of resources online for ways to develop your picking technique, the one question that no-one seems to directly address is exactly how much (proper) practice per day is needed to yield results. We've all heard of the '10,000 hours principle' but that's a huge generalisation...
  23. J

    Calvinova sound

    Anyone got any good tips on achieving a tone similar to a clavinova, for those Stevie Wonder moments? I know part of it is in the staccato attack (tapping the strings with a pencil instead of picking gives a good approximation of the attack), but I'm thinking more in terms of eq and/or effects.
  24. J

    King of Tone vs Barber Half Gainer

    Has anyone ever compared the two? I've got a Half Gainer which I'm pretty happy with for fairly low gain tones but I've got the opportunity to get a KOT so just wondered if it's worth getting?
  25. J

    Why is jazz so jazzy?

    Well these things normally come in threes, so I thought it would look balanced in the main thread view if I created this ;-)