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    Could I turn an Affinity Starcaster into a cheapo "pseudo-jazz box"?

    I recently saw the Affinity Starcasters, which are sub $300. I don’t really NEED another guitar, but it would be a fun one to have on the wall. The Classic Vibes look nicer and probably feel a tad better, but I’ve never bonded w/ WRHB and figure why start now? Whereas the Affinity is standard...
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    3 pickups, 3-way switch, and a blender pot?

    I'm working on a Jazzmaster that's a JM kinda in name only--it has a neck lipstick, middle lipstick, and a bridge minihumbucker. Furthermore, it has a 3-way pickup switch, and 3 knobs currently. (No wheels or additional switches.) I'm trying to wire it up so that the neck and bridge pickups...
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    Does a typical LP wiring absolutely need a selector switch?

    In your typical Gibby wiring, you've got 2 volume, 2 tone, and a selector switch--would it be possible to just eliminate the switch altogether and basically use your volume knobs like blender knobs? I know that stock wiring means that when a single volume knob is down then the signal is cut...
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    Sold Weber 10A125 10" alnico speaker, 30 watts

    Great condition, no tears or malfunctions. I'd guess under 50 hours of playing time total, so probably not even completely broken in yet. 8 ohms, 30 watts $90 shipped/PP'ed
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    Sold Danelectro Innuendo baritone Bass VI guitar w/ built-in effects

    I also have a Danelectro Innuendo model baritone guitar that is currently set up like a Bass VI, but obviously it can do bari tunings no problem, too. Get your tic-tac bass on or pretend you're in the Cure? Has upgraded GFS lipstick pickups, new strings, whammy bar works well, just had a full...
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    Sold Count to 5, Red Witch, Diamond, CB Echorec, Vibrothang, mod analog delay, etc

    DOD FX22 Vibrothang phaser/trem pedal Really unique tremolo, vibe, phaser sound. Works perfectly, still has battery cover installed. Small patch of velcro on back. $60 DOD FX90 analog delay pedal Modified by Palthegiraffe to have an upgraded switch and the trim control has been moved to the...
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    Good head to pair w/ a VHT Special 6 for clean tones

    Hi, all--I've got a 2x12 cab w/ stereo ins and I'd love to be able to pair another small wattage head w/ my VHT Special 6 and run both heads through the cab. I play mainly clean fingerpicking stuff on electric--a bit of grit here and there but I don't need a rock powerhouse, necessarily. The...
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    How does the line-out on the Bitmo Anteater/Killer Ant mod work?

    Hi, all--I've got a Blackheart Killer Ant that I recently did the BitMo mods to and I'm quite happy w/ it. I recently decided to try and use the line-out for the first time to do some recording and realized that maybe I don't know quite WHAT to use the line-out for! I was using it straight...
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    Speaker Selection Help, Plz!

    Hi, all. I'm in the midst of a gear overhaul and converting to several low-wattage amps. I'm actually running a stereo signal from my guitar (P-92 and piezo), and then the P-92 is split into stereo again after my pedalboard so I'm actually using THREE small-wattage amps. One of them is my...
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    What guitar do I want?

    Kind of an odd question, I know! So I've recently decided that a Gibson-style guitar through a Fender amp might be the way to go for me. I've been a Fender guitar guy for a long time so I really don't know what my options are now. Here's the requirements for me: Needs to have a thick...
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    Sano 160--just got one!

    So I did a search on these amps and found some enthusiastic reviews. Just got one locally from a church for $100 and it sounds pretty great. The trem is beautiful sounding! The only things I need to do are to change out the plug to a 3 prong and take a look at the tubes. Here's the weird...
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    Help! Speaker cloth is buzzing against speaker!

    Howdy, all--a while back I got a bug up my butt to replace the speaker cloth on my little amps (a modded Pro Junior and a JC77). My wife is an interior designer and had some leftover fabric that looked pretty cool and had a plastic feel to it like grill cloth so I went for it. After fighting...
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    OD/Dist./Fuzz for electric fingerpicking?

    I've got a somewhat odd rig these days, and I'm looking for a pedal to help me in the "dirty up" dept (OD/dist./fuzz?): My guitar is equipped w/ a Fralin P-92 and a piezo, and I run it through effects into a stereo signal w/ a Pro Jr. and a JC-77. I don't play w/ a pick anymore, so I've got a...
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    Running 2 GE-7 EQ's together?

    So I recently got a GE-7 and installed the Sniper mod w/ great results--never knew I would like an EQ so much. Then I got another one w/ a Monte Allum mod (from Clutch21286, thanks bud!) because I wanted to A/B them. They both sound great (and very similar) individually, but here's the weird...