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    Alt.Country Club-Lucky Number 7

    My Duo is also an '04 (Dec.), a '57 Reissue w/ Dyna's. It just arrived this week, so I'm still dialing it in. I started by lowering the polepieces as recommended on Gretsch Talk. A string change is next..I'm thinking 11's for a little more punch. My fave "Tele", and #1 guitar overall, is a G&L...
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    Alt.Country Club-Lucky Number 7

    When we saw Lucinda a couple of years ago Doug played a whack of guitars but leaned on a Strat more than any other. The other guitarist, Chet Lyster, played a Gretsch Duo Jet most of the night. I've wanted a Duo Jet ever since and finally got one in trade last week. :aok That ACL performance...
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    Alt.Country Club-Lucky Number 7

    Hey Carl, I actually had a couple of TP's before finally accepting that I'm just not a comp kinda guy. I went through quite a few of them too, but all this talk of the Diamond, well, you know... ;) Cheers, Pete
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    Alt.Country Club-Lucky Number 7

    I've been away for a bit so missed #6 completely, maybe #5 too! Main amps are now a Tone King Meteor 1 and Victoria Deluxe, and that pair is working out great. And I've been fooling with a couple of C-Bread pedals, FN5 and DLS, and really digging them so far. I also have a '57 RI Duo Jet on...
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    Honey Bee and the Formula number 5

    FWIW, I liked the HBOD but never completely bonded with it. A Greer Ghetto Stomp ultimately took its spot. The FN5 is a whole 'nother breed of cat. Pure tweed Deluxe.
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    Another "shipping to Canada" post

    +1 to that!!! :AOK
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    Great album! I saw them on tour around that time (Sleepwalker/Misfits) - what a treat!
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    Gear you've puchased multiple times...

    Lawdy mama, me too! I left them out because I didn't want the thread to derail into a discussion of what does or doesn't constitute a TS circuit. ;)
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    Gear you've puchased multiple times...

    I purposely left guitars out of my original post but, since you guys have been including them... Strats (bought six times - including two CS's - still have one, a G&L Legacy) Teles (bought four times - still have three) LP's (bought twice - still have one that I'll probably sell and no...
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    Gear you've puchased multiple times...

    Do you still have any of them?
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    Gear you've puchased multiple times...

    Having just taken delivery of a Heritage Victory for the second time, it's occurred to me how much gear I've revisited in my G.A.S. fueled (and seemingly never-ending) quest for tonal nirvana. I've omitted guitars as I'm sure many here have also been through several Strats/Teles/LP's in search...
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    Heritage Colonial Users Chime in

    Present! I agree with everything above. The Colonial has been my #1 amp for ~3 years now (it's a new world record!). I tend to go back and forth between EL34's (NOS Seimens) and 5881's (NOS Tung Sols). Both sound great, with the 5881's breaking up a little earlier. Preamp settings are...
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    The Alt. Country Club: Thrice Revisited

    Big fan here! I've seen Eleni twice, both times in the same small club. She's fabulous live. Tom Waits is a huge influence but her songs head off in many directions, all of it good. Country for True Lovers is probably the best starting point for alt-country heads, followed by Afternoon and...
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    The Alt. Country Club: Thrice Revisited

    Finally getting around to posting in Thrice Revisited... Just wondering if anyone here is using a Dr. Z amp. I took a Carmen Ghia head in partial trade on another amp a few weeks ago and the thing is loaded with alt.c approved goodness. Takes pedals like nobody's business too. A pretty loud 18...
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    Speaker Replacement for Cannabis Rex

    I'm running my Heritage Colonial 50W head (think JTM-45/Bassman) into an Avatar Vintage x12 open back cab. I've had it loaded with an Emi C-Rex for quite a while and have been pretty pleased, but sometimes wish it were a little more open in the mids. I swapped out the C-Rex for a Red Fang...
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    Heritage Victory vs. Dr. Z Z-28

    Thanks guys!
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    Heritage Victory vs. Dr. Z Z-28

    Thanks riff. Which did you prefer, and why?
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    Heritage Victory vs. Dr. Z Z-28

    I used to own a Victory head (great amp!) so I know what it's all about. For any of you who have played both, I'm curious to know how the Z-28 compares to the Victory in terms of clean headroom, max. volume and overall tonal characteristics. Thanks!
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    Do you do club gigs with $2K+ guitars?

    Now that is vintage!
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    Help me find my perfect amp - GAS in full effect!

    Check out the Heritage Patriot. It fits your description (minus MV), and you could buy another amp with the change you'd get back from your $2000 bill.
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    Heritage Colonial Manual

    Just sent you a copy.
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    Lady Stardust or Throbak Stonebender

    I've owned and liked both. The LS has the edge when it comes to versatility.
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    Gibson Les Paul Classic Upgrades

    I put a pair of Seth Lovers in the Classic I owned, and it made a vast improvement. The stock p/u's in that guitar are just wrong, IMO.
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    Which Tweed Amp?

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. The Richter Supra-Luxe sounds especially interesting. I just wonder how it would sound through 2x10's.