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    Naylor Electra-verb 38????

    The Naylor Electra-verb 38 2x10 combo had a stellar review years ago, but as mentioned, Joe Naylor changed directions to guitars around that time. Read it here: http://www.naylorengineering.com/reviews.htm
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    How Much Are Dumble's Worth?

    Becuase people like you keep screaming the clones suck?
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    How Much Are Dumble's Worth?

    Tony Bruno didn't have photo, he had FOUR of Gene's Dumbles to disassemble, test every part and find correctly matched parts for his Super 100. I played the real Dumble my was based on, side by side, and they were 99% IMO.
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    How Much Are Dumble's Worth?

    The Dumble mystic was made possible by the advent of the Internet and TGP. Prior to, Dumble was known as guy that took forever building custom amps that often did not turn out as the buyer had hoped, or were simply never completed. Tony Bruno had unfettered access to Ultrasounds four...
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    Dumbles for Sale

    Part of it is tax season. Some people have refunds they want to spend, others owe and wish to liquidate to cover their liabilities. Also once potential sellers see something sell on eBay, they become more inclined to act.
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    Vintage 30's or 25w Greenbacks??

    A Greenback doesn't have the bass ability to do modern metal. If you want to do something darker than the Vintage 30 with more bass and a mellower top end try the G12H.
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    wet/dry rig.. can someone please explain how this works? Thanks!

    Eric Johnson uses a small PA where he mics the guitar cabinet, adds his delays and reverb there and then reamplifies via the PA. He feels that this gives true album tone as it is a real speaker receiving the delay not an approximation.
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    Bogner vs. Mesa Boogie

    Mesas have their bias set at the factory and the setting is cold and nonadjustable, so you are hearing preamp more than power amp tone. The Bogner you can adjust the the bias and get a more power tube distortion tone IF you have the ability to turn the amp up that much or use a device to...
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    NY Amp Show

    They are always trying to draw the 20,000,000+ New Yorkers just a short ride away. The Jets & Giants would alienate many fans if they changed their name to NJ from NY. Of course they are pushing the limits IMO by putting NY on their helmets.
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    NY Amp Show

    MAILING LIST I suppose. Only 22 people where there for the drawing of 8 items and between my girlfriend and I we didn't get anything!
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    NY Amp Show

    You had to be there to win
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    NY Amp Show

    My girlfriend got drafted to pick the slips out of the door prize box today.
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    Bedroom/Basement Player - Sell Fender Blues Jr. for Vox AC4TV or other low watt amp?

    http://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/education/decibel/decibel_text.htm Considering exposure to 85+ db leads to hearing loss, and most speakers put our 97+db at one watt, you will not be pushing a 5 watt amp in a bedroom.
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    NOS tubes - not that big a deal?

    Newer amps were designed around newer tubes, vintage amps were designed around the tubes available then. Sometimes newer amps sound worse with NOS tubes. I've never heard a vintage amp sound better with new tubes however.
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    Thoughts on Bogner 212 cabinets?

    Bogner and Diezel cabinets are made by the same manufacturer, which is an outside 3rd party to both amp makers. The cabinet maker also makes cabinets for several other amp builders, but their names escape me at the moment. In a nutshell, these amp makers build the electronics part of the amp...
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    DUMBLE after 6 months.

    I played all four of Gene's at UltraSound. I purchased a Bruno Super 100. I felt the Bruno was 98% of the amp for 10% of the cost. I am not one to chase diminishing returns. I sold the amp BTW. Add a little prospective here. Tag is not married and has no children, so he has more play money...
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    How much difference can a cab make using..

    Biggest difference is front vs rear mounted IMO. Next is structure size is closed back, then bigger = more bass. Next is materials used, 13 ply birch plywood versus press board.
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    This is how I break-in my speakers

    Sounds like you might blow the speaker instead of break it in.
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    Who here uses a SS power amp? AKA: Is there anything like a Tech 21 Power Engine...

    http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar+Amp/product/Rocktron/Velocity+300/10/1 http://www.rocktron.com/site/support/manuals_discontinued.html
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    Who here uses a SS power amp? AKA: Is there anything like a Tech 21 Power Engine...

    Rocktron Velocity 300 is the best solid state power amp for this application IMO.
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    What happened to tube quality?

    The premium tubes of yesteryear were made for military applications and they were designed to last a long time. The only way for the industry to make sense today is for the tubes to wear out quicker, so they have to be manufactured differently than tubes designed to be inside a tank at war.
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    Should you remove tubes when shipping an amplifier?

    Amp companies do not pull the tubes when they ship new product. Chances are the receiver puts them in wrong, bends a pin or drops and breaks one more than they fly out. Better off filling the void with bubble wrap or foam IMO.
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    Where do NOS tubes come from?

    Some of us bought them up in the mid to late 1980s, acquiring a life time or more worth. At one time I had over 100 vintage NOS Mullards, just stacked up in my closet.
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    Diezel Greed check out their swag

    Why would I want to buy a shirt that advertises your product? It is like the A&F or Hollister shirts kids wear. Why? If you want me to wear your advertisement, you not only provide the product for free, but you also PAY ME to wear it. I'm pretty sure those people having their cars...