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  1. vintage66

    POLL: The WORST thing to wear at a gig? (What's the worst you've seen?)

    Gotta be big enough for shoulder pads. If it fits without them- poser
  2. vintage66

    Masters of the Wah

    Ian Moore. Check out Modernday Folklore for an album chock full of it.
  3. vintage66

    Greatest guitar songs sans solo?

    Alice In Chains Rooster Most Foo Fighter songA Blackbird:p
  4. vintage66

    Rest in Peace Paul Chapman

    My first exposure to UFO was Mystery Train on the radio, then asking my guitar teacher to teach it to me. Still love No Place to Run. Sad day. I’ll listen to it on my way to work. RIP.
  5. vintage66

    Guitarists that affected the way of playing guitar

    Do I not see Eric Johnson on the list? Not my playing so much but a lot of players influenced by his style.
  6. vintage66

    New David Grissom - Trio Live 2020

    Where did you get the cd, didn’t see that option?
  7. vintage66

    First new Alcatrazz studio album in 34 years - "Born Innocent"

    Yngwie was on fire in those days, I’ll have to check out the new stuff but don’t expect anyone to measure up to some of the stuff he was pulling off.
  8. vintage66

    Free--All Right Now LIVE

    I love this stuff. I do wish we’d gotten more from Free and agree they were better, I can’t imagine not having all of Bad Co’s stuff that I also love.
  9. vintage66

    What five guitarists have influenced you the most?

    Jimmy Page Jeff Beck Jimi Hendrix Billy Gibbons SRV Way more than that though, honorable mentions to Yngwie Malmsteen for added speed through mostly failed attempts to play his stuff, Ace Frehley, David Grissom, Robin Trower. Did I mention I’m bad at lists?
  10. vintage66

    The Black Crowes reunion

    Fuzz Machine is pretty cool, but the Crowes at their best are way better than the sum of their parts. I have a couple Marc Ford discs, Rich Robinson, haven’t heard anything that touches the Crowes as a band. I have some instant live cds of live shows and they’re better than any official live...
  11. vintage66

    What's the longest solo you've learned note-by-note?

    Comfortably Numb, Time, Hotel California, My Sharona?
  12. vintage66

    What's that one riff you struggle with?

    And the vibra-slap!
  13. vintage66

    What's that one riff you struggle with?

    Trying to get My Sharona up to speed. Same with I Will Survive by Cake. I can do the hard part but it’s not consistent and it needs to be dead on every time. Every time I pick up a guitar I run through it a few times.
  14. vintage66

    Last concert before this mess?

    Eric Johnson 3/11 Center Stage. Pretty much the day before the serious lock down talk got going. We were on the back row and we’re able to leave lots of seats between people.
  15. vintage66

    When dialing in your tone, what is your fav riff to know you got it right

    Gotta have squawk, no particular riff but maybe think Large Time by ARS. Ok, sometimes I use that riff.
  16. vintage66

    David Grissom Live CD upcoming...

    No Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings, so sad. Surprised it’s only 8 songs, but still looking forward to it.
  17. vintage66

    Should I use more gain?

    For me, yes more drive. A lot of what I like about drive is sustain. You have a jazzy style though so I wouldn’t go too crazy. An MXR comp set at the classic 9 and 3 o’clock works almost like an overdrive with a nice volume boost and more sustain. Not on all the time, for emphasis/dynamics.
  18. vintage66

    Marc Ford

    The Georgia Bootleg is some of my favorite live Mule.
  19. vintage66

    Do You Consider Yourself to be a Legitimate Blues Guitar Player

    Well I did once open for Blues Hammer...
  20. vintage66

    Favorite/ Best UFO Album

    This plus No Place to Run. So those five. :cool:
  21. vintage66

    Iconic bass riffs

    Dazed and Confused I wanna be your Dog
  22. vintage66

    Neal Schon plays TOO fast

    I saw them recently at a baseball stadium outdoor gig and it was nearly impossible to make out the notes he was play. Went to the bathroom and, voila, I could hear his solos. I was thinking he needs to slow it down a bit because it was pointless in that environment to play all those notes no one...
  23. vintage66

    What's your Musical Heritage?

    I have to wonder if it matters. I was adopted sonno idea about heritage but neither parent had any musical leanings (adopted) but I loved the guitar from an early age and was drawn to music in general. So environment had nothing to do with it other than my adopted sister having some musical...
  24. vintage66

    This Theme Park Drummer Has Had Enough.

    Wait, that describes me on guitar...