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    FS DSM Simplifier (*SOLD*) and EHX Pitchfork

    Hi- two great units here. Both LNIB. Minimal usage. Prices are shipped PP’d to CONUS. DSM and Humboldt Simplifier SOLD. Check out the mega-thread for more info. Great direct option. EHX Pitchfork $125. Octaves, detune, etc. Awesome pedal.
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    Sold Boss SY-1, Boss RV-6, J Rockett GTO

    Hi- The Boss pedals are like new. Neither has been out of the house. The GTO has some velcro on the back and a scuff on the front, but otherwise great condition. Original boxes and papers on all (not pictured, but happy to send you one). All great pedals, just looking to do the churn...
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    Sold Fender Custom Shop '50s Relic Telecaster 1pc ash

    Hi! Regrettably need to put this beauty of a Telecaster up for sale. My personal holy-grail cosmetic spec of a Telecaster (I've churned more than I care to admit o'er the years). I had a Danocaster and this at the same time, and kept this one FWIW. A couple of pick marks (but hey it's a...
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    Like a Rangemaster/Treble Booster type but....

    Is there a pedal that will do the Rangemaster-Into-Semi-Dirty-Amp thing (specifically a Vox style) but doesn’t need to be first in the chain to sound its best?
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    Sold Danocaster Single Cut Aged LPB

    Hi! Primarily putting this out there as a trade feeler, but would consider selling outright if need be. SOLD PENDING SHIPMENT I've got a lovely Danocaster Single Cut (Tele) style in Aged Lake Placid Blue that I'd like to turn into a blonde ES-335 if possible. Ideally looking for a Rusty...
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    Replacement footswitch for Zendrive.

    Hi! I need to replace a wonky footswitch for my Zendrive. Will any 3PDT switch do?
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    Mesa V:35 users, need your advice

    Anyone have any suggestions for dialing out some of the honk on this amp with a telecaster? I am using mine with a recently acquired Avatar Forte 3D 1x12" with a 75W Creamback in it. The honk is overwhelming, no matter how I eq it. It was so pronounced at my last gig that I had to move...
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    Slant 6V owners

    Anybody find their dirt channel is noticeably "quieter" than their clean channel? Even on the 40W full setting if I run the clean channel on say 4-5 (just south of noon) I need to have the Master on the dirt channel at around 2or 3 oclock to have the volume matched across channel. Does this...
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    Going from a rhythm tone to a singing lead tone...

    Looking for some opinions on how people maneuver between these two tones in a live setting.... 1) Slight bit of dirt, slapback echo. 2) Singing, sustainy lead tone, longer with say qtr-note delays. In the band I'm playing in I need to make this move quite a bit and I've never been happy with...
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    Two hopefully quick Tele related questions...

    1) How difficult is routing a middle pickup on a "standard" tele body? Is this something an average luthier can handle? Thinking of modding my partscaster to go the nashville route. 2) Say I have a set of tele pickups that i otherwise like, in this case they are "broadcaster voiced." Is...
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    Sold 2004 Rickenbacker 330 "Union Jack" custom finish

    Now here's something you don't see every day... Up for grabs is my 2004 Rickenbacker 330 in custom one-of-a-kind (?) Union Jack graphic finish. To my knowledge this was not a factory job, and by all indications this guitar started life as a stock Midnight Blue and the red/white was added on to...
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    Sold Carr Hammerhead MkII

    Hi- I have my Carr Hammerhead MkII combo on the block here....Hit me up if interested, will try to work out shipping. https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/msg/d/carr-hammerhead-mkii-guitar/6669791047.html
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    Question about shipping amps via Fed Ex

    If you have Fed Ex ship an amp to be picked up at one of their stores, will they let you open up the box there to inspect for damage?
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    Luxury Liner - Albert Lee, transcription?

    Anyone have this lying around? And/or has this tune ever been tabbed out in any of the Albert Lee books? Semi obsessed with this solo!
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    How to test a push-push pot?

    I have a Valentine sig that I just took in from GC a couple weeks ago. Both pots are 500k push-push. The vol knob has an onboard boost and the tone splits the neck humbucker coil. A couple of days ago the switch action on the tone pot seems to have ceased working. It can still function as a...
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    Need some hacks for dialing in guitar rig for a bright/clangy room

    Anyone have any good tips for tweaking a guitar rig for playing a really bright/reverberent room? This one gig I do has a number of dates coming up at a venue which is just a real mess soundwise. I run a pretty simple rig...telecaster/strat through either a small tweed-ish combo or fender'ish...
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    ADA GCS-5 - dumb question

    Why does a DI/Speaker Sim have a 200ma power requirement??
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    Dumb question about amp-in-a-box pedals...

    If you defeat the speaker sim in a Tech 21 British pedal, does it essentially become what all the other 100s of MIAB pedals out there? Ie, is it simply a distortion/eq/boost box them voiced to sound like a marshall? I am huge fan of the character series pedals, but wondering if i run a...
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    Replacement tuner, SG Classic?

    This is hopefully an EZ question... I have an SG Classic of 2000s vintage. I busted one of the tuning machines on it and to get through a gig replaced with a standard Gibson Kluson tuner, so now I have one with a mismatched button. The stock tuners have the small oval buttons and now one...
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    Non-big box delays with presets..

    Other than the Nemesis or the Providence Chrono delay, or Nova Delay, are there any other delay pedals out there that have the ability to save a handful of presets and dont have power req's >200ma? Sizewise, I'm looking for an enclosure no bigger than the Tech 21 style/EHX Micro Pog sized...
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    Need help figuring out tuning...Josh Rouse content

    Anyone know what tuning this might be...
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    24K Magic - bass sound

    IS there anyway to do a passable version of this sound live with a relatively minimal amount of gear?
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    Suggestions to fill out minimal board of TGP mid-grade cork sniffery..

    OK, I have a Diamond Memory Lane 2 that I want to build a 3/4 pedal board with. The dirt will be a Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver. I need a mod pedal that can hang in this crew. And maybe one more something or other that round it out. MY only rule is that it needs to be analog. HELP!
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    Scarab Deluxe into a Skreddy HFD anyone?

    Anyone run this combo of pedals? I havent had a ton of luck putting other fuzzes ahead of the HFD just yet. I have my eye on a Scarab Dlx in general, so looking for any recs/experience with this combo, but would love to hear about others as well.
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    Is there a Rat-type dirt box that...

    ...when maxed out, gain-wise will get sputtery/saggy sounding? I love Rats, but if there were a variant that did this it would be more or less my ideal dirt pedal.